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Welcome to our blog at WP Basic Pro that is the best for sharing knowledge among the worldwide passionate people who want to start blogging or want to create a website using WordPress CMS.

If you are totally new to this, no need to fear. Our blog ‘WP Basic Pro’ is here to help you the best. We will provide you the basic tutorials as well as the advanced tips and tricks that you are looking for to build your website or blog. Whether you are a newbie in need of an expert’s opinion or ready to set up some new features in your blog, you will definitely find something useful here!

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Currently, WP Basic Pro stands on the following activities…

  • WordPress guides, tutorials for beginners & professionals.
  • WordPress themes-plugins reviews, how-to guides, and tips-tricks.
  • Web hosting reviews and recommendations.
  • Everything behind WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the first choice of many people who start their new websites or aim to improve them. The platform is very popular due to its easy use and SEO-friendly user experience. Even people having no professional skills in technologies can use WordPress with no worries.

However, beginners might still find themselves puzzled and confused if they are not familiar with a few basic ideas about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. For any WordPress user, a good grasp of SEO knowledge is the very first thing to consider.

Behind The WP Basic Pro

Palash Talukder
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I’m Palash Talukder, the founder of wpbasicpro.com. I’m a straightforward guy. I started blogging here at WP Basic Pro in April 2020 from my passion for learning and sharing. But I have been enveloping with WordPress & affiliate marketing since 2015.

I have designed and customized more than 100 WordPress sites using free and premium themes and plugins for my Amazon niche affiliate sites even clients’ sites.

I have strong experience in WordPress designing, office programming, networking & digital marketing. Also, I spend many times in various search engines to gather knowledge about WordPress, SEO, Blogging, and everything behind digital marketing.

Also when I get free time, I watch TV, reading the books and spend times with my friends.

If you’ve any questions about me or my blog, please free to ask me via the contact us page.

That’s all for the time being.

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