AmaLinksPro Review

AmaLinks Pro Review (2022): All In One Amazon Affiliate Plugin!

I am always looking for new ways to earn money online and improve my website’s conversion rates higher than usual. Although not mine, this concept follows most passionate internet marketers.

Since I am not a coder, developing a plugin to add Amazon products with different elements in my blog post cannot be easy. However, for me, this is a huge obstacle that needs to be overcome.

Finally, I found a plugin called AmaLinks Pro, which works amazingly well and is incredibly easy to use. In addition, it offers advanced features that can increase conversions and generate more revenue from Amazon’s niche affiliate blog!

This AmaLinks Pro review will cover everything from installation and configuration to using it on a WordPress site.

What Is AmaLinks Pro?

AmaLinksPro Plugin

AmazonLinksPro is a plugin for Amazon affiliates that quickly adds Amazon affiliate links to a post with a stylish product showcase box, images, buttons, and more.

With this plugin, you can manage each template using its easy-to-use advanced template system. Also, you can create custom Amazon links that are fully compliant with Amazon associates’ guidelines. The plugin is compatible with any updated WordPress themes & plugins.

Note- The plugin is not self-hosted. Therefore, you must need Amazon’s “Product Advertising API” to use this plugin.

Why Should You Use the AmaLinks Pro Plugin?

AmaLinks Pro is an advanced but easy-to-use plugin that will help you increase your conversion rates by highlighting products and creating custom Amazon links with affiliate tracking ID.

Additionally, you can manage affiliate links on your website with it. It comes with a powerful editor that lets you easily create, delete, and modify existing Amazon affiliate links, text, and more!

Besides, managing products is simple with AmaLinks Pro. With a single dashboard, you can search all products by Amazon ASIN number or keyword to find that you would like to promote.

When you do, you can choose from many options, such as creating a button, an image block, a pre-built showcase box with the option to add a featured item, price, image, and more!

Also, having so many advanced features, the plugin helps to increase Amazon affiliate products selling conversion rates higher than normal.

amazon affiliate conversion rate

Within seconds, you can add high-converting Amazon products that are relevant to your blog post.

Not thus, with this advanced plugin, you can do:

  • Quickly generate Amazon affiliate links by using a shortcode or pre-built template.
  • Design a product display block with many options.
  • Manage affiliate links with ease.
  • Create custom or Amazon complaint call-to-action buttons.
  • Create text links with different attributes.
  • And moreā€¦

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AmaLinks Pro: A Quick Look at the Top Features

What are the most beneficial aspects of using AmaLinks Pro? There are a lot of great features and reasons why I love this plugin. Among them are:

  • 7 Product showcase boxes
  • Prime eligible badge
  • Amazon product title
  • Amazon compliant pictures (single, grid, and slide)
  • Amazon product features
  • Display updated product price
  • Different style call-to-action button
  • Advanced product comparison table
  • Directly add to cart with the 89-day cookie.
  • Affiliate API disclaimer

Note– The plugin allows to add images or edit all text in each product showcase box. Additionally, you can include an Amazon affiliate link in each box (direct link) to the product you choose.

AmaLinks Pro Product Display Demos

I have mentioned before that it has 7 product showcase boxes that are great for any product, and they are easy to customize with text and images.

For my blog readers, I have included screenshots of all demos. Therefore, you can check them all to get a better idea of the plugin.

Original showcase box
Original showcase box
Simple showcase box
Simple showcase box
Simple showcase box wide
Simple showcase box wide
Large showcase box w/ slider
Large showcase box w/ slider
Simple showcase box w/ slider
Simple showcase box w/ slider
Advanced image slider
Advanced image slider
All images grid
All images grid

I recommend you read this review a-z before making a buying decision because you should know about everything. However, you can be sure that you will not encounter any issues while using it.

Check Live Demo

AmaLinks Pro Features Overview

Product Showcase Editor:

This is one of the main features of this plugin, and it is a handy feature. With this feature, you can create a product showcase box with an image, text, price, and link to the Amazon product.

AmaLinksPro edit showcase

The product showcase section offers a total of seven pre-made box styles:

  • Original showcase box
  • Simple showcase box
  • Simple showcase box wide
  • Simple showcase box w/ slider
  • Large showcase box w/ slider
  • Advanced image slider
  • All images grid

Note- You can enable or disable every aspect of the product showcase box. The other thing it automatically updates the price of each product showcase box; that’s why you never have to worry about it. So it will be super simple and convenient to manage multiple products at once!

CTA Link/Call-To-Action Button

You can create custom and add pre-made Amazon complaint images CTA buttons to your post that will help you get more clicks and conversions.

AmaLinksPro CTA Link/Call-To-Action Button

Not thus, it allows setting custom call to action button text according to your choice. As a result, I think this is another reason to consider this plugin for Amazon affiliate sites.

However, if you don’t want to create your own CTA button, you can opt for one of the ready-made buttons that I like.

Image Link

If you don’t follow Amazon’s product advertising guidelines, using an Amazon product image link to an affiliate site is more restricted. As a rule, Amazon does not allow its affiliates to use product images on affiliate sites directly.

Amalinkspro Image Link option

The proper way is to use either the Amazon Site Strip or the product advertising API. However, keep in mind that you can use only an API key with a plugin.

Therefore, you can choose any of the options(API or SiteStrip). However, I always prefer to use product images through a plugin to process more easily and quickly.

However, let’s back to the AmaLinks Pro Image Link feature. Using this feature, you can add all product images to your blog post to comply with Amazon’s advertising guidelines.

There are three variations of the image size that you can choose from, depending on your requirements:

Those are:

  • Large
  • Medium and
  • Small

When you select a variation, you will have a preview in the same window. Therefore, you can check how the image looks before adding it to your blog post.

Text Link

AmaLinkspro edit text link

There is a text link section where you can add a short description of any product. The entire process is straightforward, and you just input the link anchor text. Then, the plugin will automatically create a clickable affiliate link for you.

AmaLinks Pro Table Builder

A product comparison table is the most valuable part of a product review. A good table builder makes it easy for you to display products in a simple and organized manner.

Amalinkspro table builder option

That’s why AmaLinks Pro comes with a multi-functional table builder addon with an attractive appearance. Therefore, you can effortlessly create tables of any size and style, even if you wish to customize each part of the table style.

It allows you to create unlimited API or Non-API product comparison tables in your posts. In addition, it has a table hide/show option that lets you choose whether you allow to display multiple device types or not.

I like its column type feature, which is handy because you can automatically add 12+ column type tags to your comparison table. By doing so, you will save time in creating attractive comparison tables.

Amalinkpro column types

Moreover, you can quickly move every row and column with drag and drop. Thus, it allows previewing the whole table before finally inserting the shortcode into a post or page.

Overall, you will get a fully automated table builder without any hassle.

AmaLinks Pro Backend Overview

I have previously talked to you about all the features displayed in the website’s frontend, but you have to configure them all from the backend.

Its backend is exceptionally responsive, so you can easily access all of its features. In addition, having all the elements in one place makes it easier for me to maintain the plugin.

The backend is divided into four sections:

  • AmaLinks Pro
  • Global Settings
  • Table Settings
  • Edit Tables
  • Tools

Now let’s see the overview of each section.

AmaLinks Pro (Activation Feature)

This is the first section of the backend. There aren’t many options here. But before using or enabling all features, you must activate your license here.

Enter your license key in the key box, then click on the ‘Activate‘ button. That’s it.

Amalinkspro license activation

Keep in mind; the plugin will not be activated until added/activated through your AmaLinks Pro account. So go to AmaLinks Pro & log in to your account, click on ‘License’>Manage License, then add your site.

The other options are FAQs and Support. If you have any general questions about the plugin, you can find most answers in the FAQ.

In case you do not find the answer to your question, you may contact support. In the support section, you can find the necessary information. That’s it.

Global Settings

Amazon API

In AmaLinks Pro, this part is the main part after activating the license. You can configure all the plugin’s features in this section by navigating to each option and entering the value you want.

AmaLinks-Pro api settings

You will find here the following options:

  • Enable No-API Mode: Previously, the plugin required only an API key, but recently the team released a Non-API mode that allows you to use products without an API key.
  • Amazon API (Access and Secret Key): To show products using the Amazon API, you must enter this section’s access and secret key. Here is another guide on how to create Amazon API keys.
  • Default Amazon Search Local: Next, you have to select your Amazon search local country.
  • API Disclaimer Override: According to Amazon Associate guidelines, you must show a disclaimer on the page that indicates you are an Amazon Associate, and if someone purchases through your link, you will receive a commission. The following section allows you to do this automatically. Choose the country where your local store is located.
  • Amazon Associate Tracking IDs: Here, you have added your tracking ID. AmaLinks Pro allows you to add multiple tracking IDs.
  • Test Amazon API connection: You should finally test your Amazon API connection, which means you should verify whether your API is working with the plugin or not.

-Global Link Settings Tab

Global Link Settings

Under Global Settings, there is a subsetting option called Global-Link Settings. Here you can set options like Nofollow links, Open links in a new window, and Add to Cart.

You can do everything with a checkmark and an un-checkmark. The default options are okay.

-Localization Tab

AmaLinksPro localization

It is possible to set Amazon localization from this option. The plugin integrates well with ‘Genius Link,’ a professional tool for affiliate link Cloaking, tracking, and localization. Here is a guide on how to localize Amazon links with AmaLinks Pro.

-General Tab

The general settings tab allows you to add custom Google fonts to your product showcase box. To add fonts through AmaLinks Pro, you need the ‘Google Font API Key.’

Amalinkspro general tab

Another option is to enable Auto Google Analytics Event Tracking. This is a handy feature that most site owners enjoy.

By enabling this feature, it will be possible to track which links are clicked and send the data to Google Analytics for analysis.

-Showcase Setting Tab

Showcase setting tab

If you want to change the default text of the product showcase box button, you can do so in this section by adding your custom text. It will work globally, so you won’t have to change it over and over again.

AmaLinks Pro also allows customizing showcase box CTA buttons with custom color, font, size, and more.

-CTA Button Settings

The option is the same as the previous one. Yes, you can set the global CTA button text by default.

Here is not the end. First, let’s see the core backend features and settings of the AmaLinks Pro plugin.

Tables Settings in (Backend)

AmaLinksPro Table Builder

Unless you have installed the AmaLinks Pro table addon, you will not have this option. To configure all possibilities, you must activate the license of AmaLinks Pro Table. As I mentioned before, the activation process is the same.

After activating, enable or disable features for the table according to your choice.

Edit AmaLinks Pro Tables (Backend)

Edit amaLinkspro tables

When it comes to accessing all tables directly from the left sidebar of the WordPress dashboard, you will find this option. When you click the button, the option will redirect you to a new screen that contains all your saved tables.

Note- AmaLinks Pro does not have pre-made table templates. Each time, you must create a table with its automated table tag. Then, if you wish, you can duplicate and reuse/edit your saved table.

AmaLinks Pro Pricing Plans

AmaLinks Pro offers four pricing plans, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs. While all options have the same features, the prices are different.

Amalinkspro pricing plans

Those plans are:

  • Blogger- $67/year (single site)
  • Basic- $127/year (for up to 3 sites)
  • Premium- $197/year (for up to 25 sites)
  • Platinum- $797/lifetime (For unlimited sites)

How To Use AmaLinks Pro?

After configuring all settings and features, you can test whether your settings are working or not by adding a demo product. However, AmaLinks Pro is not that difficult to use, as I talked about before.

Go to your WordPress post editor to test any features. For example, if you are using Gutenberg, click on the Block add button. You know how to find blocks in Gutenberg.

AmaLinksPro block

Next, type ‘AmaLinks Pro,’ and you will see a block. Click on it. After that, a new sidebar appears in the right section of the Gutenberg editor.

Then click on ‘Open AmaLinks Pro.’ It is now time to search for products. You can either use ASINs or keywords. Type in any search term and click the ‘Search‘ button.

Find product- on Amalinkspro

Note- If you use an ASIN number, you will only get a product. However, if you use a keyword, you will get several products relevant to the search term.

Let’s get back to the guide. 

First, select any product from the list by clicking the ‘Choose‘ button. The next step is to choose the type of link to use.

AmaLinks Pro Review (2022): All In One Amazon Affiliate Plugin! 1

It is now your turn to choose which feature you would like to add. Choose one by one and test them.

Note- This is not a complete guide to using it. It is better to follow the AmaLinks Pro documentation for more information.

FAQs Related to Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Who are the top competitors of AmaLinks Pro?

There are several competitors for this plugin. AAWP and AzonPress are two of the top competitors. Although both plugins offer similar features, the differences are in the front end’s product display features & usability. 

Is AmaLinks Pro better than AAWP plugin?

Both AmaLinks Pro and AAWP make it easy to integrate websites with Amazon’s product API. However, the AmaLinks Pro plugin provides better search results. In comparison, the AAWP plugin does not offer easy switching between product styles.

According to my experience, AmaLinks Pro is better than AAWP. However, you can choose any of them.

Is it worth spending more money on than the competition?

My one-word answer is yes.

Is AmaLinks Pro better than Content Egg?

It depends, because if you are looking for a plugin for multiple modules or affiliate networks, then Content Egg is the best, otherwise, I think AmaLinks Pro is awesome.

You can read Content Egg Vs Affiliate Egg: The Best Compersion!

Does the AmaLinks Pro continue to function after the license has expired?

The AmaLinks Pro plugin continues to function after the license has expired. However, due to the expiration of the license, you will no longer receive free updates and support, as well as the ability to use its features in the WordPress editor.

In Conclusion

Overall, AmaLinks Pro plugin is easy to use. It makes managing Amazon affiliate links easier than ever before. You can easily manage everything of the plugin, and configure them to make the best use of this plugin.

AmaLinks Pro plugin has so many features, and all of them are fantastic. It is one of the best Amazon affiliate plugins on the market.

I think using AmaLinks Pro is worth it for all types of Amazon affiliate marketers beginning to experienced. Although, the regular price is a little higher than its competitors, but you can ensure you will get value for your investment.

I hope you found this AmaLinks Pro review useful! If so, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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