DiviFlash Review: [PROS & CONS]

Diviflash review

Divi is a popular multipurpose WordPress theme with a visual page builder. And we were happily using it for one of our WooCommerce projects. However, we felt like we needed some additional features to make our product pages more attractive. So we were looking for a third-party plugin for this assistance. Most of the recommendations … Read more

VPS Vs Shared Hosting: The Best Comparison

VPS vs shared hosting

How much do you know about web hosting? Have you ever considered the differences between VPS vs shared hosting? If not, it’s something you should know. Shared hosting is cheaper than a virtual private server (VPS), but there are some drawbacks. What are they? Let’s take a closer look at what these two types of … Read more

How to Install WordPress Locally Using Xampp?

install WordPress locally

There are many significant reasons to install WordPress locally. Maybe you want to test a theme before uploading it to your live site, or maybe you need an isolated environment for testing plugins and other customizations. Whatever the reason, this is a simple guide on how to install WordPress locally using the Xampp software.  Benefits … Read more

9 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins In 2022

wordpress gallery plugin

Are you getting bored with searching for the best WordPress gallery plugins for your site? Yeah, you should so. Because on the internet, if you try to look for a WordPress photo gallery plugin, the internet will pop up approximately three thousand results in front of you. And it’s very normal for a person to … Read more

Duplicator Vs BackupBuddy(2022): Which Is Best?

Duplicator Vs BackupBuddy

If you’re a WordPress website owner, you should know the importance of keeping a backup of a website. Various technical issues may occur with your site due to site crashes, database corruption, conflict between plugin and theme, hacks, and many more problems. To keep data backup regularly, there are many contradictions between Duplicator and BackupBuddy … Read more