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What Is Lazy Loading? A Clear Concept

What Is Lazy Loading

A clear concept about what is lazy loading. How to improve site loading speed applying lazy loading technique. What are the recommended image lazy loading plugins and more? Lazy loading is a technique in which the images, video, and other media files are loaded only when required (in this case page is scrolled down to … Read more

WordPress 404 Page: A Ultimate Guide For Beginners

WordPress 404 Page

WordPress 404 page is caused when a user tries to access a website that does not exist. It’s important to know that these pages can be easily avoided by setting up redirects, also known as “404 Not Found” redirects, which will automatically direct users away from the 404 error page when they try to access … Read more

8 Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins (Reviewed)

wordpress event calendar plugin

Who would want to spend hours of their time manually adding events to a WordPress website? Nobody! That’s why you need the best event calendar plugin for your site. With an event calendar plugin, you can easily and effortlessly schedule any upcoming event like concerts, conferences, or even weddings. The best part is, most plugins … Read more

Why WordPress Admin Slow? 12 Reasons & How to Fix It

WordPress admin slow,

WordPress backend loading, which is what a user sees when navigating to their WordPress site’s dashboard or editing its content. It has been sluggish for many WordPress users. WordPress admin slow is a major problem and it can make the site’s content editing process frustrating for both WordPress admins and their clients. So no one … Read more

How to Upload SVG to WordPress: (Two Easy Methods)

upload svg to wordpress

Easy guide on how to upload SVG to WordPress using two simple tricks. I have shared a simple PHP code that will solve unable to upload SVG images on WordPress. SVG images are the best for quality! We can use this type of image for a variety of purposes, and they’re easy to work with. … Read more

How To Bypass Adblock Detection?(Easiest Guide)

how to bypass adblock detection

Ad blocking is a major pain point for many website owners and marketers. AdBlockers block ads, scripts, and other content that they consider being intrusive or irrelevant. This can make it difficult to earn revenue from a site, but there are ways around this issue. Read on to learn more about how to bypass Adblock … Read more

Can I Use Divi Builder With Other Themes?

can i use divi builder with other themes

Can you use the Divi Builder with other themes? I’ll answer this question. Read the blog post to get the answer. Also, in this blog post, I’ll go over how to use the builder with any theme. I’ll also talk about how to install and activate it? Read: Divi Theme Review: Is It Worth Money … Read more

How to Login WordPress With WhatsApp?

Login WordPress With WhatsApp

WordPress is the most popular content management system that powers over 37% of websites on the web. We can create any website, even online stores using WordPress with the plugin Woocommerce. Operating WordPress is much easier for its easy-to-use interfaces and huge plugin collection. But you don’t know how to login WordPress with WhatsApp.  We … Read more