How to Add, Edit, or Delete Category in WordPress?

how to delete categories in wordpress

WordPress allows you to manage your site content in an organized way. By creating a category, you can categorize similar types of content. But sometimes, you may add or edit or delete any particular category. In this post, I’ll let you know how to add, edit or delete a category in WordPress.  What is a … Read more

10 Benefits Of Learning WordPress With Other Opportunities!

Benefits Of Learning WordPress

What if you can make a website without coding knowledge? That’s right, but is it possible? Yes, WordPress makes it easy. You can set and manage a website without prior knowledge of coding and other technical knowledge. As a newbie, It’s obvious to have confusion about the benefits of learning WordPress. But no worries. You … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Blogging: Know Before Starting

Pros And Cons Of Blogging

Suppose you have an opportunity to shop from two online shops.  One shop frequently updates tips and tricks related to their business, showcase every possibility of their business online, and others just showcase their products and services, so which one will you prefer to shop? Yes, you are right. first one!  Because they are building … Read more

Is WordPress Secure? Read Our Resource-Based Answer

Is WordPress Secure

WordPress is currently the most popular and famous platform to build a website. It is a CMS or Content Management System which is also open-source, meaning the core files and their codes are available for everyone to see. You can read Craft CMS vs WordPress to know more. WordPress has millions of users worldwide. With … Read more