3 Best Car Dealer Plugins Compared (2020)

We have collected the best car dealer plugins for the people who want to start a vehicle selling online business with a WordPress website. Nowadays, many car dealers are selling or distributing new or used cars widely. For the advanced business purpose, they are creating their business online to reach more customers.

If you are one of them, you will need to know how to operate your business virtually to generate more profit. A best WordPress car dealer plugin can help you to manage your business website and increase more sales.

Best Car Dealer Plugins

When you are planning to install a car dealer plugin on your website, you will find various free and premium plugins in the market. But the question is that Which one should you choose?

Here, we will show you the top 3 car dealer plugins for your vehicle selling business website.

Top Car Dealership WordPress Plugins

After researching several hours, we have found the below three best plugins for vehicle selling business. With these plugins, you can easily create a professional vehicle/car selling eCommerce store with so many features and payment gateways. So let’s start to know about these plugins.

(1) Pro Car Dealership WordPress Plugin

Pro Car Dealership WordPress Plugin

There are lots of car dealership plugins, but which one is reliable for you? You have the best solution to use the full-featured Pro Car Dealership WordPress Plugin. It turns your website into a portal for cars. The features will help you to be confident.

We are highly recommending this plugin as it is SEO-optimized and it has seven payment gateways.

It is a premium plugin. It can help you to build a complete car/vehicle portal, so you don’t need to install a new theme, because It is compatible with any WordPress theme.

You can list vehicles online by using this plugin. Also, you will be able to add your car’s photo with various information and payment gateways. It makes it easier for your visitors to search your vehicles using an advanced search bar.

In a business field, sellers and reviewers prefer this plugin because it makes sense to have a portal, and that saves visitors time, and they can get more information about what they need.

By using this plugin, you can customize search fields. You will also be able to adjust the currency conveniently.

This plugin helps you to translate into other languages. So that you can deal internationally, and it is a good advantage of this plugin.

The plugin supports answers to the questions and assists with reporting issues. For a regular license, you need at least $39.

You will get free six-month support from Gewa13 when you are purchasing this premium plugin. To extend this support time, you need to add $12.

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CarDojo Premium Car Dealer Plugin

CarDojo Car Dealer Plugin

CarDojo is one of the most advanced customization car dealer plugins in the marketplace.

It has many customized features, and you can use this plugin with any theme. You can add various payment methods through the WooCommerce option.

The most attractive part of this plugin is that it is more responsive, and you will get various tools and other applications like schedule calendar, loan table, upcoming payment tool, etc.

Moreover, you can engage with your potential customers by adding them to a user list using an email subscription form. Also, you can send them many notifications related to your business and get more clients rapidly.

This is a premium plugin and you can buy it at an affordable price of $29. You will get six-month free customer support with this current price. To get 12-month support, you will need to add $9 extra money.

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(2) Motors WordPress Plugin

Motors WordPress Plugin

You can expand your car, motorbike, or any other vehicle selling business through websites if you install this WordPress plugin.

The benefits of this plugin are preferable and your visibility will enhance. Besides, It will reinforce your brand and boost your website traffic. Also, It can increase your customer’s loyalty and create a direct marketing channel.

At first, it should be countable that the Motors WordPress Plugin brings enormous flexibility to motors WordPress themes.

By this plugin, you can create a marketplace where buyers and sellers can interact. And you can allow your users to add their review and rating section.

You will be surprised this fantastic plugin is free of cost. It is a free WordPress car dealer plugin so that you can get it if you are a WordPress user. Just go to the plugins then navigate “add new” and search “Motors.” You can install this plugin quickly then activate it to run this plugin on your website.

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Conclusion of Car Dealer Plugin

If we want to select the best one from above, we recommend to use the Pro Car Dealer Plugin as it is one of the best-selling plugins in the Codecannoyn marketplace, and almost all users review it useful.

It’s up to you which one you want to purchase as your desired requirements.

In this article, we try to help you by showing some of the best WordPress car dealer plugins. I hope you will find it useful.

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