8 Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2020 (+Best Recommendation)

Maybe you have an own website that has lots of traffic, or you have a great online business which is overgrowing. It is high time you can engage more audiences on your website or expand your business online.

In that case, the best-dedicated server hosting will help you to achieve your targeted goal.
Suppose you want to open a business.

What should be your first step? Selecting a physical location, right?

In online, you also need a place to store all of your resources. It is called the server. There are many different types of servers like sharing server, VPS server, and dedicated server.

In this article, I am telling you about dedicated server hosting and also gives some reviews about some best-dedicated server hosting you can use for your business purposes.

Top 8 Best Dedicated Server Hosting In 2020

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Before explaining about dedicated server hosting, you will need to know what a dedicated server is?

A dedicated server is a place where you can store all of your resources without sharing it with anyone. When you or another client use a single server for managing your business, it is called dedicated server hosting.

In the dedicated server hosting service, you will access the full server, and no one can connect with your server. It is so annoying to audiences if the site takes too time to load.

By using dedicated server hosting, you find the solution to this problem. To engage more audiences or reach the more targeted customers for your business, a dedicated server hosting is right for you.

Why Need a Dedicated Server?

There are many different types of servers you can find. Why do you need to have a dedicated server?

By using a sharing server, people can store all of their resources, but they need to share a server with others. This server has many users without strong security so that there is always a chance of accessing your resources by hackers. If you build a site with WordPress, you can read The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide 2020 [18 Security Hacks]

Because of its over connected accounts, the server may slow down. That is why, when the audiences are clicking to visit your site, It may take more time.

By using a shared server, you will also face this kind of unbearable problem. Besides, there are some rules and restrictions to use these types of servers.

If anyone breaks any of them, all connected users are facing troubles. To fix this problem, you have to choose a single server where you will keep all of your resources.

You are only responsible for managing an individual server, that is why you get a lot of benefits too. It is a dedicated server hosting that offers you a lot of features,

  • Quickly and fast loading your site.
  • Resources security
  • Flexibility in selecting much preferable software
  • Storage space as much as you need, etc.
  • High secure backup of all resources and more

You are using a website for your personal use like blogging or portfolio; you can use any server as you may like.

If you are planning to do business like an e-commerce store, a gaming platform, or a large business site and want to get more audiences, you will need to use a dedicated server hosting.

In that case, you need to use a lot of storage to keep all products, videos, infographics, blogs, etc.

You will also need to be concern about the bouncing rate of website visitors if you have a plan to expand your business.

The dedicated server hosting provides you with all of these features to grow your profitable business, and that is why we should need a dedicated server.

How Much Does a Dedicated Server Hosting Cost?

A dedicated server hosting costs depending on various features like,

  • Bandwidth
  • Ram
  • Central Processor Unit (CPU)
  • Storage Space
  • Managing service

Generally, you will purchase a dedicated hosting server of around $70-$200 for a month. This price can be extended to $1000/month to $1500/month if you need a more tremendous, more flexible secured server that will provide super managing service.

It is up to you which type of server you want to purchase? You maybe find a lot of dedicated servers at a cheap rate.

But never consider buying cheap dedicated server hosting as they can not give you enough security for your resources. Dedicated server hosting provides you a semi-managed, managed, or unmanaged server as you need.

You can choose one whatever you like. There are two operating systems, Linux and Windows. Before purchasing a dedicated server, make sure the server will give you both Linux and Windows operating systems for better performance. Read more Linux Vs Windows operating systems.

Where Can I Buy a Dedicated Server?

There are a lot of dedicated server hosting providers you can find in the marketplace. You have to choose the best one for your website to increase your productivity.

Before choosing a dedicated server hosting, the budget will be a primary concern at first. Then you need to know the place where you can find your exact hosting server.

I am recommending you some best-dedicated server hosting at an affordable price that you can take a look at:

(1) Bluehost Dedicated Hosting (Best Rated Web hosting)

  • Faster and uptime speed rate
  • Manage emails, resources, domains, etc. by cPanel
  • WordPress Recommended
  • Well security management
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • It is challenging to migrate sites.
  • Increase the monthly payment rate after three years of commitment.

Check the Latest Offer

Comparing to other specialized hosting providers, Bluehost offers you a reliable dedicated server at the lowest price. If you have a WordPress site, the Bluehost dedicated server is preferable to customize your website.

They have three different types of packs which cost around $79.99 to $119.99 for a month. In those price ranges, they offer you standard, enhanced, and premium package to fulfill various customer demands.

You can visit their site to know more about their offering package. Though Bluehost dedicated server has a lot of unique and essential features,

I am telling you about some important matter about this dedicated server that you should know,

Special Note: You maybe find many providers that offer dedicated servers at a cheap rate but sometimes they have a lack of speed or support. Bluehost guarantees you uptime and quickly loaded server and well customer support at the lowest price. It values your money.

(2) a2hosting Dedicated Server Hosting (Fast & Reliable Shared Hosting)

  • Site migrations are free.
  • Excellent server speed
  • Variety of modern technology
  • Easy to use
  • Free backup service
  • Anytime money-back guarantee ( for the first 3o days)


  • Price comparative high
  • Plans are limited

Check the Latest Offer

Among all these dedicated hosting providers, A2hosting is the more user-friendly high-speed server provider in the market. This hosting company provides a dedicated server at the starting price of $99.59. But you need to add more money if you want to use cPanel for managing for the server.

A2hosting is well known for its best uptime rate and excellent speed. Moreover, you will always get help from their support option if you need any help. Their customer support is more friendly to contract with them so that you can easily communicate with them to fix a problem.

Special Note: A2hosting gives the best average speed among all of the dedicated server hosting providers in the market. To catch more engagement of customers on your website, A2hosting is a better option for you.

(3) Dreamhost Dedicated Server (Reasonable Monthly Plans)

  • Unlimited storage, and bandwidth
  • Good network transfer service
  • Well uptime and high speed
  • 97 days money-back guarantee
  • Flexibility in use
  • Secured and vigorously protected all resources from spam.
  • 24/7 admin support
  • Powerful unique features


  • No cPanel support ( They have their customized panel)
  • Migrating option is not free.

Check the Latest Offer

Dreamhost provides the most reliable, responsive, and quick loading time dedicated server as your expectation. It is more popular because of its consistency in the service.

It is perfect for an e-commerce site or any kind of small, medium & large business you offer online. You can get the service at a reasonable price of $169 per month. Like the other web hosting, Dreamhost never charges an extra for renewal.

They are more customer-friendly, and they have a customizing panel to support the client for solving any kind of problem.

Special Note: Dreamhost gives you a combination of perfect uptime rate, reliable, average better loading speed with some excellent features, and a strong support community based dedicated server hosting at a reasonable price. No matter how much money you spend, It precisely values your money.

(4) Hostwinds Dedicated Server (Fully Managed Hosting)

  • Nightly backup option.
  • Offer a great package at a low cost.
  • New trendy features
  • Fully Managed
  • Unlimited free tech support
  • Reasonable cost of hosting


  • Below-average speed
  • Below-average uptime
  • Control panel is not so standard

Check the Latest Offer

Hostwinds dedicated server is a newly fast-growing hosting company. In the recent several years, it brings many uniques products to attract more customers for purchasing their server.

They offer a basic package of a dedicated server at an average price of $106/month. To get support from the cPanel, you will need to add $35/month. Hostwinds provides full managing service, and their customer support is so satisfying to meet your expectation.

If you have a new growing business, Hostwinds dedicated server hosting will be right for you. But you need to consider about the uptime rate and server loading speed. Compared to another competitor hosting, Hostwinds dedicated server has not a super-fast loading speed, and its uptime rate is also slightly low from another hosting.

Maybe It can’t give you the best high performance in loading, but you are satisfied enough if you use it once. This server is so much secured, and it offers you a backup option when you are not awake. So, using a Hostwings dedicated server is not a waste of money.

Special Note: Hosting a dedicated server has some excellent features to make your website more visible and attractive to the visitors. If your visitors are a crucial fact for your business, it can be your choice.

(5) Liquid Web Dedicated Server Hosting (Best Performance and Secure Hosting)

  • Almost perfect uptime rate
  • Best for WooCommerce to make an E-commerce store
  • Incredible features
  • Average speed rate is comparatively better.
  • Great for professionals
  • Within 59 seconds customer support.


  • Comparatively high price.

Check the Latest Offer

Liquid web dedicated server is an expensive professional server provider in the marketplace. If you never want to consider quality and professionalism, Liquid web dedicated server hosting can be an excellent choice for you.

They offer various packages, but the cheapest package offering costs $149/month if you have billed all the money in annual.

If you want to purchase a two-year commitment package in one installment, the price will be low at $119/month.

For using cPanel, you need to include an extra amount of $20/month. You will get any support from their professional support team. There are so much knowledgeable and they will respond to you within one minute.

Special Note: Liquid web dedicated server hosting provides the best quality support as your demand. If you have money and are looking for the best quality support provider, I highly recommend you to go for Liquid web dedicated hosting.

(6) Siteground Dedicated Server (Best Customer Service)

  • Best uptime rate
  • Satisfying load up speed
  • High CPU speed
  • High server performance
  • Lots of technological features
  • All-time friendly customer support
  • High managerial WordPress service


  • More expensive
  • More money consuming for updating.

Check the Latest Offer

Siteground is excellent for managing your business WordPress website and WooCommerce service. They are always focusing on providing the best quality dedicated server with a responsive customer support team.

It will never fail to fulfill your demand as your desire expectation. But compared to many other hosting providers, Siteground is much more expensive. They offer their lowest rate package at $250/month.

But they will never charge for increasing the renewal rate. The support of Siteground dedicated server hosting is flexible and easy to communicate. The will help anytime with queries to solve any problems.

Special Note: If you have more money to enhance your business, you can take a look at Siteground dedicated server hosting. You never need to worry about its performance is better or not. It is the best.

(7) Namecheap Dedicated Server Hosting (Cheap Web Hosting Plan )

  • Easy to set up
  • Better uptime rate
  • Access to free migration
  • Reliability


  • Loading speed is not good all time.

Check the Latest Offer

If you are are a professional blogger or a website owner, probably Namecheap will be familiar to you.

A lot of small business owners are using Namecheap dedicated server hosting for their business. It is so much enjoyable to you that Namecheap offers you a promo dedicated server to test their service around $40/month which is so much reasonable.

Besides, you can purchase a medium level of dedicated server spending $87.88 for a month. They give you full-time customer support to satisfy all of your needs.

Special Note: Namecheap can increase your productivity for your ongoing small business. To get more outcomes from your small business, Namecheap can be a good option.

(8) iPage Dedicated Server Hosting (Best Eco-Friendly Hosting)

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Attractive design tools
  • Better uptime and connection speed.
  • Good customer support


  • Not allowed to use cPanel
  • Renewal rates are high
  • Charge extra cost for backup

Check the Latest Offer

Like many other renowned server hostings, iPage is not much more familiar, but I am recommending you this server hosting for its excellent service. In the last two decades, iPage offers its specific dedicated server hosting to ensure quality service.

Starting from $119.99 for a month, you can get the dedicated server hosting from iPage. It provides a flexible connection speed and a better uptime speed dedicated server that makes your website more friendly and comfortable.

They always try to give the best customer support when you want a solution to fix a problem.

Special Note: iPage is a unique server hosting provider that offers you a dedicated server with some excellent features and co-operation. It is not a wrong decision to choose a dedicated server hosting from iPage for your business.

Which Hosting Server is Best?

As a business website owner, I did some research on which dedicated server hosting is perfectly suitable for my site. It is tough to decide from the dozen of dedicated server hostings to the best one for me.

I found the Dreamhost hosting server is one of the best providers among all of them. Because it is easy to use, more user-friendly, high uptime and connection speed, and excellent customer support.

Most importantly, you never need to spend more money to manage this dedicated hosting server. It is quite reasonable to buy and no extra fees for renewing. They always consider for their customers so that they give you 97 days money-back guarantee which you find nowhere.

So, I am recommending you as the best-dedicated hosting server to grow your business ideally.

Top 4 Best Recommend Dedicated Hosting Providers:

Web Hosting Buying Guide

There are plenty of dedicated server hostings you can find in the marketplace. It is an essential matter to buy the best one for you among all of them. It is variable from person to person. 

But before purchasing, I can give you some guidelines that help you to find your best  hosting for your business website:

Choose the Right Configuration

Maybe you run an e-commerce store, or you run an online school. Depending on your business, you have to choose the right dedicated server that exactly matches with your business. 

The bandwidth size, CPU, RAM, and many features are essential that you need to be concerned about before purchasing your right dedicated server.

Choose the Right Operating System

Mainly, the dedicated server is operating by two operating systems, Linux and Windows. Some of the server hosting providers offer two operating systems, but some of them provide just one. 

Windows charges some money for running; on the other hand, Linux is free of cost. So make sure which operating system is right for you before choosing any server hosting. 

My recommendation is to select a dedicated server hosting that provides both Linux and Windows. You can choose one as you like.

Availability of Customer Support

Sometimes, you have faced many problematic situations when you need support from the admin panel. Some of the hosting providers help you with the cPanel, and some of them have their customized professional community group to fix your problem. 

So It is also essential to know the availability of customer support because some providers’ support is so weak. Make sure your hosting provider can give you all-time support from a professional team to solve your any server related issue.

Managerial Support

A dedicated server can fully be managed, semi-managed or unmanaged. It is up to you which management system you need. 

Maybe you are an expert, and you can manage everything then you can purchase an unmanaged dedicated server. 

You will also choose a managed or semi-managed dedicated server. But before buying a dedicated hosting, picking the perfect management system of your server is also essential.


In this article, I try to share the best information about dedicated hostings to choose the right dedicated server hosting for your precious business. It gives you a clear idea to identify your right dedicated service hosting.

I highly recommend you before deciding the dedicated server hosting for your business website, do some research on what you may like. After doing research, you can purchase it if it meets all of your expectations and value your valuable money.

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