10 Best Free Feminine WordPress Themes 2020 (Reviewed & Compared)

The definition of Feminine has been changed in today’s world. Women are marching in almost every field in every nation. Women-oriented websites have become a necessity to represent individual service around the world.

If you are looking for the best free feminine WordPress themes then you are on the right path. We are presenting you with the best collection of free Feminine WordPress themes for blog or business website. These free themes can be implemented by women who are involved in any profession.

Top 10 Best Free Feminine WordPress Themes: Perfect For Starting Feminine Blog

Feminine Style

Feminine Style WordPress theme
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Feminine style is a WordPress theme that includes dashing design templates. It is specifically designed for female users. The theme is designed with a very organized sense of coding skills.

This theme is can be utilized by business womens, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and more. It includes some amazing features which you can manage and update regularly. The theme is fully responsive so users can visit the site from their preferred device.

You can build & customize additional pages using the pre-built pages on this theme. It includes exclusively featured sections and image sliders. The social media integration of this theme is very user friendly.


Adelle feminine WordPress theme
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The Adelle WordPress theme has an astonishing design scheme. On top of the page, there is a feminine posture that includes pink bubbles. The rest of the design includes a similar feminine look with a white background and black designs on top.

This simple theme comes with templates where you can post your articles like a blog. There are columns where you can represent the different widgets.

Although, this theme won’t overwhelm you with too many designs or features to implement. It has been designed in a way that anyone can navigate and use it. The demo screenshot of the theme includes lucrative block quotes, a widget with tweets, and more features.

Mary Kate

Mary Kate feminine WordPress theme
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The Mary Kate theme is developed by Angie Makes and it is the exhilarated theme on our list. This free theme comes with many premium features that you can’t get in other themes. You can upgrade to the premium version anytime to get the full flavor of this beautiful theme.

The white background with a touch of blue and pink gives the simplicity to this theme. Also, the light gray sidebar column is evenly separated from other elements.

This free and fully responsive theme is perfect for businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. You can choose to set different “Sidebar” layout or “Full-Width” layout to represent your branding contents. The theme syncs with some popular plugins such as Pinterest and Jetpack.

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Blossom Feminine

Blossom Feminine theme
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Blossom Feminine theme comes with a slick and sophisticated design and catchy homepage slider. With plenty of features, you can set a section with different categories such as beauty, travels, lifestyle, and more.

There are various color pallets and Google fonts that you can customize and apply. One of the best good features is you can integrate the theme with social media and especially Instagram.

Blossom Feminine includes some eye-catching email subscription/newsletter forms that can generate leads. The most exclusive part is that this theme is compatible with WooCommerce. Users from different regions can translate the theme into their preferred language.


kalon WordPress theme
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The Kalon WordPress theme offers the flavor of a wedding theme but it can be explored more. This theme offers a mixture of simplicity and elegance. The white and pink color represents the feminine essence.

You can customize the header image and upload a large image with only a few clicks. It can also be used as a slider or a static image. Kalon offers a responsive layout that can also be viewed in smaller devices.

It’s a perfect theme that can be implemented by photographers, designers, bloggers, and more. We like it mostly because of the elegant features that it offers. The packaged social media buttons make it easy to get connected with Facebook and Twitter.

The drag and drop interface is beautifully & designed with various widgets. You can chat with the customers on the threaded comments. The backgrounds are customizable and include beautiful color schemes.

Chic Lifestyle

Chic Lifestyle
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The WordPress theme that represents the feminism with style is Chic Lifestyle. The appealing design pattern of this theme perfectly relates to females. Users are easily attracted to it due to its attractive appearance.

Each section of this theme is customizable by user preferences. You do not need any deep knowledge or coding skills to design your site. You can simply use our preferred business logo and also edit the header information. Besides, it allows for more customizing options by upgrading it free to premium.

This theme includes various drag and drop options and fully speed optimized. Most importantly, Chic Lifestyle is compatible with all the Woocommerce features.

Elegant Pink

Elegant Pink theme
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Elegant pink WordPress theme that works perfectly for Photography, Weddings, birthdays websites. It’s a theme that has requires a feminine touch but includes all the features for blogging. Users can enjoy the full responsiveness benefits of the site on their smartphones.

The large image of the header area promotes or explains your site’s main purpose. The overlaying buttons and texts located on the header work as a call to action.

The top of the page includes social media button integration which works as a widget. You can edit the social media section anytime if you want. So that you won’t be needing any third-party plugin for social media integration.

The logo is located in a perfect position of the header to promote the brand. The menu is placed below the logo which also includes a search bar that helps readers search their desired topics.


Pashmina feminine WordPress theme
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Pashmina WordPress theme is highlighted with bright pink colors and grid-formatted templates. This feminine theme is focused on different industries and can be used for many types of blogging.

The logo is located in the middle of the header and works perfectly with thumbnail imagery. It includes a Pinterest-style layout that engages more people in your site. Users can easily explore different posts and items that are presented on the homepage.

This theme is mostly based on widgets for different sections. With few drag and drop options, you can add your preferred image slider on a widget. The social media button comes with feminine colors and with beautiful finishing.

You can change any color of the theme because it offers custom colors. For customer interaction, this theme includes threaded chat. It also offers a translation option and customizable columns.


Fashionista WordPress theme
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The term “Fashion” is connected with femineity and the Fashionista WordPress theme is all about it. This feminine theme portraits fashion related blogs and companies in a contemporary way. It works smoothly on different devices due to its responsiveness.

It includes attractive theme options to highlight your logo, different fonts, and modify the designs. Non-coders can work with the custom widgets and apply them effortlessly on the site. You can boost your branding scheme with the help of Google Fonts of this theme.

Post outstanding images and utilize the threaded comment section to increase your followers. Third-party plugins are not required to get the social icons because it comes along with the installation.

The black design on the white background gives it a splendid outlook because it grabs the focus. All this feature comes free with this theme and makes it worth a try.

Fashion Diva

Fashion Diva WordPress theme
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Fashion Diva is another amazing WordPress feminine theme that you should try. This is a child theme of the Blossom Fashion which is a free WordPress theme. You can easily create a website full of features and represents a feminine feel.

Fashion Diva offers special features that can represent a fashion blog or a styling website. It can also be redesigned to highlight home decor or any business projects.

The most mentionable feature is the site speed that it offers. Users will get a very friendly environment due to the smooth site speed. This mobile-friendly theme is fully SEP optimized.

Besides, it has social media integration options including the Instagram feed preview on the homepage. This Woocommere compatible theme comes with various custom widgets.


There are many different WordPress feminine themes out there to choose from. Our mentioned free Feminine WordPress themes will provide you the best features for your website. We hope that this information and the 10 best theme will help you to create the best women-oriented website.

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