6 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins 2021 (Compared)

We all know, WordPress is a CMS platform which is a vast and popular website making platform all over the world. More than 50+ million website owners are using WordPress. With the plugins, you can easily expand site design, SEO benefits, and more features on a WordPress site. A good WordPress SEO plugin is a must need for a WordPress site to get more on-page SEO benefits and web traffic.

However, we create a website for various purposes like blogging, business, an online magazine, internet marketing firms, and so on. But here is the crucial fact is that most of the webmasters want to rank their website quickly on search engines.

So to get a quick rank on various search engines you need to do huge on-page SEO practice for your website. According to Backlinko Google has 200+ SEO ranking factors for improving search engine rank position.

On-page SEO fact
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WordPress is an extremely well-coded CMS which is very SEO friendly. But the real thing is that SEO for WordPress websites is the most required element for increasing site traffic and search engine rank.

So if you want to increase web traffic or search engine rank quickly, you need a perfect WordPress SEO booster plugin.

There are many WordPress SEO plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory. But you don’t know which is the best for on-page SEO?

So in this blog post, I’ll share detail about the best 7 on-page free WordPress SEO plugins for better SEO rank and traffic.

Believe it or not, plugins which I will describe below some of them I use on my blog at WP Basic Pro.

Best Free On-Page WordPress SEO plugins 2020

WordPress SEO plugin trend 2021 is definitely different from previous trends. Because Google has changed its many ranking factors. That’s why many new SEO plugins are coming with their highly relevant features.

That is why you should know better about new SEO plugin trends before using them on your site. Even you should also know the output results of a plugin that will be most unique and relevant for every search engine rank.

Yoast SEO Plugin:

Yoast SEO Free WordPress SEO plugin

Yoast plugin is the most common and huge usable SEO plugin. You will get a lot of SEO benefits from this to your WordPress blog. The plugin helps you to write better content for search engine rank and getting more web traffic. 

Yoast is used by famous websites and online magazines like Mashable, CNN, Shout Me Loud etc and the plugin is recommended by many pro bloggers who have succeeded in his/her blogging profession.

You can check more features and functions on the Yoast official site or plugin directory. It has a premium version which is for the advanced SEO benefits. But the free version is enough for beginners or newly created sites.

Single licences of premium version only $89 including 1 year free updates and support.

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Rank Math SEO Plugin:

Rank Math SEO plugin is for the NON-SEO webmaster experts. That means you no need previous one-page SEO experience for ranking your website if you use the Rank Math plugin. It is a powerful on-page plugin for creating excellent SEO optimize content for ranking & SEO analysis for both human and search engine bots.

Rank Math SEO Plugin

Mythemeshop developers have created this plugin for WordPress users. It’s a modern SEO plugin recommended by Neil Patel which is the Co-founder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg and SEO expert Brain Dean and over 100+ content marketing experts.

You can also use it as an alternative SEO plugin of All In One SEO plugin & Yoast.  Here are some features of Rank Math.

Personally, I use this plugin for all of my Amazon affiliate marketing niche blogs. It is totally free for WordPress users. But you can use its premium version that has huge pro features. But if you are a beginner you can use its free version for the first time that is enough for all in one on-page SEO solution.

Starting price of Rank Math Pro is only $59 for Individuals & Solopreneurs and $199 for Freelancers, Business, & Agency Owners.

Get started with Rank Math

All in One SEO for WordPress

All in One SEO Pack

Now, if you are new about SEO or an SEO friendly website, and you are not sure which one to pick up, this is the right one for you. You see, the AISEO is the one-stop solution for all sorts of SEO related operations. 

The best part is the simplicity and clarity of the UI. Thus it is currently serving almost over 2 million active users. This tool kit is a free version but for getting more advanced features, you can upgrade it free to premium. It comes with a subscription fee.

This freemium tool kit is certainly worth more than the money. It will display TruSEO on-page analysis, create dynamic meta tags, use rich snippets, schema markup, site maps, and whatnot! On top of that, it comes with built in WooCommerce SEO tools.

So, this is a must have plugin for a complete SEO solution.

Get started with All in One SEO Pack



As we are working with WordPress websites, what better way to find a SEO plugin which is made by WP themselves? Yes, SEOPress is a dedicated WordPress SEO Plugin. This is simple and powerful at the same time!

Why simple? Because it comes with a simpler installation and user method especially for the beginners. Now, that does not mean this is not powerful. It has all the additional and advanced features that an experienced webmaster seeks in a WP SEO Plugin.

Meta title, Open Graph, XML Sitemaps, Redirections anything includes in this plugin. Also, the UI is simple and accessible, that makes it stand out from the herd. So, if you are looking for something that is simple yet effective, SEOPress is the good WP SEO Plugin.

Get started with SEOPress

Schema Pro

6 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins 2021 (Compared) 1

Schema Pro is a sensible schema snippet generator plugin. What are snippets? Snippets are a catch phrase or keyword that can help you identify a particular website while searching for the word in the engine.

So, this also is a part of SEO in the WordPress realm. Now, you might be wondering that all the other famous SEO Plugins already provided the rich snippet feature. Then Why should you consider having an extra one on the dashboard. 

Because as it is a premium snippets generator, the generation and the search analytics are slightly uplifted in the presence of Schema Pro. So, do consider this to be added to your website. I am sure that it will help you grow more efficiently.

Get started with Schema Pro

WP Rocket

WP Rocket

In this era, speed is really important, and to keep up with the pace, WP Rocket monitors all the web speed and performance for your website. But it will not affect the SEO contents inside it. As this excels the speed, so this will be considered as an SEO Plugin.

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Now, Monsterinsights helps you to create a simpler version of Google Analytics. It first helps you to install Google Analytics in WordPress. Then what it does is that it creates a readable report out of it.

One of the major problems that beginners face is to keep track of the numbers of the Analytics. This SEO Plugin helps people like these. 

So, you can relax more and focus on other things that are worth focusing.

It will suggest you to have better results and achieve rankings in the Google search results. It also traces down the e-Commerce SEO by judging and analysing the current market.

Get started with Monsterinsights

Last Words of SEO Plugin

Lastly, there are many SEO on-page plugins on the internet or the WordPress plugin directory. But these 2 plugins are the best for all pro bloggers.

In my opinion, I don’t get to find such a free plugin which is better than these plugins. So you can undoubtedly use these on-page SEO plugins which I have described above. Personally I am using the Rank Math on my Palash PRO blog. The plugin is working well for me. 


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