Top 10 Best Live Chat Plugins For WordPress In 2020 (Reviewed)

If you are looking for the best live chat plugins for your WordPress website then you are the right place. We have collected some WordPress live chat plugins that are the best rated and available in the market.

You can modify the feelings of browsing and make it more user friendly by adding some options. Your users won’t feel isolated while surfing if you can add some personal touches. You will get a significant number of users that are attracted to your website.

Business owners are also highlighting the usefulness of adding a personal touch on a website. There are different ways you can increase the interaction of your sales site. It may be at least a social media profile link, contact form, email address, etc.

best live chat plugin

The Live chat option boosts up the personal touch of a WordPress website. By eliminating buyer friction, live query solving, and assuring a human presence, you will surely get more conversion. Your website gets more customer presence and they will readily spend money on your services.

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Which are things you should consider to choose a live chat?

Certain facts that must consider while choosing the best live chat plugin for your website.

  • The plugin should provide a real-time solution.
  • The system should proactively provide support to its customers and visitors.
  • The system should provide a significant rate of conversion from visitors to customers.
  • The system should provide a complete solution for communication between the customer and the operator.
  • The whole system must be compatible with different devices such as mobile.
  • The pricing should be fair compared to the features it offers.
  • The chat system should integrate smoothly with your business process.
  • The plugin should be secured and your data should not be breached.
  • The plugin author should provide 24/7 support to its customers.



LiveChat is a very user-friendly and convenient live chat system for any WordPress website. It offers some easy to use features to its customers. The LiveChat plugin helps both the visitors and the team members of your website.

This plugin is great for its customer’s chatbox feature that stands on the bottom of the page. The box sticks on the page can be clicked anytime to open it.

After the conversation through this chatbox, you can also send customer reviews and feedbacks. The chatbox also includes embedded hare buttons so that customers can connect you on social media.

LiveChat includes some cool features to the consumers and your team members.

  • You can connect with your customers directly while they are visiting your website. The customer gets a great user experience when you are starting the conversation at first.
  • Customize the chat window by your preference.
  • Manage the conversations with one dashboard. You don’t need to worry if the plugin is enabled on more than one website.
  • Customer interactions are marked with different colored circles. It indicated how long the customer has been waiting so that you can research them quickly.;.
  • Chat history is easily accessible and you will get all of it.

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If you want an award-winning software for customer support, marketing and sales then Engagebay is the best option. The live chat service of Engagebay provides real-time assistance to convert the users of your website into a customer.

You can track and solve customer support tickets within the quickest possible time. The plugin offers a simple interface where you can manage as many tickets as possible. You can also manage unlimited group chats.

Customer experience gets increased with this combined platform. It also offers to manage marketing, sales, and service team. Customer tracking its one of the best features that help you to track customers through a single system.

You can maintain and organize all the tickets and issues in one place. Agents can see the ques with a personalized view, ticket status, groups, and other conditions.

Your support team always gets boosted by having more tasks to complete. The quality of the service can be ensured by setting up the escalation rules.

Besides, the ticket routing system, escalation, and task creation make the customer service system automated. By using the feedback response feature you can send automated customer marketing emails and notifications to your support team.

One the other hand, the powerful reporting module of this plugin provides you complete control of your support processes. This is how you can ensure the best customer support by staying organized and working faster.


  • Live chat functionalities with a quick ticketing system.
  • Priority-based Ticket management system in a single platform.
  • Service automation.
  • Detailed, simple but powerful reports function.
  • Creating groups and providing solutions to that group.

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Tidio Live chat

Tidio is another LiveChat solution for your WordPress that offers you some out-of-the-box features. You do not need any third-party plugin or solutions on your website if you have Tridio. This plugin has many customizable options that can easily sync with your brand.

This live chat plugin is also helpful for marketing automation such as lead generation, mailing, CRM, etc. The free plan offers plenty of features that are not free on other live chat plugins.

Tridio is the best solution for having regular communication with your customers. It offers most of the live chat functionalities for free. You can get the premium features at an affordable price range.


  • The process of installation is really easy. The whole plugin is easy to use for any WordPress website.
  • It comes with regular updates for your WordPress websites.
  • The admin panel is similar to the WordPress dashboard.
  • The free version offers many exclusive features.

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WP Flat Visual Chat Link

WP Flat Visual Chat Link

WP Flat Visual Chat provides live support that offers a two-way remote desktop viewer for the WordPress websites. This live chat plugin provides fast and convenient support with a unique live view.

This plugin offers a new element on the sidebar from where you can manage all your chat logs. It also includes a unique remote desktop viewer which takes the customer support to a new level.

You can share your preferred element or item and stay connected in a visual two-way chat with your customers. The front-end includes extensive chat settings that you can modify according to your business needs. You don’t need any coding skills to modify the chat settings according to your brand styles and tone of voice.

You can work within a team and solve customer queries by transferring chats to their operators. With the two-way dialogue options, you can check your customer to what they are looking for.

The plugin is coded with Real-Time Ajax Chat so, it never slows down your website. The plugin offers many customizable features. It also offers a contact form so that you can get the customer queries on your downtime.

Overall wp Flat Visual Chat will surely increase the customer satisfaction of your website with its simple yet effective features.


  • Includes a live chat system coded with a real-time AJAX chat.
  • Comes with a lot of customizable features and color options.
  • Operators can view active users and direct customers to their required elements.
  • Comes with a file transfer option, chat log management option, and contact forms.
  • Easy to manage the fields of the contact form and login panel.

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NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress (Live Chat version)

NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger

This plugin makes all the contacts and connections of your business and potential customers intact. It offers a messenger experience that can be synced on your website. You can interact with your business whenever you need it.

This plugin loads the previous chat history automatically between the customers and your business. All the recent interactions will be visible messenger app or the chat plugin. Customers can interact with this live chat feature even if they are out of the website.


  • This live chat plugin provides you the easiest and fastest way of connecting.
  • You will never miss any customer queries.
  • You can boost your business growth by getting and solving live customer queries.
  • This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce that you can add different sections of your webpage.
  • This plugin comes with support for different languages.
  • Get all the notifications immediately with this plugin.
  • The plugin offers many customizable features and colors.
  • This WPML compatible plugin does not need programming knowledge.
  • Fully supported by RTL and it works automatically.
  • Get lifetime updates with a single license.

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Awesome Live Chat

Awesome Live Chat

The Awesome Live chat offers top-notch support to its clients and increases the customer base. It is beautifully coded with the latest technologies such as Coffee scripts and developed with OP and PHP structure.

It allows managing the whole system under the WordPress dashboard and without any subscription. You can solve the visitor queries quickly with an excellent live chat experience. The live chat session transfers to other tabs while visitors are engaged in a chat.

This live chat plugin is fully responsive and can be operated on different devices such as mobile or desktop. You can maintain unlimited operators through this plugin which means you will never lose a potential customer.

You will be able to get a visitor’s location and IP addresses through this plugin. The user experience gets even better through the smooth and slick design and dashboard.


  • Smooth and customizable features and includes a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Can get potential customer information such as country locations and IP addresses.
  • Get all the chat history as a transcript.
  • Customers can also send offline messages.
  • Your chat session is never breakable even if you change the tab or close it.
  • You don’t require any third-party services to run this plugin.

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Awesome Live Chat Server

Awesome Live Chat Server

This addon is also known as the Socket IO server that works beside Awesome Live Chat and runs Nodejs. You can engage in a real-time chat session with the customers through this addon.

To run this live chat addon you must have the Awesome Live Chat WordPress plugin installed. You can deploy this chat server in an online server or your cloud host.

If you want to avoid AJAX long polling then this is the best option for your WordPress website. The server includes an update script which is updated instantly upon availability.

Awesome Live Chat server incorporates with Awesome Live Chat WordPress plugin. After installing this addon you won’t be needing any third-party service. You can control this add on through
You will get the quickest support and assist your customers within seconds. The addon makes the chat experience better for both users and admins. This addon provides a continues to support and serves unbreakable chat support even if you are offline.

Creating infinite numbers of users and groups becomes easier with the help of this addon. Transferring files, post-chat transcripts, and collecting user data becomes faster than ever before.


  • Creates a live chat service that omits AJAX long polling.
  • Only use Awesome Live Chat components and no third-party service is needed.
  • Makes your chat service smoother and quicker for both customers and admins.

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Freshchat offers an interactive chat plugin that lets you connect with your customers wherever they are. This plugin is fully responsive and supported in mobile, desktop, and other devices.

You can connect with your customers via WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger through this plugin. Also, you can grow the customer base of your business by connecting through every social media channel.

Fresh chat is packed with the latest technologies of live chat. This plugin is automated with bots and AI that connects with your customer very quickly.

You can reach out to your customers before they reach you with the help of this plugin. The plugin sends notifications proactively to its customers based on user behaviors, needs, and other conditions.

Freshchat plugin offers all in one dashboard where you will get all your necessary communication tools.


  • Supports interconnection through different social media.
  • Includes AI and chatbots.
  • The dashboard contains all the management options in one place.
  • Includes a fresh work platform that provides rich AI.

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Pure Chat

Pure Chat Live Chat Software

Pure Chat is a live chat plugin that comes with a set of special features. This live chat plugin is built with well-designed chat boxes. The chatbox can be fully customized with a variation of colors, mesmerizing animations, and custom made images.

Its special set of features includes power analytics, management of multi-chat, and proactive chat triggers. It is one of the best live chat plugins which provides a smart interface system for its users.

Pure Chat live chat plugin lets its users set the time of their availability. When a user sets themself to be offline, their live chat box is converted into an op-in form for any MailChimp email list. All the chats of this plugin are managed via the Pure Chat dashboard or its mobile app.

This live chat plugin comes with two plans, a free one and a premium one. The free plan lasts 30 days and the premium plans start with 90 days. The price of the premium plan starts at $39 per month.

Pure Chat’s free version provides its users with 15 chats per month. While the premium version includes unlimited chats with the number of users being 4. This live chat plugin is also deemed to be the best for power real-time visitor tracking.

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WP-Live Chat

WP-Live Chat by 3CX

You can connect with your website visitors through WP-Live chat without any subscription. This popular, effective, and reliable plugin has more than 1,900,000 downloads and active installation according to WordPress plugin respiratory.

The customer conversion of your website will get boosted significantly in real-time. Also, you can check website visitors’ details that are displayed on the live chat control panel. The live chat box is displayed on the user’s screen. When a user clicks the start chat button the communication starts between the operator and the user.


  • Completely free live chat plugin.
  • Add countless agents on your interface.
  • Easily transfer chats to another agent.
  • Set up groups and departments with this plugin.
  • The interface is very user friendly for everyone.
  • Customize the text fields and colors of the chatbox.
  • Users can drag the live chat box anywhere on the webpage.
  • Live chat records are easily accessible.
  • Works perfectly with translation plugins.
  • You can set the accessibility of users of this plugin.
  • Can be used in different devices.

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Among the mentioned plugins, Livechat is holding the position one due to its versatile features and pricing that it offers.

Choosing the right live chat plugin will skyrocket your business growth by enhancing the customer experience. We have researched the best live chat plugins out there in the market to minimize your effort of searching.


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