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5 Best Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins Compared

Making money online is becoming popular day by day. Suppose you are a blogger. After blogging a while, you will look for ways to make money from your web content as the website allows a diversified revenue stream. For example, you make video content or web series, or downloadable content that you don’t want to provide on your site free of cost. So how will you restrict your content from visitors? To solve such issues, pay per post WordPress plugin allows content restriction based on visitor’s subscriptions.

This article is reviewing the most popular paywall WordPress Plugins with features and pricing. Stick to the writings to explore more. Let’s move forward!

What are the Benefits of a Pay Per Post Plugin?

Pay per post WordPress plugin charges a specific amount to the WordPress website’s visitors or users to access the restricted pages and posts. Users can access it for a certain period. 

The benefits of pay per post plugins are –

  • Paywall solution of your website
  • Increase Monetization
  • Enhance revenue stream.
  • Restrict users from using particular pages without paying.

5 Best Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins

Leaky Paywall

Leaky Paywall is a flexible WordPress-based metered paywall plugin for news and magazine publishers. This plugin allows you to grow your audience and paid subscriptions.

Leaky Paywall

Key Features

  • Let you 100% audience growth that ranks in the search engines in 1 year.
  • Set up a free registration process to build your email list.
  • Growth in a social share.
  • Create unique subscription plans according to your need.
  • Sell group access.
  • Boost digital revenue by metering articles, sell premium levels of archive access, access to particular issues and comments.
  • You can set multiple subscription options, even group subscriptions, and manage subscriber reports easily.
  • It supports server-side caching and integrates with Hubspot, ZOHO, MagHub, ESP, and others.

Pricing: Leaky Paywall has 3 different pricing options. They allow a free demo to experience the plugin in real-time, but a premium one costs $99 (1 site), $189 (2-5 sites), and $479 (6-25 sites), respectively.

Restrict Content Pro

5 Best Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins Compared 1

RCP (Restrict Content Pro), a WordPress paywall plugin that allows creating a paid content site and membership website. This membership plugin has an easy setting process and locks your premium content for valued members. RCP includes API integration for payment and management dashboard and more. 

Key Features

  • Allows users to use discount codes.
  • Extensive documentation and support from developers.
  • Control over content, members, and membership.
  • Compatibility with Woocommerce and other plugins.
  • Subscriptions packages.
  • Email integration.
  • It works with most payment platforms.
  • Export data easily by creating .csv of members and payments. 
  • Built-in payment options including Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, and 2Checkout.
Restrict Content Pro options

Pricing: Restrict Content Pro has both a free version and paid version. It comes with 4 different pricing options.

5 Best Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins Compared 2

Pigeon Paywall

Even though pigeon paywall started working to protect newspaper content. This plugin works perfectly with any content publisher and private community, including digital magazines, educational resources, expert blogs, exclusive communities, premium media content, and pay-per-view. You can meter access, offer subscriptions or lock all your contents.

Pigeon Paywall

Key Features

  • Integrates with existing CMS and website.
  • The easy login process for existing and new subscribers.
  • Direct deposition of payment to your account.
  • Beautiful admin interface.
  • Gift subscription option for users.

Pricing: Pigeon paywall has different pricing plans. They charge $1500 for setting up the plugin and training the teams. Each month, you need to pay $99 for continuous access and support from developers. When you start making money, they charge 10% transaction fees.


Cleeng is the WordPress paywall plugin that allows you to make money from videos. They allow broadcasting your live to any scale! You can create your on-demand channel to bring subscribers & checkout comprehensive reports of the followers. Its 60+ coupons and social discount options bring back your subscriber and influence them to share with their friends.


Key Features

  • Customer support
  • Peak Sales
  • Anti-piracy
  • Supports 14 Languages
  • Virtual ticketing
  • Geo-blocking
  • Global Payments – supports payments in 167 countries and 22 currencies.

Suitable for a sporting event, educational program, business conferences, live entertainment, spiritual service from any device anywhere. They offer to track progress in real-time. You can set up the event for free within 2 minutes, and you pay a small amount as a transaction fee when you start selling.

Pricing: It has simple pricing, including free events and paid events. Whether you have 100 visitors or 1 Million visitors, the cost is the same. The paid event costs $1.68 (per buyer, per month).

Pay Per Post With Woocommerce

Pay Per Post With Woocommerce is open-source software that allows its users a wide range of functionality. It allows users to set and sell access to pages, posts, and custom post types.

Pay Per Post With Woocommerce

Key features

  • Protect single or multiple posts with single or multiple products.
  • Restrict contents based on the customers purchasing a specific product.
  • To ensure future compatibility uses native woo-commerce functionality.
  • It Supports multiple languages, Woocommerce membership, and subscription integration.
  • Show lock icon for restricted products.
  • Override restricted content messages based on pages.

They provide support for both the free and pro versions.

Pricing: It has a free and a premium version. Purchasing a license offers you plugin updates and supports. They have 3 pricing options, including- $69 (1site), $287.88 (5 sites), and $599 (unlimited sites).

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this article gave you an excellent overview of the best pay per post WordPress plugins. Now it’s your turn to choose the right fit for you based on your budget and your website requirements. Start earning from your content with the best pay per post plugin.


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