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Best Schema Plugins For WordPress & Why Should Use!

You just wrote a stunning recipe of the all-time classic Apple Pie and you can’t wait to share it with the world. Better said than done, you posted it on your website. That is pretty cool. You are really pumped up! But a week went by, there is no real progress on the website traffic.

The thing is, your content is on your website, true. But it is not reaching the people who are searching for it. There are several reasons for being in such a state. And I feel you brother, I have been in a similar situation once in a while. But there is a way out!

How Search Engine Works!

Before getting into that, let us discuss something real quick. Don’t worry, this will not be a typical webmaster’s class. Rather it will be a helpful one. Especially when your content is not reaching the targeted audience.

You see when posting content on the website. It comes with a certain catchphrase, which can easily trigger the true source of the core content. These are known as keywords or snippets. These snippets are recognized by the search engine.

In data information and searching, these snippets act like tag marks, which enables your content to pop up on the search results.

So, if you write a recipe for a delicious Apple Pie, then a random person should see your content in the search result when you enter the catchphrase or the keyword, Apple Pie.

But these snippets will not automatically be detected by the search engine all by itself. There is a special procedure to do so. If you are a WordPress webmaster, then congrats! Your job is halfway done. WordPress plugins are literally life savers! For more info, you can read the Backlinko guide about featured snippets.

What is Schema?

So, now the next question is, what is Schema? The answer is Schema or Schema markup is a structured data format. Now, what does it do? It is simple as well. All it does is that it generates rich and discoverable snippets that can be easily traced by a search engine. You can read more guides on Moz About Schema markup best practice.

schema markup example

So, what Schema will do for you that It will find the most reasonable and rich snippets from your content. And these snippets will act as triggers to your content.

So when you search by the phrase Apple Pie Recipe, then you will end up finding your content in search results, along with several other contenders.

WordPress has been one of the major platforms for creating websites. Now, making a complete and meaningful website is just a matter of time. Today, we will be exploring the best Schema plugins for WordPress.

The big question is, what makes WordPress so strong and reliable? Because of the ease of access and precious plugins. Plugins are basically add-ons that are added to your website. These add-ons help you to operate the website much faster and smoother.

What Makes You Stand Up from the Crowd?

There are other important things that make a huge difference in the search results of particular content. As you can see, there are a lot of other variables in a single website. For instance, the content.

The content is the core product of your website that we know. Then there are other important factors like customer ratings, product reviews, price availability, business hours all of these are vital variables. You did not get that right? Allow me to elaborate.

Suppose, you are searching by the keyword, “Apple Pie”. So, when you type in and hit enter, a ton of search results flashes to your screen. Which one will you choose? A bit confusing right? Umm, nope. In the regular run, you don’t think that deep.

All you do is look for specific information. Such as ratings, you will pick the five start rating rather than the three-star ones. I mean, that is obvious, right? Or you will be picking up something which has a convenient address or business hours.

No matter what the additional info comes into play, all you need to do is, find the suitable one and hit the enter button. But websites and webmasters will have to think about it. They will have to find possible ways to reach you much more efficiently. That is why they need to have this additional info.

Having a good rating, convenient business hours, good feedback and customer support is crucial, I get it. But how can you possibly make Goggle or other search engines understand that? This is where you need the player to step in. And the player is Schema! So, let us see the best Schema plugins for WordPress.

4 Best Schema Plugins for WordPress in 2020

As we have discussed the importance of Schema, then we will be coming down to the next topic. Now, we will be discussing the top most rated WordPress plugins of Schema. These will be judged after their user creditability, pricing, description, and advantages.

We are sharing a list of the top four best Schema plugins for WordPress of the year 2020:

Schema Pro
All in One Schema Rich Snippets
Ultimate Blocks
WP Review Pro

Now, first up. Comes the most popular on the list of the best Schema Plugins for WordPress, Schema Pro.

Best Rich Snippet Plugins

Schema Pro

schema pro

Schema Pro is the top-ranked WordPress Schema plugin. It is very easy to handle and use at the same time. It only takes minutes to initiate. Almost 13 Schema types are supported in this WordPress Plugin.

So, whether you have a review of any sort like music, movies, products, books, or anything this plugin will detect that and use it as a snippet. Recipes are perhaps the sole content of a cooking website. Schema Pro successfully acknowledges that.

Software applications, video objects, books, products people, locations, articles, job postings, courses, events you name it, Schema Pro supports it. That is why this is number one in the list of the best Schema plugins for WordPress.

Best Schema Plugins For WordPress & Why Should Use! 1

This comes in two packages. The monthly package option comes with a monthly subscription price of $79 per month. There is another great option of having this for a lifetime.

So, one Schema Pro plugin will cost you $249. And you will have access to that for the rest of your life.

All in One Schema Rich Snippets

All In One Schema Rich Snippet

When you are seeking something that has a simple interface and yes indeed simple to use, then this is the one. In our second position, we have the All in One Schema Snippets Plugin. So, why is this considered to be one of the best Schema Plugin for WordPress?

Simple, the answer is simple. Amongst all the Schema Markup plugins, this has a simple and elegant interface. Some consider this to be the best Schema Plugins for WordPress because of the affordability. But it has lesser areas to support. Reviews, Ratings, Events, Articles and Software Applications are the sectors that this plugin supports.

There are some additional hiccups right at the beginning. For instance, you will have to set this schema markup for all the pages of your website one by one. That means it requires manual setup. There is a fun fact though. This plugin is also made by the developers of Schema Pro.

That is why it is pretty similar to the former one. The dashboard is a shining example of both of them being identical to each other. So, now the question is, why should I pick this one instead of Schema Pro? Simple, because it is free.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks

Coming up next on the list of the best Schema plugin for WordPress is the Ultimate Block. This is pretty advance as it has multiple options and features under its belt. The advanced content filter can fitter rich snippets with super ease.

You will also acquire a ‘How to Schema Block’ feature. What it will do is that it will allow you to add a certain block that would offer you vital information regarding the Schema data. Product’s name, features, summary or description, star rating, and button are some of the supported sectors.

WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro

WP or WordPress Review Pro is yet another contender for the best Schema plugins for WordPress list. This Plugin allows you to design and publish pro-quality reviews on WP websites. Once this is activated, then you can create reviews, comparison tables, and what not.

Now, what it does is that it can create almost 19 crucial schema data and rich snippets. This is why this takes place as the best Schema plugins for WordPress List!

Wrapping Things Up!

So, that was all you need to know about Schema and the uses of the Schema plugins. I hope you have enjoyed and learned an awful lot from the list of the best Schema plugins for WordPress Websites. That comes down to the closing words. Good Bye!

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