12 Best Tech Startup Ideas In 2020 [New Ideas For Low Invest]

Are you a student or a professional? Do you want to grow your career in the tech-related field? Do you have an entrepreneurial mind to design your new startup business instead of getting a job? If yes, this article is for you.

Tech Startup Ideas
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What is a Tech Startup Business?

A startup is a primary stage of business when one or more entrepreneurs want to divert their ideas into a business. They want to promote their newly launched product or service and try to create demand for their targeted customers. It is the first stage of business when the business plan is designing well, but the owners of the startup are looking for funding to run his business. 

Many organizations, venture capitalists & investors are interested in investing money in profitable startups. For increasing the popularity of the internet and technology, they have more focus in the tech-related industry. 

You have no clear idea, but you want to grow your new startup by providing technological products or services, this article will help you to give some best tech startup ideas to start your business today.

Before starting any new tech startup, I highly recommend you to consider these following instructions:

  • Be self-confident & motivated.
  • Willing to learn something new every day.
  • Learn some skills related to your startup.
  • Follow some companies and professionals similar to your business.
  • Research your marketplace.

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List of Latest Tech Startup Ideas 2020

Here are 12 best tech startup ideas for you can apply for creating your new startup:

1. E-commerce Startup Idea

People are now buying their necessary products or service by using the internet. It is more comfortable for people to buy something living at home. If you want to solve people’s problems and make their life more flexible, you will be able to run your online store. 

People can purchase their valuable needs from your e-commerce store, and you can earn money. There are four different types of services you can provide by running your e-commerce store:

  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Get more clear idea about B2B & B2C Marketing.

2. Digital Marketing Agency 

Many startups are now growing in the fourth industrial revolution. They are looking to promote their products or services to reach their targeted customers. You can help those entrepreneurs to engage with their customers online through digital marketing services. 

In this case, you need to be an expert in the digital marketing field & you should also hire some creative people for running your startup. With your agency, you can offer a lot of service to your clients. Those are,

  • SEO optimization service.
  • Content marketing service.
  • Social media marketing service.
  • Some paid advertising services. 

3. Online Teaching

Probably, you are good at something and present yourself so well. If yes, there are so many opportunities knocking at your door. You can create your website and teach other people to help with your content. It can be a creative skill you can offer for people. You can also help them to create some materials related to their academic lesson. 

Once your students become more in your online school, you can offer them some premium lectures, that’s how you can earn money. Online teaching is a more popular startup worldwide. If you are thinking about it, be sure you have those qualities to succeed:

  • Motivate people with your word of mouth
  • Present yourself in an attractive way
  • Have enough knowledge about what you want to teach.

4. Building Your Niche Website

Many professional bloggers & content writers are earning a lot of money on their website. You can create your website. If you are good at the writing of any niche as you like. 

Suppose you are a cat lover, you know how to train a cat. You can write some articles related to your niche and publish it to your website to engage audiences. After you can make money by posting advertisements on your website. You can also receive money by affiliate marketing, passive income, and so on. 

For earning from your niche website, some steps you should follow:

  • Figure out which niche is profitable
  • Design your site more user friendly
  • Add perfect keyword to engage more audiences
  • Optimize your website SEO friendly.

5. Web Design & Development

Many business owners are now focusing on creating their website more mobile-friendly and easy to use to gain more customers. You need some technical skills like coding, designing to start this business model. 

You can manage some web developers as the employee to do this business also. It has a massive demand for the upcoming new world. You can do this business if you can work hard.

You can:

  • Do website development for clients
  • Make some fantastic themes and sell, etc.

6. Writing & Designing Service

You can create an agency that offers excellent writing & designing service. If you are a quality service provider, clients will find you. While running a business online that provides creative service to the customers, make sure your agency is qualified enough to fulfill your customer satisfaction. 

7. Content Business

Nowadays, increasing the widespread use of social media, business owners are trying to attract their consumers in social media. They are looking for someone who can create fantastic promotional social content without having too much salary. 

If you have an interest in creating content, it is high time to divert your passion into your business. For promoting any business, you can make:

  • Video Content
  • Writing Content
  • Visual Content or Infographic

8. 3D Printing 

In the fourth industrial revolution, 3D printing is a new fast-growing fantastic startup. You want to create a startup that thinks beyond the border, 3D printing business is absolutely for you. The demand for this business is very high so that it will keep growing. 

9. Software Startup Idea

Creating and developing software is high in demand, and it is still growing. Various corporate and non-profitable organizations are using software because it is easy to use. You can do freelance work if you have the skills to develop software. You can do your business to offer various software creating and designing services. You need to build a team to make your business from small to large.

10. Cybersecurity Service 

Technology is a blessing, but it is also a matter If it has stable security features or not. Many companies are now hiring cybersecurity agencies to protect their valuable data. If you have good knowledge of programming and ethical hacking, this business is right for you. You can build a community that is expert at cybersecurity then you will provide this service to the business owners. Here, quality is so important, so make sure you are the right person to give this service.

11. Creating Chatbox

Chatbox creation is a unique service in the modern world. When we go to a business’s website, a chatbox will help us to know some information. It is beneficial for any company to fulfill customer interest. Creating a chatbox is fun as you wish to start this kind of business; it will be exciting.

12. Tech Consultancy 

If you know a lot about technology, you will do consultant service. People are searching for solutions for many tech-related problems. You are one of them to solve their problems; you can start your business right now.

Above mentioned ideas are some of the best tech startup ideas you can follow. Do some research and explore your career in the tech-related field.

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