5 Best Themes for Elementor In 2021

If you are new to create a website with WordPress, then it might seem quite a daunting process to you. Well, it’s natural when you want to create a stunning website with little knowledge of coding.

But in this article, I am going to share some best themes for Elementor, by using which you can also create your dream site as well. Using one of the themes below with Elementor will help you quickly design your site and using it, you can also customize the entire website easily.

So with no more delay, let’s directly jump into the 5 best themes for Elementor –

Top 5 Best Themes for Elementor Page Builder


Neve Theme for Elementor

Neve is the most popular theme as it is quick and lightweight. It boosts your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While using this theme you no need to touch even a single line of code. With no experience in programming, you can get your desired result. With super-easy page-level settings, you can easily control the canvas to design with the Elementor.

Key features:

  • As it is fast and lightweight, it can be a dominant partner to Elementor.
  • It is very easy to set up and sleek designs.
  • There is quality code with full support.
  • The page within the Neve theme loads in less than 2 seconds.
  • You can also have a custom design facility for the header and footer.
  • It is mobile-ready and AMP compatible.
  • There is a growing collection of various mind-blowing features.
  • There is fast support, and safe updates make it super handy to use.

Price: Personal- $59, Business- $99, Agency- $159.

  • Pros: From experience and tests, it can load within 2 seconds. Neve gives a strong base for your WordPress site and it does not slow down your website anyway. It is responsive and AMP optimized. There are clean codes to work with your site faster.
  • Cons: The price is a bit costlier. Besides, most of the stunning features are available with the paid version. So if you want to use a free theme for your WordPress website, you better look for another.


GeneratePress theme

GeneratePress is highly worthy as a theme for Elementor because of its advanced standard of coding. It is also very secure and a stable theme for the Elementor. Therefore, it offers many modules for designing your site with advanced features. It is also a lightweight theme particularly focused on standard CLS and speed. It is built keeping in mind the optimal performance of the search engines and your visitors especially.

Key Features:

  • The layout control is super easy. So you can easily customize the page margins, sidebars, padding, home menu, and so on so forth.
  • It can create a responsive site for you.
  • There is a fast and easy onboarding facility that lets you import any ready-made website within few minutes.
  • It also provides a safe update and a fast support advantage.
  • Contains both high performance and usability.
  • It takes less than 30 KB resources.
  • Contains incredibly clean codes with no dependencies like jQuery.
  • You can change the page size and the container width effectively.
  • It offers you detailed page-level controls.

Price: 1-year premium support- $59, Lifetime support $249.

  • Pros: It is accessible in over 20 other languages including English. It has been built with the highest coding standards. So it plays nicely with any top-rated plugin without any break in the pace.
  • Cons: Noticing the high price. Besides, the best features are only accessible with the premium one.


Kadence Theme

If you want to create a new effective website or make your website fast to browse and secure, then the Kadence theme will be the best option for you. With advanced header and footer builder options, this theme will help you build your website exactly the way you want.

Key Features:

  • There are 30 days risk-free guarantee. That means if your mind changes or can not be pleased with the theme, you can get a refund within 30 days.
  • It includes some best and smarter templates that let you design your website to your liking.
  • You can be creative with Kadence as it helps you to create contents which are both compelling and beautiful.
  • It is powerful enough to achieve your desired goal as it is compatible with tons of other plugins.
  • The setup is also fast and smooth enough to use for anyone.
  • You can easily integrate with the plugins you love.
  • In the course and lesson pages, you can manually add design.
  • Contains drag-and-drop header builder.
  • The typography and layout features are mind-blowing.

Price: Yearly access- $169, lifetime access-$599.

  • Pros: The Kadence widget dock is very impressive. The theme is well compatible with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) plugins. Advanced footer and header builder.
  • Cons: The price is very high. You cannot access some features without having a premium membership. The speed is a bit lower than the other themes for Elementor.


OceanWP theme for Elementor

If you have a small site, you can easily go with OceanWP. It also works well with large sites. It speeds up your creation of the site by offering some unique Elementor widgets. It also works smoothly while creating lots of layouts and content. Till now, there are approximately over 3 million downloads. Now you imagine how popular this theme is. There are also 130+ demos and 19 extensions with OceanWP.

Key Features:

  • It is a piece of good news for online retailers as it includes super easy WooCommerce integration.
  • Super-fast page loading facility and boost up your page SEO.
  • The installation is also simple. Anyone new to WordPress can do it with little effort.
  • It offers quick customization flexibility.
  • There are multiple logo options within it.
  • You can enable the top bar section with the social media menu.
  • It also includes three mobile menu styles.
  • You can assign a global website page title with an easy customizer.
  • You can center it with an easy setup of minimal and a background image.
  • You can easily choose available breadcrumb settings and on your purpose, you can disable it entirely.
  • There are 6 metadata elements are there.
  • Most interestingly, you can customize the copyright area using OceanWP.

Price: Personal plan (Yearly) – $27, Business plan (Yearly) – $47.

  • Pros: There is easy digital download integration. You can quickly customize the 404 pages and easily create a custom template. There is an option to adjust the search results number. You don’t need any sort of coding skill.
  • Cons: The features it provides are limited compared to the other themes. Somewhat time-consuming while loading the page. It does not have that many colorful layouts.


Astra theme for Elementor

Astra theme is winning the hearts of most of the users only for its easy customization process. Besides, the integration and features it provides are also worth mentioning. Employing Astra you can easily enable real-time previews. I promise you will never feel that much confident with your change without using Astra. It feels so realistic and super flexible using this WordPress theme.

Key Features:

  • You can have a huge selection list of previously built sites that are optimized for the Elementor.
  • It eliminates jQuery offering mega performance in your site-building.
  • It includes quality customization settings and a convenient header- footer option.
  • Astra contains a vast library of demos, making it the best theme for Elementor with cost-free and accessible to tons of different sites.
  • You can customize your page layout smoothly even without any experience in coding.
  • You will enjoy a super-fast performance with it.
  • The layout setting is also worth mentioning for its advanced features.
  • For its better color and typography facility, you can set the fonts and colors having no trouble.
  • You can easily manage the width of the content and even the Meta.

Price: Astra Pro (Annual) – $47, Astra Pro (Lifetime)- $249, Essential Bundle (Annual)- $169, Growth Bundle (Annual)- $249.

  • Pros: Astra takes less than 0.5 seconds to load on your WordPress site. It’s like feather-light. It takes below 50 KB of resources. You can enjoy an unparalleled performance with Astra. Because each line of code has been profiled focusing on fast-performing websites in Astra.
  • Cons: For new WordPress users, it might be a little bit intimidating while operating with Astra because of less knowledge in customization. It does not have much more demo templates in the free version. So you better buy it to work efficiently on your WordPress site.


So that’s all wrapped up the 5 best themes for Elementor. By this time, I hope, now you have got quite a plain idea about some of the best themes for Elementor. I also expect that you have already found the best Elementor themes for your website.

If this article helps you molecule, that would be our best accomplishment. Thanks for being with us. To know more about different things concerned with WordPress, stay connected.


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