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5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2020

Are you looking for the best WordPress backup plugin to backup your site daily based on a remote server or computer drive? If yes then let’s talk about the top-rated WP backup plugins for you.

First of all, why do you need site backup? Before going to share the best backup plugins I would like to talk about one of my experiences with site backup.

Once upon a time one of my Amazon affiliate sites was hacked by the Japanese keyword Hijacking. To solve this hacking issue I reinstalled my WordPress site from the cPanel and restored backup files like database, theme, plugin, and uploaded data via the plugin. 

Best free WordPress backup plugin
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So that was my best experience. Thanks to the plugin authors who created that plugin which I have used to restore my entire site. Don’t excited, I will share the name of the plugin which I have used. But can you imagine, how a backup plugin helps us?

However, you have to be alert all the time that your site is not hacked. Anyhow once it occurs, you have to restore quickly. So you have to prepare all the time.

What Are Plugins and Why use it?

A WordPress plugin is a software that can be helpful to extend and expand the functionality of WordPress sites as well as adding new features. These plugins are established by PHP scripts and also in combination with other codes.

To keep user’s data safe and increase the security of a site, backup is a must. If there is no easy backup tool offered by the host (hosting company), the best-rated one backup plugin that should install on your WordPress site. As there are so many WordPress backup plugins in the WordPress plugin repository even premium marketplace, so it’s very normal to be confused about which one you should use.

Things To Choose The Best Backup Plugin?

Here are some facts that you should consider before finalizing your decision about which backup plugins you are going to use.

  • Some plugins allow only backup for WordPress database (database backup) and some let you backup the entire website (complete backup), including the database and files. Which one do you prefer?
  • Do you need a scheduled backup plugin that backups your website automatically?
  • Do you want a scope that allows transferring your WordPress site to another host or website builder? Then you must focus on those plugins which provide the Migration feature. 
  • How much amount are you willing to pay for your plugin concerning your necessary features?
  • The concern with the storage?

Free Vs Premium Plugins

Free Plugins:

WordPress is a free website building software. Anyone can simply and quickly create their websites and blogs. Users can use many excellent plugins for free provided by WordPress. Free plugins are available in the moment of installing WordPress and the user can browse the contents directly from the admin dashboard.

Premium / Paid Plugins:

Apart from these free plugins, many paid plugins include a nice set of features with an excellent support team. The team will support users if they face any issues.

On the other hand, updates are available in these premium plugins which constantly enhances the features and quality. After an initial payment, is only required to pay for major upgrades.

Before installing any plugins, users must double-check if the plugin vendor is trustworthy. Users should also check the browser compatibility, WordPress version compatibility, rating, and reviews before installing any plugins.

Top 5 Free WordPress Backup Plugins For All In One Solution

(1) Updraftplus

I am a big fan of the Updraftplus WordPress backup plugin. I restored my hacked site using this. Although this is a premium plugin & the features of the free version are enough for a WordPress site backup. 

You can backup entire site data like database, theme, plugins, upload files(blog post, image, etc) and others on the computer(manually) and the remote server automatically. 

I like its cloud storage feature that will help you to keep all data backup regular based on various remote storage like Google Drive, Amazon S3, & Dropbox, etc.

Updraftplus free WordPress backup plugin
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So you did not backup the database separately from the cPanel if you restore the site in the same server. That is a good pro for this plugin.

Note: If you transfer a website from your existing hosting server to another server/provider then you need a backup database separately from the cPanel account. Otherwise not. 

Back to the point, you can backup all data with 1 click uploading all files from the computer or remote storage. The good thing is you can restore the entire site with just one click from the remote storage even manually.

Moreover, It has many pro features so if you have enough budget and want more features, you can upgrade free to premium. But I am happy with the free version.

(2) BackWPup

This is another supper daily scheduled backup based plugin which offers all many important features free for the WordPress users. 

BackWPup allows you to backup database, file, XML export, plugin, etc. You can store all files on the remote stores with Zip, Tar and TArZip format that is totally free. 

You can also set a backup schedule daily, weekly and monthly base. I like its email notification feature when errors occur during job execution. 

BackWPup free WordPress backup plugin
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To create a backup file you just go to A new job section and set up your backup processing  and hit the save button. After that go to the job setting and RUN a full backup. All backup files will be stored on the cloud store folder and save the plugin option . 

You can download the whole backup file manually from the Backup section under the plugin setting and from the cloud store if setting is enabled.

The bad thing is that for the free version users cannot restore the site. Because the free version of this plugin does not allow restore manually uploaded Backup Archives.

(3) Duplicator

To backup and migrate your entire WordPress site from one host to another host or restore the website with 1 click, Duplicator is one of the good plugins. 

The features of this plugin are totally different from updraftplus. It has no huge features for the premium level backup although its most of the features are premium. But you can keep your site backup with the free version that’s enough.

Not only backup but also you can clean and build cache. One of the best features of duplicator are data cleanup and server settings. 

That means you can check all about site related information like general server details, WordPress details, PHP version information, MYSQL, server disk, etc. 

Duplicator WP Backup plugin
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Not thus you can also run or check scan integrity validation before backup site. You will get all information under the Diagnostics folder in the plugin setting.

To create a backup file, you need to go to the package section of the plugin setting and have to create a new back file and download them from the Archive button.  

But you cannot store a backup file on a remote server like  Amazon, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP/SFTP and other storage options; because this feature is only available on the pro version. But in the free version you can download and save backup data manually on your computer hard drive.

(4) All In WP Migration:

All in WP Migration is another simple and clean WordPress backup plugin that provides you with all in one backup solution. You can create a backup with just a click. So you do not need too much knowledge. 

All In WP Migration WordPress backup plugin
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It has many backup file exporting options but all are premium. All are enough for a website owner to store backup data safely. But for the free version you just download the backup file manually. 

So If you use the paid version you are able to import backup data from the remote storage location. But In the free version you can simply upload & download files via the FILe folder. Here you need to store and backup the entire site manually.

(5) BackupGuard

This is another free WordPress backup plugin like Updraftplus. You can keep a backup site with just one click. 

But BackupGuard allows only Dropbox as cloud storage which feature is totally free. You just have to integrate Dropbox with BackupGuard. 

Besides, I like its Scheduled backup feature, this feature helps you to backup file schedules based like an hour, day, week and month on the remote storage. You can also choose a full backup & custom backup.

BackupGuad Plugin
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The backup button for one-click site backup and Import button for the restore of the whole site uploading backup files. The whole process is super easy. So you can use this for your site backup plugin.

Which One Should You Use?

After researching all features of these plugins, I notice that most of the plugin does not allow to restore data in the free version.

That’s why I recommended using Updraftplus for the all in all WordPress backup solution. But if you do not think of restoring, you can use BackWPup and BackupGuad both are recommended.

Final Advice

You can use any of these backup plugins depending on your purpose and budget. Most of them provide a free/trial version for a specific time. If you compare your purpose and the plugin’s features then it will help you to choose the best, trustworthy, efficient backup plugin for you.

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