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7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2021 (Free + Premium)

Do you want the best WordPress backup plugin to store your data on remote servers or local drives? If so, I have some recommendations for the best plugins. Before going to the review, let’s talk about why site backups are important! When my site hacked and it made me realize how crucial backing up is.

Once upon a time, one of my Amazon affiliate sites was hacked by the Japanese keyword hijacking. To solve this hacking issue, I reinstalled my WordPress site from cPanel and restored backup files like database, plugins, etc via a backup plugin.

So that was my best experience. Thanks to the plugin authors who created that powerful and incredible backup plugin that I have used, it helped me restore all of my content in a snap. Don’t be excited though.

Best free WordPress backup plugin

I will share with you guys the name of this awesome plugin! But can you imagine how useful having such a plugin is? Yes, it’s really useful for us because… 

  • It helps you protect your site data from being lost forever when your site is hacked or attacked by malware.
  • You need your site back up as soon as possible because without any warning. 

Anyway – once they happen (hacking) then there isn’t much time for panic so prepare yourself always before anything happens.

However, In this blog post, I will discuss all of the best WordPress backup plugins for 2021 so that you can pick the perfect one for your needs!

Why should you use a WordPress backup plugin?

A WordPress backup plugin is an invaluable tool to make sure that your website data and files are backed up. In case of emergency or disaster, you will have access to the most recent version of everything on your site with a single click of a button!

After all, it doesn’t matter how great your content is if nobody can read it because they can no longer log in to their account.

A backup solution will allow you to store data offsite in the event of natural disasters, accidental deletion (or worse) by humans, and more.

Things To Choose The Best Backup Plugin?

Here are some facts that you should consider before finalizing your decision about which backup plugins you are going to use.

  • Some plugins allow only backup for WordPress database (database backup) and some let you backup the entire website (complete backup), including the database and files.
  • You should consider a feature like a scheduled backup that backups your website automatically?
  • Easy to transfer your WordPress site to another host or website builder? Then you must focus on those plugins which provide the Migration feature. 
  • Make sure the plugin is easier to manage by giving you more control over what gets backed up!
  • You can always find something with better features than another so there are plenty of options available.
  • A lot of companies offer their own plugin for free or at a low cost. So it’s worth checking out if they have anything that would suit your needs!
  • You should concern about the backup storage.

Also, a WordPress backup plugin can help you create a quick and easy backup in just one click, which is an excellent solution to back up everything on your site every week.

Top 7 Free + Premium WordPress Backup Plugins

WordPress backup plugins are a great way to ensure your site is safe from many security risks. However, selecting the best WordPress Backup plugin for you can be difficult if you don’t know what makes them different and how they work.

Below I have compiled a list of some popular backup plugins that will help to make this decision easier.



After hours and hours of hard work, you will be able to make a good-looking WP website. You might get a friendly response as well. But how would you feel if your website malfunctions or misbehaves?

The feeling is awful; I have been there too. There are several reasons for you to witness such mishaps. Major flaws include misinterpreting or malfunctioning plugins and similar sort. Another possible issue might be a malware attack.

Whatever the case is, your precious data may get lost or contaminated. This is where BlogVault comes for help. You can use BlogVault on your WordPress site to backup your entire website if it got attacked or something else.

Now, BlogVault is not a WP plugin. It is basically a cloud service that stores your website information and data as a backup. It also saves that specific information from malware and suspicious activities. 

I have found this service to be very useful and lifesaving in a sort of way. Here are the key features:

  • Ease of access and reliability with unlimited storage.
  • Simple UI and have the ability to control the WP website directly from the dashboard.
  • You can easily save the backup in your Dropbox, reload it anytime, and also test run it.
  • You can easily migrate your data from one website to another. Also, you can generate reports, install, or modify plugins for your WP site.

Get started with BlogVault


I am a big fan of the Updraftplus WordPress backup plugin. I restored my hacked site using this. Although this is a premium plugin & the features of the free version are enough for a WordPress site backup. But in the free version, it takes a huge time to restore the entire site from backup than the premium version or other plugins.

You can backup your whole website data/file to a computer hard drive (manually) or remote storage automatically. 

I like its cloud storage feature that will help you keep all data backups regular basis on various remote storage like Google Drive, Amazon S3, & Dropbox, etc.

Updraftplus free WordPress backup plugin

So you no need to backup the database separately from the cPanel if you want to restore your site in the same server. It is a good pro feature for this plugin.

Note: If you transfer a website from your existing hosting server to another server/provider, then you need a backup database separately. 

Back to the point, you can backup all data with 1 click. It allows easy to upload all files from the computer or remote storage. The good thing is you can restore the entire site with just one click from the remote storage even manually.

Moreover, it has many pro features, so if you have enough budget and want more features, you can upgrade free to premium.

Get started with Updraftplus



BackupBuddy is a WordPress premium plugin that enables users to backup, restore and transfer their site automatically. It also has an option for restoring a database dump file as well.

BackupBuddy plugin offers great cross-platform support, allowing users to backup a site from their desktop and restore it on the same or different platform.

It has many features like configuration options, backup schedule, and settings for email notifications.

It storages site backup files to its own cloud storage and third-party storage like Amazon SES, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. It can generate a backup file in zip or tar formats. Also, BackupBuddy has a malware scan feature that finds any malicious code on the site.

In the event of a disaster like data loss or site hack, BackupBuddy will be your best friend in such a situation.

The user interface is very straightforward. All you have to do is install BackupBuddy plugin and provide your login credentials and select what content of your blog should be backed up.

You can read: Duplicator Vs BackupBuddy: Which One Is Best?

Get started with BackupBuddy


This is another daily scheduled basis backup plugin that offers many important features free for WordPress users.

BackWPup allows you to backup database, file, XML export, plugin, etc. You can store all files from the remote storage with Zip, Tar, and TArZip format that is totally free. 

You can also set a daily, weekly, and monthly basis backup schedule. I like its email notification feature when errors occur during job execution. 

BackWPup free WordPress backup plugin

To create a backup file, you just have to go to the new job section and set up your backup processing and hit the save button. After that go to the job setting and RUN a full backup. It will store all backup files on the cloud storage folder and save the plugin option. 

You can download the whole backup files manually from the backup section under the plugin setting and from the cloud store if the setting is enabled.

The bad thing is that for the free version, users cannot restore the site. Because the free version of this plugin does not allow restore manually uploaded Backup Archives.

Get started with BackWPup


To backup and migrate your entire WordPress site from one host to another host or restore a website with 1 click, Duplicator is one of the good free plugins.

The features of this plugin are totally different from Updraft Plus. It has no huge features for the premium level backup, although most of the features are premium. But you can keep your site backup using its free version, that’s enough.

Not only backup but also you can clean and build cache. One of the best features of duplicator is data cleanup and server settings. 

That means you can check all about site-related information like general server details, WordPress details, PHP version information, MYSQL, server disk, etc. 

Duplicator WP Backup plugin

Not thus you can also run or check scan integrity validation before running a backup schedule. You will get all information under the Diagnostics folder in the plugin setting.

To create a backup file, you need to go to the package section of the plugin setting and have to create a new backup file and download it. 

But you cannot store a backup file into a remote server like Amazon, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP/SFTP, and other storage because this feature is only available in the pro version.

In the free version, you can download and save backup data manually on your computer hard drive.

Get started with Duplicator

(5) All In WP Migration:

All in WP Migration is another simple WordPress backup plugin that provides you with all in one backup solution. You can create a backup with just a click. So you no need too much knowledge. 

All In WP Migration WordPress backup plugin

It has many backup file exporting options, but all are premium. All are enough for a website owner to store & backup data safely. But for the free version, you can just download the backup file manually. 

So If you use its paid version, you are able to import backup data from the remote storage location. But In the free version, you can simply upload & download files via the file folder. Here you can only store and backup the entire site manually.

Note: In the free version, you cannot backup and restore file more than 512MB.

Get started with All in WP Migration


This is another free WordPress backup plugin like Updraftplus. You can backup a site with just one click. 

But BackupGuard allows only Dropbox as cloud storage, which feature is totally free. You just have to integrate Dropbox with BackupGuard.

Besides, I like its Scheduled backup feature. This feature allows you to backup files on a scheduled basis ( an hour, day, week, and monthly) in remote storage. You can also choose a full backup & custom backup.

BackupGuad Plugin

The backup button is for one-click site backup and the Import button for the restoration of the whole site. The entire process is super easy. So you can use this free plugin for your WordPress site backup & restore.

Get started with BackupGuard

Which One Should You Use?

After researching all features of these plugins, I notice that most of the plugin does not allow to restore data in the free version except a few. 

That’s why I recommended using Updraftplus for the all in all WordPress backup solution if you want to use a free one. But it can take a longer time to complete the entire backup process. So better go with a premium one if you have enough budget.

I highly recommend using a premium one to get all backup-related features. The best premium backup plugins are BackupBuddy and BlogVault according to my investigation. So you can use any of these premium plugins for a site backup.

Last Advice of Backup Plugins

You can use any of these backup plugins depending on your purpose and budget. Most of them provide a free/trial version for a specific time. If you compare your purpose and the plugin’s features, then it will help you choose the best, trustworthy, efficient backup plugin for you.

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Palash Talukdar is a digital marketer & the founder of WP Basic Pro. He has been building and managing WordPress websites for 5+ years. He loves to write about WordPress, SEO, marketing, productivity, and web performance.

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