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5 Best WordPress FAQ plugins Review In 2020

Are you looking for the FAQ plugin for your WordPress site? Today we are going to discuss 5 Best WordPress FAQ plugins.

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. So FAQ plugin is a medium that helps you to add, organize, modify, or remove the FAQs through the site’s admin panel. With the modern accordion-style layout, the plugin enables to set the FAQ panel to fit in any corner of the site.

5 Best WordPress FAQ plugins Review In 2020 1

FAQ plugin is mainly used to minimize the time that you spend over answering the same questions of the customers again and again. You can also create a FAQ on your own but using a plugin gives you the best view with attractive layouts and colorful themes. Plugins also help to categorize the FAQs and form different groups for each.
So here you go with a few premium as well as fee plugins which will make your site beautiful as well as save your valuable time.

Top 5 Best WordPress FAQ plugins For Your Dream Website

BWL Advanced FAQ manager:

The supported software version of this WordPress FAQ plugin is WordPress 4.8.x – 5.4.x which is compatible with Woocommerce and WPML. The regular license is provided at the price of $29 with a quality check by Envato including the future updates and 6 months support from Xenioushk whereas the extended license is provided at the price of $150 with the same features. This plugin provides 17+ FAQ layouts as well as different themes to choose from.

Reasons to choose this WordPress FAQ plugin:

  • Live FAQ Search – The search is designed in such a way that customer can easily get their answers.
  • FAQ Pagination – It displays hundreds of FAQ items anywhere within a small space.
  • FAQ Rating- It adds a custom column displaying the vote counts for FAQ posts.
  • FAQ categories – Provides options to classify FAQ posts in different categories and topics.
  • External FAQ form – It forwards the queries directly to the site owner and builds FAQ posts properly.
  • Built-in FAQ widgets- Displays FAQ posts by ID, date, or in any random order in the sidebar of the site.

Everest FAQ manager – Responsive FAQ plugin for WordPress:

The supported software version of this FAQ plugin is WordPress 4.6.x – 5.4.x which is compatible with visual composer 4.11.x-5.1.x and Woocommerce 2.6.x-3.1.x. The regular license is provided at the price of $17 with a quality check by Envato including the future updates and 6 months’ support from AccessKeys.

Reasons to select this WordPress FAQ plugin are:

  • It provides 20+ responsive, creative, and beautiful FAQ plugins.
  • Has lots of configuration options to create FAQs.
  • One does not require coding skills, just drag and drop.
  • Setting the content animation with 20+ animation options.
  • Provides backend preview facility, enable/disable options, icon selection, setting a background image and color options, and many more functionalities.

Ultimate FAQ WodPress Q&A Plugin:

This piece of work is out by Etoile Web Design. It supports the WordPress version 3.9.0 or higher. It creates and organizes the FAQs through the admin panel. With the modern design, it fits in any place on the site.

This plugin becomes user friendly as it comes with a full guided setup. As soon as the user activates this plugin, the setup runs and helps to create the first FAQ, FAQ page, and some other important options.

The features provided by this WordPress FAQ plugin are:

  • It gives FAQs with unlimited tags and categories support.
  • Users can create FAQ posts and also assign required categories to that post.
  • The modern layout fits in any part of the site.
  • Bulk import from spreadsheets as well as inserting custom CSS is the special features too.

Some of the advanced features include:

  • Toggling between the behavior on/off.
  • Allows comments of people on individual FAQs and the microdata question schema to help with SEO.
  • Groups the FAQ design by category and the responsive design is great for all the screens.

You can install the plugin as well as activate on your site from the link below. It also provides step by step installation guidance and installation video.

Arconix FAQ:

This piece of work is out by Tyche Softwares. It supports WordPress version 3.8 or higher. It supports 5 languages (different types of English).

This WordPress FAQ plugin adds an easy to create and stylish FAQ section on your site. It displays the frequently asked questions using the shortcode and shows or hides them via animated, jQuery toggle, or accordion options. It also provides a “return to top” link at the bottom of the long FAQ page.

Features provided by Arconix FAQ are:

  • It allows custom post – type-driven.
  • The jQuery toggle or accordion display when using shortcode makes the view interactive and attractive.
  • The FAQ can be displayed individually or by forming FAQ groups using the Group Taxonomy”.

The following link shows the details of all the features and also the installation steps with videos. You can check it out if you like the plugin and want to have it on your site.

Wp responsive FAQ with category plugin:

This plugin is developed by WP Online support. This WordPress FAQ plugin supports WordPress version 4.0 or higher and comes in two different languages i.e. English and Dutch.

Users can add, manage as well as modify the FAQ with this WP Responsive FAQ Plugin. With this plugin, your CMS website gets the opportunity to easily add, modify, display as well as delete the important FAQs.

It is highly customized as well as responsive which makes it easier for the user to interact and come up with all the important FAQs.

One simply needs to download, install, and use it on the website to catch the customer for a longer time. It also works with the Gutenburg shortcode block.

Important features of this WordPress FAQ plugin are:

  • It allows adding category in the shortcode and view it in the FAQ category.
  • Allows adding shortcode parameters such as single_open and transition_speed.
  • Allows adding a thumbnail image for FAQ.
  • Enables easy to configure FAQ page and smooth FAQ accordion effect.
  • Allows customizing FAQ using CSS and JS files.
  • Provides URLs that are search engine friendly and adds the text domain as well as domain path.

One can install and activate the plugin from this link. The link gives more details and installation steps with video.


So these were the details regarding 5 Best WordPress FAQ plugins we were eager to share with you. Hope you liked our content and it was beneficial to you. Kindly get some time to share your reviews regarding this article and also give your valuable feedback so that we can learn from them and grow well.

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