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9 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins In 2022

Are you getting bored with searching for the best WordPress gallery plugins for your site? Yeah, you should so. Because on the internet, if you try to look for a WordPress photo gallery plugin, the internet will pop up approximately three thousand results in front of you. And it’s very normal for a person to get overwhelmed to choose from such a giant list.

Don’t worry. We know you don’t have that much time to pick one by one and determine which one will be the best plugin for your site. Actually, it’s kind of impossible.

So, in today’s article, we’ll be introducing you to the 9 best WordPress gallery plugins for your best use of time.

Why you need a WordPress gallery plugin?

wordpress gallery plugin

If you are looking for WordPress photo gallery plugins, then we hope you know the answer. But for those who are new to create a website for their business or the photographers who are looking for some amazing tools to bundle their talents into one place or intending to interact with their client in a quality way we should say you are in the best place.

Probably many of you might wonder why one needs to use gallery plugins while there is already a core feature set in WordPress to design and collect photos or videos. Well, if you think so, you’ll never accomplish taking your website to the next level.

Because of the features available, there is very limited to creating any standard level website. We hope you’ve understood why you must choose the best photo gallery plugin as a successful website creator.

So, why delay? Let’s see-

What are the 9 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins?

Here in this section, for your convenience, we’ll show you both the premium and free plugins.


9 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins In 2022 1

We love Modula Gallery, a plugin that we’ve been using for years on one of our niche affiliate websites. It’s so simple to install and easy to use. You can create a gallery in under 2 minutes! There are many add-ons available on the Modula website that allow you to customize your gallery.


  • This plugin is popular for its great-looking grid gallery options.
  • You can have the actual drag-and-drop system of grid builder for your best customization.
  • If you want a hands-off approach, you can just let the plugin generate the grids on its own.
  • If you want your videos in a gallery, then fortunately there is a pro-version for you.
  • The pro-version also includes sliders, gallery filters, a deep linking system, and so on so forth.

Pricing: To get the opportunity of various paid add-ons within this plugin, you have to spend $39 to buy the premium version of Modula. The price for a business license is $99 if you want to access its all add-ons.

  • Pros: The grid system is awesome and extraordinary compared to other photo gallery plugins.
  • Cons: For video support libraries, you need to buy the premium version. But there are some other plugins, which have this video gallery facility within the free version.

Envira Gallery

 Envira gallery plugin

In the year 2018, by Nathan Singh, this popular premium gallery plugin came up in the world of the Internet and added an extra dimension, especially for photographers and power users.

Envira Gallery WordPress photo gallery plugin is a powerful, yet easy-to-use plugin that lets you create stunning galleries in minutes. It offers lots of prominent features such as:


  • You can add several gallery themes.
  • There is an option to add a block or shortcodes in the galleries.
  • You can have video galley support.
  • You can convert the photos into slideshows in the gallery.
  • For security, there is a password protection and watermarking option.

Pricing: Here the free version is itself enough for casual users and a professional photographer. But to have image proofing, integration, e-commerce and others you can buy its basic premium version at just $19. The pro license access is for   $89.

  • Pros: Many of the features are just fine in the free version. For normal usages, you can happily go with the free version.
  • Cons: The price for the premium version is a little higher. If you want to have a total free gallery, you better look elsewhere.

Photo Gallery by 10 Web

Photo gallery by 10Web

Photo Gallery by Web is the best and most complete plugin for managing your photos in WordPress. It’s an all-in-one solution that allows you to create albums, upload images from a local disk or directly from Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, and many other sites.


  • There are 4 premium layouts and you can have 3 free layers in it.
  • There is an image lightbox.
  • You can add a search box to let the visitors look for particular gallery items.
  • There is a button for direct social sharing.
  • It allows the users to review and comment on the images or videos.

Pricing: To have more stylish and some additional layouts, you better start using the pro version costs $30.

  • Pros: The function of this plugin is pretty simple as anyone can handle it. There is an audio, video, and image inserting option in one place.
  • Cons: Unfortunately, most of the great-looking features are only available in the pro version.


Jetpack gallery

The Jetpack WordPress photo Gallery module enables you to create a gallery of images from any post, page, or custom post type. You can also choose image size for the entire gallery and set parameters like how many columns it should be in. The Jetpack WordPress photo Gallery module can be displayed in a sidebar or as part of the content, and images are presented with captions that you create.


  • There is a self-hosted WordPress installing system.
  • Creating basic types of galleries, it’s surely the best option for you.
  • All the functionality is included in the plugin for free.
  • With this plugin, you can easily eliminate the other plugins so easily.

Pricing: This gallery is fully free to use. There are no additional upgrades for you. Don’t worry.

  • Pros: For general purposes, this gallery is the best. It provides all the basic features for you with no cost.
  • Cons: If you want complex features in your WordPress photo gallery plugins, this one might not be enough for you. Because its features are very simple.

Meow Gallery

Meow gallery plugin

Meow Gallery is a gallery plugin for the popular website builder, WordPress. It has WordPress Gutenberg blocks that let you create a beautiful WordPress gallery with just a few clicks. Meow Gallery plugin’s responsive design is perfect for any device and it will automatically adapt to your browser size, including desktop screens.


  • There are seven gorgeous layouts which include one unique map layout.
  • You can have custom crop positions.
  • Drag and drop option.
  • Unending scrolling facility.
  • There are other lightbox galleries integrated within it.
  • To have improved performance, there is a lazy loading system.

Pricing: It costs only $19/year, if you want to have the infinite and lazy loading feature and some others.

  • Pros: With the free version, many features are added compared to the other plugin.
  • Cons: The functional system of it can be a bit confusing for the new users. But with time, it gets easier.

Essential Grid

Essential Grid

Essential Grid was developed focusing to have the facility of creating all types of grid gallery systems. It allows you to create a grid gallery from your posts and pages. You can also use it as a portfolio, showcase, or blog feed.


  • The template gallery possesses over 50 starter grids.
  • You can create a gallery from thousands of unique sources.
  • There is an image, video, and audio system.
  • You can integrate this plugin with some other WordPress photo gallery plugins.
  • There is a gallery filter option.

Pricing: It costs only $69 for your lifetime updates and support for 6 months.

  • Pros: The gridding system is just awesome in this WordPress gallery plugin.
  • Cons: No free version for basic use. So you better use the premium to have 100% enjoyment.

Global Gallery

Global gallery plugin

It has been developed by LCweb and selling through Codecanyon. It’s popular for searchable galleries and also for filtering purposes. It’s the perfect solution for any business or blog looking to showcase their work on a website. With this customizable and responsive gallery, your images can stand out with captivating layouts that are easy to edit from within the WordPress admin.


  • There are 10 lightbox options.
  • It can be integrated with any RSS feed.
  • Google drive facility.
  • You can easily pull images from local libraries and WordPress media folders.
  • There is a search box and filtering option.
  • Watermarks.
  • Comment option.

Pricing: The lifetime update costs only $29.

  • Pros: You can add a gallery from tons of different sources.
  • Cons: It provides comparatively fewer features than Essential Grid.

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN gallery plugin

NextGEN Gallery is a WordPress plugin that offers an extensive and flexible set of management tools for uploading, managing, viewing, and sharing large numbers of photos. A user can create multiple galleries on their site to organize the media files in different categories. It offers to add payment gateways ( PayPal and Stripe) that let the site owner charge for their photos.


  • There is a watermarking and Image protection option.
  • Deep linking.
  • You can have a frontend image search.
  • There is an image proofing system to help you work with your clients.
  • You can also publish your gallery from Adobe Lightroom and also manage it at the same time.

Pricing: It has a free version. But if you are not satisfied with the basic features, you can start with its premium, which costs only $99.

  • Pros: For photographers, it’s the best option. Because the image management system is just incredible.
  • Cons: You might have noticed that the price is a bit higher. Those who look for free ones can avoid it.


9 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins In 2022 2

FooGallery is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful photo galleries with Essential Grid. With FooGallery, every image in an album will automatically be placed inside its own grid. It also allows you to change the default gallery grid size and customize it for you.


  • For image management, it uses WordPress media library.
  • It has album support.
  • There are 6 themes in the free versions and 3 others in the pro version with advanced features.
  • It has a lazy loading facility for improved performance.
  • There is video gallery support.
  • You can create galleries from multiple sources at the same time.
  • Unlimited scrolling facility.

Pricing: The pro version starts at $59 to use on a single site.

  • Pros: This version is a superb choice for creating a multidimensional and good-looking website.
  • Cons: Most of the excellent features are in the premium version. So you better buy the paid one as soon as possible.

Final Words

In our today’s article, we tried our best to bring you some of the best WordPress photo gallery plugins. Now it’s totally up to you, which one you should choose for your purpose.

So considering the features each of them provides, we hope it is now a bit clearer to you the basic ideas of what gallery plugin has what facilities within them. Thank you.

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