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10 Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins (2022) Reviewed

WordPress pricing tables are a great way to showcase the different plans and pricing options you offer for your product or service. They can be used to show what’s included in each plan, or how much they cost.

Selecting the best WordPress pricing table plugin can be difficult. There are several choices to consider, and each one has its own set of features.

In this article, I will take a look at some of the best WordPress pricing table plugins available, and show you how to use them.

I will also give you some tips on creating effective pricing tables that will help you close more sales. So if you’re looking to add a pricing table to your WordPress site, read on!

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7 Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins:

Go Pricing

Go pricing wordpress table plugin

Go Pricing is the first plugin on this list. This plugin will help you create amazing product/WordPress pricing and compare tables without taking much time. It supports various media elements like audio, video, image, or map.

For its 250+ different demo table templates, Go Pricing is one of the top WordPress plugins for creating a pricing table ever. These demo templates will help you a lot if you are a beginner. So if you buy this product, you won’t need anything else. 

Key features:

  • Compatible with the most popular themes which follow WordPress coding standards. For example Avada, Jupiter, BeTheme, Divi, Theme X, and so on and so forth.
  • There is a simple way to use the admin interface. This means you can comfortably and quickly edit your tables with a clean UI.
  • For creating great-looking pricing tables with Go Pricing, you can enjoy 2000+ different icons. 
  • There is a live preview option, which will allow you to enable how your work looks in real-time.
  • There is also a smooth import-export option as well. Using this you can swiftly import demo tables, create or restore backups or move your data to different sites.
  • You can also ensure that it loads once the content when only need.

Price: It costs only $27/year, with 6-months of customer support. With this single-site cost, you will get a powerful and full-featured pricing table plugin for your site.

WP Table Builder

WP table builder WordPress table plugin

WP Table Builder has been made with drag and drops functionality to create unlimited straightforward tables with more attractive features. It is popular due to the simplicity and advanced features that you can use directly from your WordPress dashboard.

The working process of the WP table builder is very simple. After installing the plugin, you will see a table builder menu. All you need to do is, just go to the table builder and then click on add new. 

You will be asked to select the row number and column number. Once you are done, the plugin will generate a table automatically for you.

That’s how simple it is. To add any new elements to the table, you just need to drag and drop the elements into the table cells. The plugin is perfect for creating pricing tables and product comparison tables.

Key Features:

  • The plugin might be the best choice for beginners.
  • It is used to create comparison tables, pricing tables, list tables, and so forth. 
  • You can add 7 different elements e.g. text, list, images, buttons, star rating, custom HTML, and shortcodes. 

Price: You can use its free version with basic features. But for professionals, buy the wp table builder premium version which offers some additions. The single site license will cost you only $40 per year. 

Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive pricing table plugin

In this review list, it is an easy-to-use WordPress pricing table plugin. After installation the plugin on your site, you will see a ‘pricing tables’ tab in the admin panel.

Comfortably, you can create your pricing tables for your website. You can rapidly add any features of your unique plans into the table.

Also, with its full-featured pro version, you can create a responsive pricing table with a great-looking. 

Key Features:

  • It has custom payment options/buttons like Stripe, PayPal, etc to help customize your table attractively and effectively.
  • If you have coding skills, you can also use custom CSS to style the pricing table to your liking. 
  • You will get some pre-built layouts in the premium version.
  • In the settings of this plugin, you can enjoy lots of features like highlighting any recommended plan, removing or changing the currency sign, force to original fonts, title alignment, font-size presets, and so on. 

Price: The lite plan is free for use. Although, it has a premium version that costs only $19/year.

WRC Pricing Table

WRC pricing tables plugin

WRC is another WordPress Responsive CSS pricing table plugin. From the name, you can easily guess it is a plugin based on the CSS standard.

This gives away the meaning that you can work with this plugin on almost each side configuration. It is a free pricing table plugin, but it has also a pro version for huge advanced features for professional users.

The premium version includes lots of new CSS3  table templates, features, and tons of customization options with dedicated support.

Besides, you can create an instant pricing table with 50+ readymade templates that are only available on its pro version.

Not only that, you can enjoy full feature categorization, the option to add star ratings, copy any existing table, integration of the PayPal button, and more.

So now it is your choice is it worth creating your dream website with some great-looking price table features.

Price: The standard version costs $10  for a one-time fee and the ultimate version costs only $15.

ARPrice Pricing Table

ARPrice pricing table

Among all the available pricing tables plugin for the WordPress site to this list, the ARprice pricing table undoubtedly is one of the best pricing table solutions. There is an easy intuitive drag-and-drop page builder option to help you modify tables with your liking. 

It is the beauty that the ARPrice Pricing table provides you with a simple way to let you preview all of your changes across the table. Besides, there is an option to preview your table on multiple devices like mobile, tablet, etc.

Moreover, with 300+  different templates, it is considered to be a complete and fully featured table plugin for WordPress this year. 

Key Features:

  • To design a table more attractive, there is an option for you to add animations and effects. 
  • You can integrate any video files from different sources like YouTube, Vimeo, and many more. 
  • At the top of each column, you can easily add a toggle switch to make your table more comprehensible.

Price: It costs only $27/year with a 6-month customer.

Pricing Table Widget for Elementor

Pricing table for elementor

The name gives away that it is a WordPress pricing table plugin for those who use Elementor on their WordPress sites. Besides, with the help of this plugin, you can display product information more simply and efficiently to convince your audience to make the 100% right decision.

For your better understanding, I have pointed here the most prominent features that turn it into the best plugin for Elementor websites-

Key Features:

  • For the perfect look, you can easily arrange and customize any column as there are already 6 pre-defined column elements in it.
  • Besides, you can individually customize and design each column’s element with different colors. 
  • You can customize the whole layout for mobile devices.
  • There is a function to add Lottie animation to the pricing table to look more creative and professional.

Price: It has no free version to use basic features. There are three different subscription plans for more advanced features.

  • Single Site- $39 (It is suitable for the owners who manage a single website)
  • Unlimited- $79 (This is best for professional usage as it can be used on multiple sites)
  • Lifetime – $199 (Here you can enjoy lifetime updates and supports)

In each of the plans, they ensure a money-back guarantee for you. 

Pricing Table by Supystic

Pricing table by supsystic

It is one of the freest feature-rich WordPress plugins to make great-looking pricing tables. It uses a drag-and-drop builder to build tables easily. This plugin is popular because of its huge number of responsive pre-build table designs.

Among these templates, 7 are available in the free version and 38+ pre-design pricing templates are available in its pro version.

With no programming skills, you can create amazing pricing tables using this pricing table by Supystic. If you compare it with the other responsive pricing table, it provides many more customization options.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to insert images, animations, videos, and many more.
  • Every aspect of the table can easily be modified and structured to your liking.
  • There is an option to clone any of your tables and put them into another design just keeping the base alike. 
  • You can also compare two tables side by side. 
  • There are some other features like custom header, button styling, hover animation, and so on.

Price: You can download its free version for using basic features. If you are a creative person, you can make the table amazing too as there are a lot of functions to customize your tables in its pro version. The pro version costs only $46/year with customer support and unlimited plugin updates.

AP Pricing Tables

AP Pricing Tables

AP Pricing tables plugin for WordPress is a feature-rich and user-friendly pricing table builder that allows you to display complex and beautiful pricing tables to your users and boost your conversion rates.

AP pricing plugin is a no coder plugin means you don’t need to know any HTML, PHP, or javascript to use this. You can create a powerful, responsive, and beautiful table in minutes.

The plugin offers to customize or modify each part of the table to your needs. It also offers you an unlimited number of tables on your website with its own settings. And you can show or hide any table based on user roles.

It is an easy-to-use plugin and has 35+ pre-design templates which you can use straight away. Also, the plugin is good for creating attractive pricing tables, comparison tables, etc.

Key Features:

  • 35+ pre-made templates.
  • Stylish header and footer of the pricing table.
  • Countdown timer for each column.
  • Tooltip options for the body rows and footer rows are available.
  • Column and option to include a custom image for each row with ribbon templates.
  • WooCommerce Stock Counter
  • Huge icon collection
  • Audio, video, and Google Maps support.
  • Responsive
  • Translation ready & more
  • Price: You can buy this plugin from Codecanyon for $17.

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

CSS3 pricing

CSS3 pricing table is another best and top-rated WordPress pricing table plugin available on the internet. You can use this pricing table for different purposes like showing you are offering several services, featuuseor products on your website.

You can also use it to show up several packages or membership plans with different features for your website’s visitors.

CSS3 pricing table is very easy to use. You don’t need to design a perfect website in order to use this pricing table plugin in your WordPress theme.

The plugin is highly customizable and it has 20+ different styles with unlimited colors to make your site look better. It offers 60+ ribbons color options which will look great with your website’s design.

It also offers you the opportunity to change almost every color in every part of the table. You can easily change the color of titles, content, borders, and many other things from backend settings with live preview.

Key Features:

  • Excellent and easy-to-use admin panel.
  • Responsive mode with different table styles.
  • Advanced hover status of each part.
  • Multi-Site Compatible.
  • Quick enable/disable option and more.
  • Price: For a single site license, you can buy it for $20.

Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

easy pricing table

All eyes will be on your pricing table to see what’s in store! With the Easy Pricing tables WordPress plugin, you can easily create the most compelling and pleasant-looking pricing tables.

You can customize everything from fonts and colors to themes and layouts to finally produce an easy-to-navigate product pricing table that will make your company look like a powerhouse player in the industry.

With the massive selection of predefined branding styles, customizable templates, live previews, animated elements—you’re looking at the future of pricing tables right here!

Key Features & benefits:

  • Create gorgeous pricing tables in minutes.
  • Shortcode content and Html content.
  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Save time on creating your own design.
  • Take advantage of predefined colors and content elements.
  • Stand out from the competition with custom designs.
  • Easily create attractive pricing tables with a drag and drop interface.
  • Create beautiful, modern websites that will wow your customers and clients.

Price: You can purchase this plugin from Codecanyon and cost only $20.

Benefits of Pricing Tables

Pricing tables are a good investment for companies that handle multiple products and services. It not only makes the customer’s product selection process more manageable, but it helps to visualize what you can get for which price.

In an ever more competitive market, the quality of your product/service is no longer enough to convince new customers to buy from you. Who can blame them when there are so many options out there?

But combine your offer with a clean and responsive pricing table. You can give customers the necessary information to decide which product/service suits them best.

  • Pricing tables are available in many shapes and forms. For example, you can use a simple 3-column table or go with the more complex 4-column variant. Afterward, you can decide whether you want to include the currency symbols or not.
  • Using a pricing table can be a great tool to increase your sales and improve customer service. It makes the buying process easier and faster for customers, and it directly affects your sales figures.
  • It also allows you to see which services are the most popular and which ones need improvement. This way, you can keep track of your sales performance and identify areas that need improvement.

Which Is The Best?

Which pricing table plugin is the best? That’s a tricky question with so many different pricing table plugins to choose from on the market. It can be challenging to decide which one will work for you.

To help make your decision easier, I have put together this list of the most top-rated pricing table plugins available today with some core features.

I hope, you will find one that suits your needs based on these reviews. But in my research, I highly recommend using Go Pricing as a premium plugin for the pricing table, but you can use a free one if that is suitable for you.

If you do not want to go with Go Pricing, secondly WP Table Builder Pro is the best for easy and simple use with the most advanced features for all types of WordPress users.

Note- It would be a good idea to look at the features of all plugins before making a final decision about which one to purchase.

In Conclusion

I hope you have found this list helpful. Remember, no matter which pricing table plugin you choose to use on your website. The above-listed plugins are accurate and up-to-date so potential customers can decide about their purchases.

If I find other plugins that work best and have excellent features, I will include them in this list.  If you want more information about how a specific feature works with any of these plugins, let us know!

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