8 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins in 2021 (Reviewed)

If you’re a cooking enthusiast and want the world to know about your innovative recipes, then WordPress can be a great platform to start your food blogging or recipe website.

You can intuitively set up an attractive website and well organize all your favorite recipes with ingredients, formats, and directions. Any interested learner can visit your website and browse through your listings while generating web traffic for you.

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But if you want to make the experience easier for your visitors? Why not optimize all your recipes into nifty little “recipe cards” so that it’s more easily accessible by them?

In the meantime, your website will become much more search-engine friendly too. Well, that’s precisely where WordPress recipe plugins come in!

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Why Do You Need A Recipe Plugin?

WordPress Recipe Plugins

Recipe cards can be an excellent little thing to add to your cooking website. You can set up a pre-defined format of displaying all the information in your recipe, including ingredients, format, and directions.

A Good WordPress recipe plugins include a print option automatically. You will get all functionality without writing a single line of code.

In terms of search engine optimization, WordPress recipe plugins can also boost your web traffic and rank your website higher by marking the recipes according to the search index. This helps display the recipe correctly in search results, too.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best WordPress Recipe Plugin

Before jumping into the review and choosing the best WordPress recipe plugin, let’s look at some factors that make a plugin worthy of consideration. We’ve put more emphasis on these factors in our review.

• Paid plugin or free

It’s quite natural that paid plugins are better than free variants. If the developer is adequately compensated for the efforts, it means that they will put more resources into improvement.

However, some free WordPress recipe plugins (from our list) are also quite top-notch in terms of features and can give you almost the same benefits as paid ones.

• Dependency

If the plugin makes your website content utterly dependent on it, that means bad news. If somehow, the plugin crashes, it will render your website unreadable, and all your recipes will disappear. So it’s better to use independent plugins or keep a backup of your data to avoid such mishaps.

• Customizability

If you can customize your recipe card to go beyond the templates of the plugin, it will add a personal touch to your website.

• Print options & Import options

Good recipe plugins automatically add a print button to your recipe cards for user-friendliness. Data import options are also helpful if you plan to switch between plugins.

• Extra features

A save or bookmark option, a shopping list button, rating bars, recipe index, nutritional facts – these additional features can make a WordPress recipe plugin stand out from the rest.

• Easy-to-use documentation

If you find enough FAQs and forum posts about the plugin, it generally means that the plugin is widespread and there is a good support community.

8 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins

Recipe Box

Recipe Box

Focusing on extreme customizability options, this plugin offers over 60 full-featured templates. The plugin also helps you generate Rich Snippets for making your website rank higher in search results. The intuitive option to let visitors review your recipes is also a good selling point.

Key Features

  • Meta-box options with shortcode features
  • Snippet-based SEO-optimization

Price: The premium plugin casts you $19/year with six months of support.

Le Chef

Le Chef

With super-fast responsiveness and full-screen support, this recipe plugin is immensely popular among the new generation of cooking enthusiasts and food bloggers. It even supports YouTube videos, grocery list options, and time for the cooking duration. Visitors can use the add-a-recipe module to submit new recipes to your site using this plugin.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable along with unique shortcodes
  • Intuitive control panel for the user–the Chef Dashboard

Price: This premium plugin costs you a onetime payment of $22.

Delicious Recipes

8 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins in 2021 (Reviewed) 1

Delicious Recipes is carefully equipped with the right features to help the best user experience. This plugin is simple to set up and includes a clean layout with color and layout settings for easy personalization.

This plugin is an excellent choice for better SEO performance, as it includes Schema integration. Similarly, there are easy social share options and interactive features like commenting and star rating systems to build your readers’ community.

Key Features

● Quick print button with an elegant print template.
● Nutrition box and image lightbox.

Price: This plugin is entirely free and has no premium version.

WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker

This plugin simply combines all the factors we mentioned above. It allows excellent customizability and is susceptible to frequent updates. The developers are quite well renowned in the food-blogging industry with vast expertise in the topic. So it’s a clear number one choice.

Key Features

  • Updated regularly with frequent redesigns
  • Multiple site license with all paid plans

Price: The basic version is free while premium costs $49/year, Pro costs $99/year, and Elite costs $139/year.



Developed by the widely famous food blogger, Shay Bocks, this plugin has all the features a cooking-enthusiast would want in their recipe website. The best-selling feature is its customizability options. You can change the appearance of your recipe card and resize it to fit along with other elements on your website.

Key Features

  • Unique “hook and filter” feature
  • Only premium plans available

Price: The only plan available is premium, and it costs $59/year along with free updates and customer support.

Tasty Recipes

Tasty Recipes

This plugin is solely developed by rigorous inputs from loyal food bloggers and recipe lovers instead of commercial developers. So, it’s quite clear that it has all the features you love and would need to get up and running. The one thing that sets it apart is the additional import feature that allows you to convert your previously formatted recipes to the templates of this plugin.

Key Features

  • Supported by Tasty Recipes Affiliate Program
  • Option to include nutrient data with recipes

Price: This plugin will cost you $79/year for each website. The updates are free.

Meal Planner Pro

Based in Canada, this free recipe plugin can be your go-to choice if you are starting with your website and in short of funds to invest. The recipe cards allow you to add some nice extra buttons like nutrient data too.

Key Features

  • Completely free
  • Bulk conversion options available

Price: This plugin is entirely free to use with full features.

Zip Recipes

Recipe Maker For Your Food Blog

The prime focus of this plugin is to rank your website higher than competitors in search results. If you simply want to increase web traffic with SEO-friendly recipe cards and fine-tuned URLs, you can opt for this plugin without batting an eye. The easy-to-use customizability features are also praiseworthy.

Key Features

  • Affiliate links support enabled
  • Automatic SEO-optimization

Price: This plugin is free to use, but the premium plugin offers additional features like recipe index, nutrient calculator, rating bars, etc.

Which One Should You Choose?

Considering all features of the listed WordPress recipe plugins, paid and free, we can safely deduce which one is the best.

Despite that, if you are a beginner and unsure about which plugin good to start, then you can go with Tasty Recipes. which can be an excellent plugin to look into. You will get all features of this plugin at an affordable price.

One thing is that you can always check out the free version before opting for the paid plans.


WordPress recipe plugins may essentially break user’s experience with your website. So, be careful in choosing a plugin that fits all your requirements while still being reliable enough with good user reviews.

Hopefully, if you select one from our list, you can’t go wrong. Happy food blogging!


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