5 Best WordPress Static Site Generators 2021 (Compared)

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular and well-renowned platforms out there for designing and hosting websites. From personal websites to e-commerce domains, WordPress has the caliber and options to create them all.

One of the most crucial decisions that a website developer has to make while starting to design a website is whether they want their website to be static or dynamic. While there are definitely perks to both the variants, one of the two triumphs over the other in terms of the purpose of the website.

Today, we’ll be talking about static websites and how to generate them with ease. Using some of the most potent WordPress static site generators available, you can easily take a spin with the static websites.

Besides listing the top five services on the web, we’ll also be sharing some insights as to why static websites are better and why you should use a WordPress static website generator. Let’s jump right in!

Why Use WordPress Static Site Generator?

WordPress and static site generators don’t exactly fall under the conventional way of site-building. But rest assured that it does not strip power from the site editors. WordPress users can still create and edit content using CMS.

As soon as the editor hits “Publish,” the site will be exported to HTML serving the pre-compiled static files. This will replace the PHP-generated views. But that’s not all that a static website offers.

WordPress static site generator

The benefits of going static are massive. Everything is suddenly enhanced from speed gains to a site’s performance as you use a static site. Moreover, you will soon realize that your hosting bills have dramatically decreased while improving the site’s security.

Moreover, there are many additional benefits to using static sites. Such as:

Minimized page load speed

In the case of static sites, pages aren’t pre-processed during runtime as per the user’s request, and the content is not derived from the database. That means the webserver will respond faster than regular. In fact, it is estimated that the server will respond ten times faster in a static site.

Easy management

Static sites are easy to manage. It requires minimal maintenance time as the serve updates automatically, and the WordPress upgrades regularly. There’s very little you have to manage.

Improved SEO

An excellent static generator knows what the search engine wants and prepares your content accordingly. It will help you pick the right content, apply the suitable template, and prepare a static HTML. And once that is done, the generator will allow you to deliver the formatted content as quickly as possible. Since you won’t have to deal with databases or other external sources of data, the process works pretty smoothly.

Enhanced security

This brings us to the last point, improved security. Since you are not using any external data sources and all the files are rendered on your computer, there is very little chance of security breach as you use a static site generator. This also allows you to avoid server-side processing that is time-consuming.

Top 5 WordPress Static Site Generators 2021

While there are numerous contenders out there, we had a tough time choosing the best few WordPress static site generators for you. We went through meticulous research and reviewed dozens of such services before bringing the best of the best in our article. These five contenders have stood the test of time and made it all the way to our in-depth analysis.


Hugo WordPress static site generator

Hugo is an elementary static generator in terms of installation and navigation. The entire process is backed by detailed documentation to help you set up and run the generator flawlessly. Hugo has an extensive library of pre-built themes that makes it significantly easy to design your site as you wish.

Another brilliant feature of Hugo is its fast build-speed. You can get any static site up and running in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the site has a straightforward dashboard that allows quick editing and changing themes without rebuilding the entire site.

Hugo also features a “Data-Driven Content” that makes it easier to publish the site content in JSON and CSV format. All in all, Hugo is a comprehensive WordPress site generator that allows you to publish static sites flawlessly in the shortest time.


Gatsby WordPress static site generator

Advertised as a Progressive Web Apps generator, Gatsby is among the leading WordPress Static Site Generators in the industry. Its specialty is that the tool can work both online and offline, giving you complete flexibility.

You will need both node.js and git on your device in order to install and run Gatsby. The documentation pages are comprehensive and filled with all the information that you need along the way. It mixes Linux, Mac, and Windows in the instructions. So, you will need to be familiar with the command lines.


Eleventy WordPress static site generator

Eleventy is among the growing Static Site Generators that show a ton of promise. The product advertises itself as a more straightforward static site generator. We decided to give it a shot, and we have to say we were quite impressed with its performance.

The site generator is written in JavaScript. You will need node.js to run the tool. That is to say, the tool requires some technical familiarity to run it smoothly.

Once you’ve installed Eleventy from the command line, you will experience smooth performance throughout. The tool prioritizes website performance. You will realize this immediately upon installation.


Nikola WordPress static site generator

Nikola is known for providing detailed templates for creating entire websites and blog posts. There are also image galleries and search bars, among other things. Moreover, you will find a fairly extensive library of themes and plugins that will help you build brilliant static sites. The building speed is faster than most of its competitors as well.

You will need to have a good command of Python in order to work on Nikola. The tool presupposes that you have Python and proceeds accordingly.



Here is a tool that takes a different approach than other static site generators. The product is not a complete site manager. Instead, it works in association with WordPress offering a static version of an already-running dynamic website.

That is to say, the tool leaves all control over editing and running the website to WordPress and turns it into HTML content. It combines your templates and themes along the way. You will also have complete access to WordPress plugins and themes.


There you have it. We have gathered some of the most useful WordPress site generators that are available in the current market. You should now be quite adept in knowing about the five most powerful and feature-rich WordPress static site generators out there. Not to mention the in-depth analysis of the selling points and drawbacks of all five.

Achieving improved performance, ease of maintenance, and security are just a few of the benefits that a static site offers. Many companies worldwide are opting for this tool as they are more scalable and promising by design. Improvements from the providers will continue to drive the tools to better operation, even for non-technical users.

Using our guide to the best WordPress static site generators, you can now enter the world of designing static websites and experience the magic that unfolds. We hope you found our review helpful.


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