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Bloom Vs Optinmonster (2022): Which Is The Best?

Building and marketing an email list is always a challenge, but it can often be an uphill battle. For example, the most valuable email subscribers who take action on your website sign up for your product and download your app. But to get these subscribers, you need to have a well-crafted opt-in with a built-in call-to-action.

This article will compare the popular email marketing automation tools OptinMonster and Bloom. I will also share which one is the better tool as a lead magnet WordPress plugin?

Bloom Vs. Optinmonster: Overview

I will compare both plugins/software side by side with the most highlighted features they offer. Both OptinMonster and Bloom are highly reputed opt-in form builders and lead collectors. But let me show you which one provides more flexibility and what I like. 

You will also know about editing flexibility, responsiveness, and triggers. What are the unique features one offers that the other one lacks? Pricing and which one should be more valuable.

bloom vs optinmonster

Feature Comparison Chart

Before I go into details, let me show you a comparison table of what you will get from these tools. I will also share my opinion on each feature, but you should get a brief idea of the features they offer.

Opt-in popups
Inline opt-in forms
Two-step opt-ins
Pre-made templates
eCommerce features
Drag-and-drop editor
Multiple triggers rules
User-specific targeting rules
Content-specific targeting rules
A/B testing
Price$89/y for 1 site$108/y for 1 site

Platform Integration: Bloom Vs OptinMonster

First, let us know about Bloom.

Bloom is a plugin offered by “Elegant Themes,” which is a top-rated WordPress themes and plugins developer. The most noticeable side is it works in the best form on any WordPress website, but you cannot use this on a custom HTML site.

All your data will be stored in the WordPress file manager, so you cannot use this as a third party. Also, if you want to change or restore your website on another host, you will have to take a backup. Without that, if anything happens to your site, you will have to start from scratch.

OptinMonster is a standalone tool that is a product of the same developers who made MonsterInsight and Envira Gallery. You can already understand the establishment of this tool.

You can use their plugin or use your account on the OptinMonster website to add this to your WordPress site. Also, if you have any website that is not on WordPress, you can use OptinMonster to add the lead collection form adding a simple code snippet.

Another benefit of OptinMonster is Cloud Storage. So it does not take any space on your hosting. Also, it doe not add any speeding limitation because the form gets served by CDN.

Verdict: OptinMonster is better in this category because you can use it on WordPress and other websites. It does not take any extra loading.

Optin Email Form Types

When comparing two lead collector tools, the most important factor is the Optin Form. Both Bloom and OptinMonster have different types and forms, and most of them are more than just lead collectors.

First, let’s look into bloom.

#In Bloom, you will get 6 types of forms, including:

  • Pop Up
  • Fly-In
  • Below Post
  • Inline
  • Locked Content 
  • Widget
Email optin form

You can easily understand the features From the names. But let me elaborate a little to get the idea. 

  • Pop Up will show a new sign-up form in the middle of the window when a visitor lands on your website.
  • Fly in lets you select to show your subscriber form sliding from left or right. You can set the timer to make it more flexible for your users.
  • The “Below post” will automatically fix a subscriber form under each post.
  • Inline forms are great if you want to add some sign-up in a subheading of your post. For example, if you are sharing data and selling your course, adding a form inline will prove to be a great call to action.
  • Again locked content is one of the effective lead collectors if you share any free ebooks or files.
  • You can also add the form as a widget on your theme.

#In comparison, OptinMonster has 5 types of forms which are:

  • Lightbox popup
  • Content Locker
  • Slide-in
  • Sidebar Form
  • Inline

If you think this is just it, then hang on. They offer some features that bloom doesn’t have.

  • Countdown Timer
  • Floating Bar
  • Coupon Wheel
  • Fullscreen

All the first 5 types are similar to Bloom, so I am not going into detail. Yet you should know what you can do with the other 4.

Full-Screen Mode

First, let’s cover the Fullscreen Mode. This is a superb feature if you have something awesome to offer your visitors. Yes, the fullscreen mode can be annoying, but when you are sharing something of great value, your visitors will love to share their email.

Floating bar 

optinmonster floating bar

This feature is awesome if you do not want your visitors to distract from an interesting article. You can place the floating bar at the top or bottom of the page. 

The readers can read the article and then at the end they can leave their email in your campaign. You can place this floating bar all over your website. 

Countdown Timer

optinmonster countdown timer

There is nothing more converting than creating an urgency. And for that, you can offer your visitors a Countdown Timer email form. This feature works for both eCommerce and digital product websites. 

You can provide a secret link to get a discount on any product or join a webinar about a digital product. 

You will get a drag and drop builder for creating the form and adding images and graphics. A fascinating thing is it allows you to create a static countdown timer for all users or a dynamic one for different timelines. 

Coupon Wheel 

coupon wheel optin form

I like this feature as well because you can share huge discounts, Free Shipping, or any special offer for your visitors. Both eCommerce and digital product websites can reap the benefits from this tool.

Another reason I like this feature is that it is a two-step action. According to “Zeigarnik Effect,” two-step campaigns have a better conversion rate than typical campaigns. 

You might be thinking that is not right. Let me clear your doubts. (Marketing Articles and Marketing Ideas for Professionals ( Stats show that people end the tasks that have a step-by-step process once they start it. It is human psychology to see the end result of their action.

Verdict: Because of offering some more features, including the conventional features, I prefer OptinMonster. It adds more versatility to the stereotyped lead generation campaign. 

Email Form Design and Customization Comparison

Bloom contains a lot of form designs. When you are in a hurry to launch an email campaign, these can save you a lot of time. Just Select and edit basic stuff, and your form is ready.

Although each design is different, you can easily understand that they are not unique. Most of the forms are slightly edited with different placement and colors on the elements. 

bloom templates

OptinMonster also has a variety of default templates for starting any campaign. You need to select and edit to show that form on your website. It offers 50 different designs that will be enough to fill your needs.

Yet they did not stop there. OptinMonster has added seasonal forms as well. If you plan to offer a special discount on BlackFriday, Christmas, Mothers Day, or any occasion, you do not need to worry about designs. Each template has more than one design, so you are never short of templates. 

One of the things I prefer OptinMonster to Bloom is their attention to detail. Bloom surely provides great value, yet they do not have any dedicated designs. On the other hand, when you look into OptinMonster’s forms, they really put the thoughts in action for each template.

Editing And Form Customization

I will say that Bloom has more beginner-friendly customization options than OptinMonster. All you need is to select a template. Add your text and images, and boom, it is ready.

bloom form customization

You can also change the fonts, colors, and form styles (Rectangle or Rounded Rectangle). But one thing you lack is visual editing. You will have to click preview after every change, which is okay but not the best feature. 

There OptinMonster has a drag and drop editor. WYSIWYG style editor is now the best feature because most WordPress themes are on the same editor. 

Also, you can change the text on the template directly. You can change the colors and background and shapes as well. 

Optinmonster form customization

You can add any feature like buttons, images, or timer with simple drag and drop. It will be a child’s play for Elementor users. You can replace the button or any elements from the template and make a unique one. 

Although both tools offer mobile-responsive email Opt-ins. You can make mobile-only forms for your visitors if you have a lot of visitors coming through mobile phones.

I doubt this will happen, but what if you do not like any of the templates? Optinmonster does not limit to just editing templates. You can start from a blank canvas and start making your own design. 

Optinmonster blank form customization

Like any WordPress editor, you can add its columns, text, header text, image, spacer, etc. And because all the visuals will appear in front of you, the chance of creating a bad form decreases highly. 

I also like the chatbot and HTML coding feature. It will never feel like you are creating a form it is more than that. It feels like you are designing a part of your website. 

Verdict: There is no doubt Bloom is the way to go if you are not into designing or do not have time to plan for advanced forms. But I have to go with OptinMonster. It allows a superior user experience and also has better editing options.

Targeting and Trigger Comparison

The best way to convert a lead is by targeting the right audience and the right time to show a signup form. So targeting and triggering are very important when you are paying for the service.


Bloom lets you target on the page levels. This is much more effective than showing the same boring pop-up form everywhere. You can filter much more in bloom. 

You get the option to show a specific form for a specific category. Also, when you have similar posts and pages on your site, you might want to show a unique form for those as well. So, all in all, Bloom offers just what you need.

Yet OptinMonster takes targeting far beyond just page similarities. It has all the features of Bloom, but it takes the game away with these incredible features.

#Different targeting between New and Old visitors– You can show your new visitor a welcoming signup form and your regular visitors an offer form on the same piece of content.

Filtering Traffic Source– This is just a terrific way to get your visitor into the best marketing campaign. You can show each visitor landing from a different source in a different form. For example, You can set up a form for a visitor landing from a Facebook Post and another for someone who got it from a search engine.

Also, you can filter on the content they landed on. If your visitor comes from Facebook ads, they might be your potential buyer, whereas a visitor from a search engine wants more information. So showing them different offers will surely increase the conversion rate.

Geolocation– You can set Geolocation filters if you have a multinational company and offer different values to each country or even each state of visitors.

Previous Action on the Website – Your most effective visitors are those who already relate to your website. They might have commented on your post or bought something from your website. They will be the ones more interested in some special offers.

Adblock Users– This is a great opportunity when you are running a PPC campaign. You might be worried that Adblockers are missing something great that they can get from you. You can show them a different popup form for getting their trust in your brand.

Bloom Vs Optinmonster (2022): Which Is The Best? 1

eCommerce Targeting – OptinMonster has dedicated eCommerce targeting for showing a lead gen form based on these conditions:

  • Products in a user’s cart.
  • The total value of a user’s cart.
  • The number of items in a user’s cart.

And to sum it all up you can mix all the rules together to get the highest conversion rate. You can multiple AND/OR rules to target your potential customers. OptinMonster will show your lead form when all the conditions match.

Optinmonster rules options


Till now, I only showed the targeting feature of both plugins. Now let’s have a look at how you can trigger your forms to target visitors. 

Bloom lets you set the trigger in the Display Option. Here you can set up conditions and time of triggering the popup.

Trigger options of bloom

If I make a shortlist, these are the triggers you will get:

  • Time Trigger
  • Scroll depth 
  • Bottom of post
  • After commenting 
  • After purchasing
  • Inactivity

All of these are extremely effective. 

On the other end, OptinMonster shares similar features but offers a lot of dynamics on them. Here is a list of what you will get:

  • Time
  • Scroll depth
  • Exit-intent 
  • Inactivity
  • Click (two-step opt-ins) 
  • Scheduling 

Although all the features in triggering forms look the same on both plugins but I have to talk about the Scheduling and Exit-Intent in detail. 

OptinMonster lets you schedule your popup forms for an exact time or date. Also, you can set the time dynamic for international users. When you want your popup between 6.00 to 12.00 in America, the time will be different in Australia. You can filter that it shows up in different time zones when you want.

The Exit-Intent is my favorite feature. Statistics say that 70% of your visitors will never return to your website once they leave. You can add them to your email list to grab hold of that traffic. My best choice is showing a newsletter form just when they are about to leave the page.

Optinmonster exit-intent demo

It defects the cursor movement to trigger the form. When a user is moving the cursor towards the tabs it will show a popup form. This is great for keeping the visitors on the websites and if added a value they are seeking making them loyal followers of the website.

Verdict: Bloom uses standard targeting and triggering features, but OptinMonster is crushing with the flexibility it gives to a campaign. 

Email Platform Integration Comparison

Your end goal is to add your lead to your email campaigning tool. Everyone has their own preference here as well. It does not matter if you are using MailChimp or MailPoet both plugins can work for you. 

If you are not using these CRMs, you get more options. This is really important because you can filter your emails better on CRMs than the plugins. You will not need a premium optin plugin if you are not into email campaigns.

Bloom offers 19 Email CRMs support. You can see all of them in the screenshot.

Bloom email marketing integrations

OptinMonster supports More than 34 email marketing services. It also supports Custom HTML Forms as well. 

Optinmonster email marketing integrations

OptinMonster has Zappier integration as well. With that, you can install over 3000 apps. You can collect all your emails on a Google Sheet and use them in your Facebook Ads campaign with this as well.

Verdict: I prefer OptinMonster because it offers more options and more flexibility. However, Bloom is perfectly alright for a basic lead collection and email campaign. 

Price Comparison

No matter how great features a tool offers at the end price can make a huge difference. An awesome plugin can lose the race for over competing prices. 

Bloom offers a reasonable price of 89$ a year or 249$ for a lifetime deal with all Elegant Theme features.

Bloom pricing plans

You can use both $89 and $249 packages on an unlimited website with a new serial key. You will get all product updates and premium support for $89 for a year and also in a lifetime offer.

Note– With this price, you can access all plugins and themes including Divi of Elegant themes. So choosing Bloom would be your great decision if you need a leading page builder plugin.

On the other hand, OptinMonster works as a SaaS product. They do not have any lifetime deal, but you can get the tools for the different price points.

Optinmonster pricing plans
Optinmonster pricing plans

In a $9/month package, you will get all the basic features you need. You will be able to use the plugin only on 1 site. Also, it has a $19 package where you will get everything from basic and also Advanced Integration, and you can add 2 sites.

The $29/month is the best deal because you will get all the features you want, including my favorite Exit-Intent technology, and add up to 3 sites. The last plan’s price is $49/month has some features that add dynamics to your campaign and you can use it on 5 sites.

Verdict: On a price-to-feature consideration, you can choose Bloom. Also, if you get the lifetime deal, that will cover many websites you own. But OptinMonster is not unfair on the price, but in the end, even the $9/months pack costs 108$ per year.

Who is the Winner

For me, the overall winner is OptinMonster. It offers a lot more than just a lead generation plugin. Yet Bloom is not a neglectable option, especially for the price. 

You can go for bloom if you are an affiliate marketer or a small one-product business website. It serves all the feature you can ask for from an opt-in form plugin and keep the standards.

However, if you have a multiproduct business and a huge variation of traffic sources, OptinMonster is the way to go. Even if you scale up your small business, you will need some of the features OptinMonster offers. 

If you are not tight on a budget getting OptinMonster is the best option than missing out on features in the future. Also, comparing the price for the flexibility of the tools, you will get that it is actually a more competitive price than most other offers. 

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