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Bookmify is a WordPress plugin that saves time by using automation to book appointments. The Frenify team has developed this plugin with the latest framework and optimized code. It is a good-selling WordPress booking plugin in Codecanyon marketplace.

The plugin is perfect for managing everything related to booking appointments for beauty spas to fitness clubs, tattoo studios, medical and more.

This will allow you to save hours each week from repetitive tasks like booking appointments, taking payments, and sending reminders.

bookmify plugin

The Bookmify plugin also integrates with Google Calendar, which allows you to book appointments from your mobile phone in one click.

Bookmify does not require a monthly fee and is compatible with all browsers and operating systems, making it easy to install on any WordPress site.

Also, the plugin is a great way to make the process of booking an appointment easier, faster, and more efficient. The best part about it is that you can book appointments with ease on your mobile phone.

So if you’re looking for something easier than trying to book appointments manually or something that automates the process of booking an appointment then this plugin will be good right for you.

Key features of Bookmify plugin:

  • Elegant design: The Bookmify plugin has a clean and easy-to-navigate design that looks great on any device.
  • Booking appointments: Automates the process of booking an appointment by asking for a date and time slots that are available.
  • Payment: Automatically stores credit card information for fast and convenient payment. It supports PayPal and Stripe payment gateways.
  • Custom fields: Make your booking process more personal by adding custom fields such as “Your favorite color” or “What time of day are you free?”
  • Automatic reminders: Send automatic reminders to customers when their appointment is nearing. Or Send automatic reminders to customers who have booked appointments.
  • Assignment system: If you have multiple branches or locations, the Bookmify plugin allows you to assign an appointment to the nearest location or branch.
  • Scheduling: Book appointments that are not available on a specific date and time with no need for any additional work from your staff. It’s all done automatically by this bookings app plugin in a WordPress site. 
  • Employee login: Employees can easily login to see their upcoming, assigned, and past appointments.
  • Appointment views: You can view your customers’ scheduled appointments on a map or list view for easy reference. 
  • Shortcode Generator: You can generate widget shortcodes that you can add anywhere on your WordPress site.

Summary: Finally, the Bookmify plugin is a good plugin that can make your life easier. So why late! make better use of your precious time and schedule appointments, meetings, or any event with the Bookmify appointment booking WordPress plugin in under 60 seconds!

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