Cheap WordPress Hosting In India: Best For 1st Choice!

Are you looking for a cheap WordPress hosting in India? One of the key things in coming up with an excellent website is working with a fast and affordable web hosting service. This article will introduce you to the cheapest and most reliable site hosting provider in India.

Get GoDaddy’s cheap, speedy and secure Hosting in India

If you have ever tried building a WordPress site, chances are you have come across GoDaddy – a cheap WordPress hosting India. It is one of the most popular providers in the country and also globally. In India, it isn’t easy to find a better option in regards to the features.

Speed is the distinguishing feature between GoDaddy and any other hosting provider you can think of in the country. They provide the fastest services that you can count on even with an e-commerce website that requires high speeds. Their worldwide speed average is 171.1 ms, which is good enough for anyone.

Cheap WordPress Hosting In India: Best For 1st Choice! 1

Besides speed, many people find GoDaddy India’s services cheaper than they expect them to be. The WordPress packages that include basic, deluxe, ultimate, and e-commerce are affordable even for starters. However, ultimate and e-commerce are the best packages as they guarantee enough security.

By having various plans, GoDaddy India is trying to make its services accessible to everyone. Every package seeks to fulfill certain needs depending on the customer’s preferences and budget. Therefore, considering your needs and budget is a great way to get started, especially when choosing a plan.

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Why use GoDaddy India’s cheap website hosting?

Buying a domain name, setting up a website host, and eventually running it can be challenging. As mentioned earlier, you need to work with a reliable site hosting provider for better results. Here are the benefits of choosing GoDaddy India for your WordPress hosting needs.

Godaddy hosting india
  • They guarantee you reliable page load times. The hosting provider uses CDN to boost their page load times by 50%, making it the fastest in India.
  • Gifts for you after signing up for any hosting plans. They will give you a free business email and a free domain name.
  • The provider has an award-winning 24/7 customer support team that you can rely on whenever you have questions to ask.
  • You can access thousands of free WordPress themes and plug-ins with the provider.
  • As a novice, you will find building your WordPress site with this provider easy. It has drag-and-drop page editor features alongside pre-built themes that are ready to go live.
  • You also get automatic updates either for security or software upgrades. That makes it easy to ensure your features are up to date.
  • They also give a 99.99% uptime promise to its customers.
  • You also get a 100% money-back guarantee if you require a refund for any reason.
  • You can easily get your website up and to run with the one-click installation feature. It also includes several add-ons that can make your website better.
  • You get the best bargain as they provide reasonably priced plans and are currently managing over 17 million domains.
Cheap WordPress Hosting In India: Best For 1st Choice! 2

Features of GoDaddy India’s affordable hosting services

GoDaddy, as already mentioned above, has a lot of benefits to customers. Let us take a look into the features that define their cheap services.

Great speeds and performance

Speed and performance are key for any site, especially if you expect high traffic. The provider has optimized its services to work with WordPress flawlessly. Therefore, you can expect your visitors to enjoy high loading speeds even with a traffic spike.

Bandwidth of Godaddy hosting

In Godaddy hosting, you never worry about hosting bandwidth because you will get huge bandwidth for every plan. So for the starting never think about the bandwidth limit. Just start with Godaddy.

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SEO ranking tools

Getting found on Google is one of the main objectives that WordPress site owners have in mind. GoDaddy’s cheap hosting includes an SEO plug-in that helps websites rank well on Google. The tool automatically reviews every page without having to manage it.

One-click migration

Migrating an existing WordPress site is easy with the one-click migration feature they provide. You will find developing your website easier, especially if you already have basic features installed and running properly.

Automated tasks

There are lots of automated tasks such as the daily auto-backup that they provide. They back up all your files every night and also ensure the website version remains safe throughout. You only click once to restore your backed-up data.

Reliable website security

Malware is one of the things hackers use to bring your website down. GoDaddy’s ultimate and e-commerce plans have reliable security that removes malware before fraudsters access your customers’ info and damage your reputation.

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Cheap WordPress using GoDaddy’s customizable themes

GoDaddy India is a go-to hosting service provider to millions for several reasons. However, many find it a great choice because of the many customizable themes that it provides. That makes it easy to develop a website even with little to no prior knowledge of it.

When starting, you should click on their site, browse through the various industries, and choose one. They will then provide several pre-built themes that you can choose from that industry. Go ahead and use the drag-and-drop editor that they provide to start customizing it.

Cheap WordPress Hosting In India: Best For 1st Choice! 3

You can start building your website freshly from scratch if you already have the skills. It will also require knowledge of how the third-party WordPress themes provided work. Whether you choose this option or use pre-built themes, they will provide thousands of plug-ins to make your website better.

If you have any problem getting started, GoDaddy’s 24/7 customer support team will be available to get you through. They can guide you on how to log in and use the control panel to create your site. They will also answer any questions that you may have regarding their services.

Again, they will help you to update and promote your site once it goes live. As you know, promoting your site or blog can help bring in more traffic.


GoDaddy is the best cheap WordPress hosting India service provider you can consider. This article has outlined the features and benefits that this service guarantees. You can make the entire WordPress website development process seamless by working with their reliable and affordable services.

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