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CSS Hero Review (2022): #1 Live WordPress Theme Editor Plugin

A website is the most important marketing tool for a business. It is the first impression that potential customers will have of your company. A well-designed website can help you attract new customers and keep them coming back

So if you looking for a great way to improve your website’s user experience, you should consider using CSS Hero.

It’s easy to understand that a single line of incorrect code or missing a comma can ruin your website. So with most page builders, you can easily customize your website visually.

Yet, not everyone is fond of Elementor or WP Bakery. For them, CSS is a headache since the WordPress theme may not have the editing capability they require.

To overcome these difficulties, you can use the CSS Hero WordPress plugin. It automatically generates the CSS code for your WordPress site without having to touch a line of coding. 

I am sharing my thoughts on this awesome tool here. Also, how to make the most of it.

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CSS Hero Review: A Quick Introduction

CSS Hero is a visual CSS editor that helps you manage and customize the appearance of your website theme. It provides a set of tools to help you create custom styles and apply them to specific elements on your page, and preview their effects in real-time.

CSS hero plugin

The tools it provides are CSS Classes, which let you add common styles and custom ones without writing any CSS code. CSS hero lets you tweak them anyway, unlike a page builder where you create or edit elements from scratch. 

The undo and redo feature helps beginners to upgrade any WordPress theme without breaking it. The visual editor allows you to click elements and see the changes in a live preview. 

CSS Hero adds all the codes in a separate file, so you don’t have to worry about losing the CSS properties if you change anything.

Besides, you can add the custom CSS  properties changes in a Child Theme and carry that anytime or on any other website. 

CSS Hero Key Features Quick View

CSS Hero is a Visual CSS editor without coding. Both beginners and expert CSS developers can get the benefits out of it. So to make it useable for both, they have added a lot of features. Here is a list of those.

  • Simple User Interface
  • Lots of Customization
  • Ready-made styles
  • CSS Hero Inspector
  • Complex CSS Style
  • Inbuilt Color Picker
  • Animator
  • Generated CSS
  • Light Footprint
  • Add Background Images
  • Live Mobile Preview with Tablet Mode
  • More than 600 fonts
  • Video background for any Section
  • Visual JS Editor
  • Live Previews
  • Built-in Snippet
  • Color Pallete Library
  • Unclogging for editing any part of the website
  • Design Login Page
  • WorkFlow history

Along with all these excellent features, you get some bonuses with premium subscriptions as well. 

CSS hero design elements
  • Media Query Manager: This allows to set different media for different devices.
  • CSS Code Exporter: Export codes from stage site to live site.
  • Hover Mode: New version includes previewing hover mode.

How to Use CSS Hero Plugin?

CSS Hero is a premium plugin that you need to install manually on the WordPress site. It works like Elementor page builder. You have to open the page you want to edit and click on the “CSS Hero” button.

Use of css hero plugin

After clicking on the button, a left sidebar will appear with documentation. You can read the documentation that explains the basics of CSS hero.

It basically says that CSS Hero is a WYSIWYG advanced CSS editor WordPress plugin that helps you in advanced theme customization.

CSS hero customization

Click on any item, and you will see customizable options on the left side and bottom of the screen. Then you can change the background, fonts, padding, animation, gradient, anything as you want.

css hero customizble options

Also, if you want to make a hero button for any link, you can use its snippet feature. You can add drop shadow, divider, button icons, and not just a button. 

If you want, you can add animations to elements as well. Adding animation is super easy with its visual CSS editor; click elements, navigate to the left sidebar, and add animation.

css hero animations

A Basic Look at the Interface:

CSS Hero doesn’t have any dedicated settings area. Instead, it uses a simple frontend interface. The interface is mostly the live preview of the site. 

css hero basic look

After clicking on the “CSS Hero button,” you will see the Menu and Inspector Tool on the left. You get all the responsive view tools in the top center, and the top right contains including undo, redo, history and tools.

You will be able to find the JS editor and video integration at the bottom with other features. Also, taking the cursor over an element will show the content area, and either right-click or left-click will open the settings tabs.

All in all, the User Interface is very beginner-friendly and not too overwhelming to get lost in settings.

CSS Hero Review: Features Overview

Customization Options/CSS Hero Editor:

CSS hero editor

You will get 3 customization settings on the CSS Hero menu: Properties, Snippets, and Animation. The Properties contains most of the editing features. You can change background color, font style, background color, and transformation.

Adding padding, borders, spacing, display or hide elements, positioning, and measurements all of these editing is under the properties tab.

CSS Hero Review (2022): #1 Live WordPress Theme Editor Plugin 1

The Snippet contains premade buttons and drops shadow, dividers, background arts, etc. You can add multiple designs to a single element.

Also, making combinations of different settings, you can come up with new designs. The animation tab allows you to add different animations like fade in, fade out, and so on. 

css hero properties expend

Responsive Preview:

css hero responsive preview

CSS Hero has 4 types of responsive design settings. You can make your website responsive for all devices like Desktop, Tablet, Mobile responsive settings.

Not just that, you can even edit according to landscape and portrait mode for Mobile and Tablet. You can also hide a specific section for any device.

For example, you can hide the hero section video for fast loading on mobile. On the other hand, hide the call button on the desktop.

Media Query Manager :

css hero media query manager

CSS Hero makes all the code responsive for different devices. However, it offers a Media Query Manager for manual editing as well. 

For example, if you want an image to appear on the desktop but don’t show on mobile, you can do that from here. You can also change the dimension of the image or section for mobile.

CSS Hero Inspector Tool:

CSS Hero inspector tool is an asset for web developers. You can refine your CSS codes here. Unless you are one of the good CSS selectors, this might not work that well. 

However, this feature only comes in the Pro plan and above. Unless you are super concerned about keeping the CSS code clean, you won’t need it.

CSS hero inspector tool

CSS Code Exporter:

This is an awesome feature for website developers. You can edit the demo or staging website and export all the code in a file. Add that file you can import to the live website, and all the CSS is fixed without keeping the site under maintenance.

Undo/Redo Revision History:

css hero undo-redo

While editing the website, you will come up with designs that you won’t like first, but you would want to revert after making some changes. There the undo and redo button comes in handy. 

If you make a mistake, by any chance, one click on the undo of the CSS hero button fixes everything. Also, if you like to compare between changes, the redo, undo feature works like a charm in the live CSS editor.

I like the history button most. Suppose you want to go to any part of the editing while checking the improvement. So, you can click on any part of CSS selectors and see the changes you made till the end. 

CSS Hero Integrations:

After the new updates in version 5, CSS Hero is now more than a WordPress CSS editor plugin. You can handle JS code and integrate it with many JS libraries. You can also check the Page Inspector feature that shows you the HTML code behind the scene.

Including those, it comes with built-in Unsplash and Coverr integration. Unsplash will provide unlimited royalty-free images, whereas Coverr provides videos. 

CSS hero integrations

CSS Hero Performance:

While improving search engine rankings, loading speed can be a big concern. But I can tell you from experience it doesn’t make the website slow poorly. 

As CSS Hero uses a single static CSS file, so it doesn’t take any space. Actually, it includes those codes in your existing CSS sheet file. 

Overall CSS Hero will not solow your site laoding speed like any other page builder plugin. So you can use use this without worry.

CSS Hero Review: Pros & Cons

We all know, CSS is one of the best WordPress CSS editor plugins. However, everything has some good and not-so-good features.

For example, learning CSS code is no longer mandatory with CSS Hero editor. Here is what I like and am not much satisfied with CSS Hero. 


  • Simple click and edit elements from sidebar popup
  • Works on almost any WordPress theme for customization
  • Supports Multisite for WP
  • Doesn’t make any CSS mistake
  • Add extra custom live CSS editor
  • No need for learning CSS code
  • Premade style sheets to work faster
  • Beginner-friendly hero menu and documentation


  • Missing live support
  • No feature to add or create a new CSS layer

CSS Hero Support & Documentation

You can miss the live support on this awesome WordPress CSS editor plugin, but the documentation is well detailed. 

CSS hero documentation

You can get everything in well-organized sections. The “Getting Started” lets you understand and install the plugin correctly, and “Feature Highlight Videos” keep to gel along with settings. 

Each article also comes with a tutorial that you can get access free videos on their YouTube Channel.

How Much Does CSS Hero Cost? 

csshero pricing

CSS Hero WordPress plugin comes at 4 prices. It starts from $29 a year starter pack to $599 lifetime deal. For a single business, you can go with $29/year and for agencies $99/year is an excellent deal. 

Note: While writing the review, they were running a discount offer.

CSS Hero Alternatives

CSS Hero is a premium genesis framework WordPress plugin, and it is one of the best. However, if you want to compete with them, there will be very few alternatives. 

The most top CSS Hero alternatives are:

These are its direct competitors. However, CSS Hero offers a somewhat better deal compared to others.


  1. Does CSS Hero Work With Any WordPress Theme?

    Apparently, CSS Hero is working on almost every popular theme on the WP repo. It also works with premium themes like DIVI. There might be some theme where this WordPress CSS editor plugin may not perform as you wish.

    It might not work on every theme element, but as long as the theme works on other genesis framework WordPress plugins, you are good to go.

  2. Is CSS Hero The Right Solution For You?

    If you are interested in WordPress website development, it is worth getting this. Firstly you don’t have to learn CSS code, and it doesn’t make any coding mistakes.Ā 

    Also, you will be able to edit the JS code with the visual editor. Looking at the user’s awesome review will make it easy for you to determine.

  3. Does CSS Hero Work With WooCommerce?

    Yes. It works fine with WooCommerce. Not just that, it works with most of the popular plugins and page builders. If you want to know, let me say that it works with Gravity Forms, Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, and many more.

  4. Does CSS Hero Work With Page Builder Plugins Like Elementor?

    It works with every popular page builder plugin. Elementor, Beaver Builder, genesis framework, WP Bakery are some of them.

  5. šŸ”„What Happens If My Plan Expires?

    It doesn’t matter what plan you get unless you get a lifetime deal. You will get 1-year support and updates. If your plan expires, you will still be able to use the plugin, but you won’t get any upgrade.

  6. Does CSS Hero Slow Down Your Website?

    Having a lightweight website is an important factor in improving search engine rankings. Though CSS Hero adds a frontend CSS sheet, so it is a very light WordPress CSS editor plugin. Overall, it doesn’t slow your website heavily.

  7. What Are The Browser And Server Requirements To Run CSS Hero Plugin?

    It would be best if you had the latest chrome web browser for working with ease. You can also work in Latest Firefox or Safari browser. The plugin works perfectly on lasest Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP versions/environments. You must have a hosting plan on any of these servers.

CSS Hero Review: Final Thoughts

Most of the users of this plugin shared their awesome reviews about it. I also like it for the price and features it offers. As a beginner who doesn’t know much about CSS coding, CSS hero makes it easier to edit and design my website.

You don’t need an expert developer to use the tool because it is almost self-explanatoryā€”the only thing missing live chat support. Still, if you are someone who has now website and doing everything solely, CSS Hero is a good investment.

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