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Divi Theme Review: Is It Worth Money and Time?

Are you interested in knowing the A to Z of Divi Theme before installing? Let’s go to the deep down of Divi Theme review.

This popular Divi theme is one of the best-created themes. For its multipurpose functionalities, it is one of the most rated out there. The best part is that for those who don’t want to mess with coding, Divi is a great deal for website customization. It is a simple and effective WordPress tool for any website design.

Now the question is Divi Theme worth money and time?

or, is Divi Theme preferable for your website?

For all the confusion, it will be worth checking out our derived discussion below.

What is the Divi Theme?

Although the term Divi is one, there are two segments in it. One is the Divi Theme, and the other is the Divi builder. With Divi Theme, the page builder will be able to create any website as per your wish.

It is one of the most updated and preceding themes I’ve ever observed. There are some advanced features & numerous templates. However, it has relatively extra options compared to the use.

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In practical terms, it is more usable among the WordPress themes and more flexible than any other theme in the same category. Even users with very little coding knowledge will be able to build a website through it.

Some Key Features Overview

Prime Theme Builder

Like any other theme builder, the earlier versions of Divi Theme only work with custom pages and content. However, I appreciate the updated versions of it. Especially the latest version Divi 4.0, which got edited last in 2019. The updated version will not only customize the post and page bounds but also allow the customization of all spheres of the website.

Strong Support

Whenever you are struggling with any problem, you can contact their intelligent support team. By clicking on remote access through the website for your asking, the team will allow you to open a communication channel. Over there, you will get the privilege to fix your problems via discussion forum or chat system. It is a powerful feature, especially when you are in a stuck situation, and you can’t just work out. I don’t think any other page builder has such an admirable service.


It goes through three building blocks. Every single item is pretty much amazing.

●     Sections: Sections are used to originate various broad contents like site footer, header, etc.

●     Row: It is included in the section, which helps find any numbered content of the column.

●     Modules: Surprisingly, you are getting over 46 fantastic modules for your theme. These modules- call to action, portfolio, header, slider, blog, tabs, videos, and many more are fantastically doing theme formation jobs. You can customize your layout by dragging a content module to any page.

Ready-made Layouts

Divi theme presents hundreds of eye-catchy layouts that are pre-made to use instantly. Customers are satisfied with different colors and designed layouts to give a cool individuality to their page. These ready to use layouts boost the customer’s experience and overwhelm their mind.

You can choose the layout bundles of 7/8 pages each from the library and customize your website according to a suitable type. Each layout group will be found categorized.

High-Quality Templates

This theme ships with a wide range of content templates store. You can give the most delicate look to your website by choosing relatable templates as per your requirements. It carries a vast collection of templates for almost all projects, which leads to a quick jump start to your website.


Whether your website is for blogging, e-commerce (WooCommerce plugin), or review site, Divi theme is compatible with all websites. It is a fast theme for all kinds of website design. One of the particular reasons for its universality is that it can be used in 32 languages. In addition to RTL support, WPML support, Divi is considered as a ruling theme.

Some Other Outstanding Features

Security: Divi doesn’t compromise with your website security.

Update notification: You will be notified through your WordPress notification bar whenever the Elegant themes team makes an update.

Customization: Divi theme has a great deal for page website customization, where everything will tidy up on your own. Customers can choose the color, font, style, size as per their liking. Divi theme users get the opportunity to build their brand new dream website.

Reusable section: It has the authority of recreating sections for further use.

Mobile-friendliness: When you come to design a website, it is vital to make it friendly for all devices. Divi theme has a mobile icon to adjust the pages with mobile user’s screens.

Live-preview: For your better experience of how your site will look after installation, you can check their live preview feature.


It is a bang for the buck of pricing options. Divi theme has two schemes.

● Yearly access

● Lifetime access

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It cost only $89 for access to use all the features for a whole year. If you forget to renew it, it doesn’t mean your website will die. For not paying after a year of using, you won’t just get the access to use it. As it has unlimited website usage, so you don’t need to worry about running out of websites. Even, the best part is the Divi theme offers the lifetime use of everything in a one-time payment of about only $249. Can you imagine how cheap it is considering the investment for other kinds of customized website builder?

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How to install Divi Theme?

You have to go through a little process to install it. First, you require a website hosting along with Elegant Themes membership. Apart from those, for your server, you need to install an active WordPress.

After that, log in to your user account and open the download tabs from the menu bar. Download the theme file as divi.zip from your dashboard.

Now, log in to your WordPress site and follow the steps-

 Appearance > Themes menu

 Tap the add new button option(on the top)

 Click upload Theme

 Select the divi.zip (from hard drive)

 Once the file gets uploaded, click install

 Now activate it

Is the use of Divi Theme worth it?

Overall, It is easy to use in different aspects. It’s worth getting 4.5 out of 5 ratings for useability. However, one of its contradictory problems is that it has more useful options than it needs, which undoubtedly overkills the speed and time of use. So from this aspect, it is not a big issue for many people. If this error is ignored, it is a usable WordPress theme with a large fan base.

Divi theme with this current price is worth it as you are getting many features in one thumb. Its user experience is different from any other according to our experiment. We suggest knowing everything before using it to understand the whole package properly.

Final words

Here we are going to give a summary of this review. According to our judgments, it is a must-try website builder.

If you are still in doubt whether the Divi theme is preferable for your website, I would suggest you check all the services that it is providing. And then compare with other themes in the same costing category. Alternatively, you can use the Elementor page builder.

I hope this detailed review helps you to make the right decision.

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