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Elementor Vs Divi: Which One Should You Use In 2021?

Looking for the right recommendation of a page builder and want to know Elementor Vs Divi information that will help you choose the best one then continue reading this post.

Elementor and Divi are two of the most famous names among WordPress page builders. They’ve had a massive impact on the WordPress ecosystem by allowing everyone easy to design with frontend drag-and-drop features.

We know, WordPress is an open-source content management system that powers over 75 million websites now. Thanks to page builder plugins, building sites on WordPress is becoming easier every day.

Choosing Elementor or Divi is not wrong for you, because there are some key differences of both that you should note. If you’re confused between Elementor and Divi, you have landed on just the right page.

We have prepared this comprehensive review to help you make an educated decision. Read ahead to learn all about them!

What is the Core Definition of Elementor?

Elementor page builder is a WordPress plugin that works as a live frontend editor. It replaces the built-in WordPress editor, allowing people access to an advanced designing solution. It is the only builder that offers endless designing possibilities.

Elementor page builder

Elementor’s drag-and-drop page builder makes it highly convenient for beginners and professional designers alike. You can create beautiful web pages with the help of a visually appealing editor.

We are impressed by the platform for all-in-one designing solutions. You will get complete control over your website design. You can present your brand however you want to. Elementor is fully equipped with multiple fonts, motion effects, and creative background images designed by professionals.

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Features of Elementor

● Drag and Drop Builder

The drag and drop feature of Elementor allows you to design a fully professional website without writing a single line of code. Moreover, it offers live editing, so you can easily edit your site while keeping the site live. Considering the easy of use in the battle between Elementor vs Divi, Elementor quickly takes the crown. Its polished interface makes it highly convenient for users.

● 300+ Templates

Elementor has a massive library containing over 300 pre-made templates. Pre-built templates cover every niche and industry. No matter what your page’s purpose is, you will find a template tailored just for you. You can further customize them to fit your needs and match your brand design.

● 90+ Widgets

With over 90 widgets available in the Elementor catalog, you can find any design element that you require. From like buttons to headlines and forms – whatever you need, there are huge widgets for you.

● Reusable Elements

Let’s say you’ve customized a design that fits your brand theme. Elementor allows you to save the elements and widgets in your account, and you can use them in your future design with simplicity. Not only you can consistent in your design, but you can also save tons of time with this feature.

● Mobile Editor

Elementor has a responsive, mobile editor. With the market expanding, the platform has done a wonderful job of keeping up with the competition. It takes the game a step further. So you will be able to design, preview, and edit your website with a simple design editor.

● Pop-Up Builder

Are you looking to draw your visitor’s attention with enticing pop-ups? Elementor has highly attractive pop-ups feature to help you display promotions, discounts, daily deals, and more.

Elementor all widgets
Elementor all widgets

What is the Core Definition of Divi?

Divi is an advanced web designing framework that allows you to build a website from scratch. The platform allows you full control over every little detail on a webpage. Whether you are building for a client or yourself, Divi can generate satisfying results within minutes. And the platform has over 700,000 customers to vouch for its visual drag-and-drop feature. Not only that, but Divi also comes with a range of features that might change the game for your website.

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Divi page builder

Features of Divi Page Builder

● Drag and Drop Content Editor: Divi’s drag and drop editor allows you to create custom page designs and gives your page stand out in the crowd. Not only that, but you can also create custom theme templates.

Divi builder also features a wireframe mode to help you preview the page structure. You can keep track of the entire process as you go. Moreover, you will find an active history panel. All in all, Divi is extremely easy to use and beginner-friendly.

● Custom CSS Controls: If you want to take it a step further and own custom CSS, you can incorporate it with Divi builder.

● Massive Library: Divi has a vast library containing over 800 templates and 30 customizable content modules. In the debate between Elementor vs Divi, the latter gets an edge since it offers more creative freedom to designers.

● Reusable Custom Content: Anything that you’ve previously created in the Divi page builder will remain in your account. You can even choose to share it across the site. You can control how your element is being updated or used. All these advantages will be just a click away.

Divi all widgets
Divi all widgets

Elementor Vs Divi: Price Comparison

Elementor offers a free plan with over 40 widgets and 30 templates. Besides, there are three other plans: Personal, Plus, and Expert. The personal plan costs $49 per year, allowing you to incorporate one website. The Plus plan costs $99 per year for three websites. And the Expert plan will cost $199 per year, and you can use it for 1,000 sites.

Elementor price

As for Divi, there are two subscription options for you: yearly access or lifetime access. The yearly access costs only $89 per year, and the latter only $249 for a lifetime. While they vary little in terms of features, the lifetime plan can help you save a fortune.

Divi price

Which One Should You Use In 2021?

You can use any of them because both are good for designing and building pages professionally. The crucial difference between Divi and Elementor are a few features and add-ons. You will get lots of add-ons of Elementor than Divi builder.

But in our research, for the advanced users, Divi page builder is better than Elementor. You will get a bundle of plugins package with a single purchase if you choose Divi.

Besides, Elementor is easy to configure, use, and secure than its all competitors even budget-friendly prices. Also, their support system is outstanding that completely will help you build your dream site and solve any problems within a short time.

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Elementor Vs Divi: Conclusion

It is possible that both Elementor and Divi are truly impressive in their performance and features. Both of the page builders will allow you complete control over your website along with wonderfully incorporated features. You can build a professional website from the ground up, that too, with no code!

In this Elementor vs Divi, there are no clear winners. However, if you are only starting out, we would suggest you can try Elementor other than Divi. It’s effortless to use, making it an ideal choice for beginner designers.

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