How To Find Internal Links? A Beginner’s Guide!

Internal links are the most important fact for Google search engine rank because internal links establish website architecture and spreading links strength. It is a major Google ranking factor. 

Before your content ranks in search engines like Google find the internal links hierarchy from a page or site. If you properly establish your content linking with relevant internal pages or posts, Google easily finds your content and ranks them quickly. 

Besides internal links connect a page with other relevant pages and give clear ideas to Google about your website’s internal link structure.

So applying the right internal linking technique on your every page and post can boost your SEO. 

In this post, I am going to discuss how to find internal links to a specific page and related everything that you never know.

internal linking

I will also share the concept of…

  • What are the internal links?
  • Who links to my site?
  • How to do internal linking in HTML?
  • What does link mean in texting?

So let’s cover the basics

What are the internal links?

Google needs internal links to find new content and calculate the SERP result of a page according to the strength of quality and value. 

Internal links are one-page domain links that are used to link up one page to another page within the same domain. Let’s be more clear, Internal links are generally used to navigate one page to another page in the same domain.

Internal link builds a relation between content and Google for indexing faster and calculating ranking algorithm. This relationship increases link strength between all links on the web. 

Three types of benefits you will get from the SEO optimized internal links.

  • A good internal link structure helps to navigate one page to another relevant page.
  • Internal links help to establish link hierarchy on the whole website.
  • They help to improve SERP rank and link strength.

Internal links are not only good for the search engine but also the proper internal links provide good value to the readers for staying on a website for a long time and they find all relevant information in one place. That impacts another ranking signal.

Here is the code of internal link: 

<a href=”” title=”Keyword Text”>Keyword Text</a>

Who links to my site? 

Do you know who links to your website or your competitor website? We always try to send signals to Google for crawling our site. This is a good thing for a quick index but is not good for the SERP rank.

Most webmasters and site owners do not know who links to their site? And do not know how to check them? It is always difficult to know or find something related to SEO because this is a big industry.  

Internal linking is one kind of backlink that is good for SEO and web traffic. A study shows billions of web pages to show how backlinks come from unique websites that are effective for traffic and search engine rank. 

How to do internal linking in HTML?

HTML internal link is a pointing tag with the anchor text. We have to use a unique path or relative path to create an HTML internal link that points up with the same page or domain.

An HTML link is created with the hashtag (#) and you have to set it with an ID section that will refer to a new page as an internal link to the same page.

When you click a new HTML anchor text enabling link, it will refer to a new page and open it on your browser.

Below example is the HTML internal link with anchor text.

<a href=”URL”>Anchor Text</a>

You can set nofollow id/attribute in an HTML internal link which search engine cannot crawl for indexing. That means Google bots cannot read nofollow internal links.

<a href=”URL”rel=”nofollow”>Anchor Text</a>

But for  the WordPress site, this hazardous process is not needed. You can do it by browsing the WordPress page/post editing section.

What does link mean in texting?

Link texting contains a text that is used for a hyperlink. Let me clarify. Link text is a text that includes a targeted hyperlink. We call it an anchor text. So link texting is very important for SEO. 

Many good and bad things about link texting. So you have to know the right link texting strategy. One of the best strategies is to keep link text natural that is relevant to the described topic. 

The text of Internal link effects for passing link juice or PageRank. So do not do the bad practice. Here is the best practice of link texting.

Why Do You Need to Know Who Links to Your Site?

There are many reasons to know who link points to your site? The top benefits of knowing who links to your site.

  • Clearly analysis of link building strategy.
  • Analysis of top and successful content for taking the next steps.
  • Analysis of brand value or brand awareness strategy.
  • Coverage of website contents.
  • Good and bad links identification.

So every time when you link up as an internal link, you should take care of anchor text. Something doing internal links manually on a web page is hard and risky for SEO if you do not know the proper linking strategy.

Do not worry, here is the best solution. If your site is made with WordPress, you can use an automated search engine optimized internal link building plugin

How to find internal links on a page?

Finding internal links on a specific page is pretty easy if you know the right way. You can do this process by using free and paid tools. 

Here I will show you a step by step guide using Google search console.

Google search console is a popular and free tool for overall SEO analysis and website indexing process. It is the primary tool for every webmaster to research internal links on a specific page or entire website.

So finding who links to your website just simply go to 

Google Search Console > Choose your property > Links > External links > Top linking sites.

top linking site

Google search console shows up to 1000 reports linking to a website along with linking pages and targeted pages.

Note: the default result is sorted by the top linking page, but you can also sort by target pages. 

In the Link section of Google search console, you can also see the following data along with the top internal linking chart.

You can analysis…

  • Top external linking page
  • Top linking sites
  • Top linking text

To find internal links on a specific page, click on a link from the ‘Internal links’ section.

You will see the referring pages which the target website links. 

Page specific internal links

You can download those reports just click the ‘Export’ then you will get three options to download page specific internal linking data. 

Now let’s talk about the bad thing about Google search console to find the internal linking pages.

  • All reports are limited. It shows up to 1000 data.
  • No link context.
  • No quality metrics. 

So if you want to check your site’s internal links, you can use Google search console. But for advanced data analysis, you can go with the Ahref SEO tool. But for the beginner and finding data for primary analysis, Google search console is the best.

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