Flatsome Theme Review: #1 Theme For WooCommerce Store

E-commerce is a growing platform for business. Maintaining a WooCommerce site is a very crucial and beneficial thing in today’s online business. A well-structured product selling site is far more trustworthy than many others. Customers will be satisfied if they get any product with proper details and easy buyable.

Flatsome WordPress theme considers you to create your highly developed, SEO optimized, beautiful, and easy-to-use eCommerce website through WordPress. So, let’s dive into Flatsome theme review.

What is Flatsome

UX Themes, a power elite author, created a responsive WooCommerce theme named Flatsome in September 2013. The main purpose of creating this theme is to provide an easy-to-use, satisfiable, and eye-friendly look on your WooCommerce site. Whatever, you are a beginner, freelancer, or professional developer; you can use this simple customized theme for maintaining a built-in site.

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Flatsome 3.1 is the latest version of this theme. The previous 3.0 version was completely rebuilt and added more customization tools and features than previous version.

Flatsome theme Review

Instead of maintaining a WooCommerce site is accessible and relevant through the theme. Any trader or WooCommerce shop owner can easily create and manage their store. This theme comes with a built-in page builder and colossal customization options that are comfortable to manage your website.

If you want to make an easily customized eCommerce website with minimal and modern designs, Flatsome is the right choice. Its features and supports let you have full control over your e-commerce website.

Features of Flatsome

Flatsome gives you access to around 20 demos that you can easily install on your website. It lets you build a simple looking and attractive website in just one click at even without having coding knowledge. You can select demos manually if you are maintaining a corporate business or any agency. All of these demos also support customization, which lets you pick your suitable one and make it perfect based on the website’s nature.

Features Of Flatsome
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Flatsome provides a great front-end UX builder to make tweak aspects for your website. Even you don’t need to take concern about coding. Its significant drag and drop feature lets you adjust your site’s banner, product’s poster without any trouble.

Besides, its giant library contains tons of preset pages that help you to create attractive banners and sliders. You just need to pick one of them from the library, although you can customize that page directly on your website. It allows you to make sure that your website is looking good on all devices.

Customized shop and parallax effects

Flatsome supports all versions of WooCommerce. This theme lets your WooCommerce site have an engaging interface and elements for keeping user’s interested in it. Shop features come with many useful aspects as like,

  • Live search
  • Favorite option
  • Sale offer bubble
  • Quick Add
  • Category selection layouts

All of these aspects let you get customer’s trustworthiness. Also, for making your dealing platform a little more enjoyable, you can add more features like quick zoom, product video advertisement, navigation to back or next page, color design options, etc.

Catalog mode is an additional option on the Flatsome theme which lets you choose how to display your product on your site. If you are selling clothes or groceries, then you can use lookbook catalog mode to align your products. This thing helps you to organize your product showcase in an attractive look.

Also, Flatsome brings a parallax effect; for these at the time of the scrolling page, the content in the foreground moves quicker than the background images. So, it lends your site a professional and depth feeling look.

Highly customizable studio and blazing fast performance

You can customize your website’s nature and style using the Live Theme Options Panel. It contains hundreds of demos, copyright-free images, premade template designs, and much more. Well organized features added to categorize your business posters like call-to-action, banner, or campaigns.

Flatsome Theme Review: #1 Theme For WooCommerce Store 1
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Besides, full-blown pages and wireframes make your site in a professional look by just doing drag and drop.

With Live CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] feature, edit and preview CSS are about a short time job. Its global layout mode can be boxed, framed, or full width. Even more than 700 google fonts are available to use as a text. Whatever you have done as customization, you can preview it before using it permanently.

One the other hand, it has blazing performance at page loading time. It’s maintaining a smart lazy loading feature, let prevent load images when fast loading is required. The animation and parallax effects are structurally designed that they don’t slow down the site loading.

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Excellent interface design

Flatsome is a universal-designed theme. They have different designing layout options to select how your website looks at what device. In today’s, the smartphone is one of the leading platforms for getting traffic. So, mobile customized designs are valuable and essential for an online store’s growth. It provides a mobile-optimized structure on your site, which helps customers through navigation.

Flatsome design
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Moreover, people can change their page viewing options through many browsers like the desktop view. Instead of this, Flatsome works well to improve the look.

Some of its fantastic designs like live search, quick product view, category grid, etc. keep customer engagement on your site, which is the main purpose of using a theme.

Documentation and support

If you want to build your website by yourself, then Flatsome is the best e-commerce theme that can fulfill your desire. with this theme, you will get access to the theme documentation and videos.

Documentation includes a user guide and videos based on every feature and style. By following these instructions, it’s easy to build your website on your own.

Flatsome support
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It is the ultimate guide briefing on how to change website looks and works. It consistently updates its theme and features, which let you create your site easily.

You also get access to theme support for every need 24/7. If you face any problem or you have any queries, then easily reach out to the UX theme support team to get your answer.

An all-in-one theme

Flatsome is a customizable and multi-featured theme with a good-looking management function. Its inbuilt banner or slider lets you express yourself clearly with advertising your thoughts.

WooCommerce Theme
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Besides, its header builder features are one of the most effective tools to grow attention about a particular product to customers. Its speed optimized and built-in SEO standards let you make single-page navigation and search engine rank quickly.

Overall, it is a functional locking and effective theme for your site. It helps you to keep your customer engaged and satisfied with user experience.


Flatsome theme comes with a structured feature option at an affordable price. It’s just for $59, although it contains an excellent demo, page builder, header builder, fonts, and structured interface.

You will get different design templates to choose from, with six months’ support from the UX themes team. For further assistance, after that six months, you have to purchase yearly support by paying $18.

All versions and updates are available at ThemeForest. You can buy it easily from there.

Things we like about Flatsome

  • Flatsome is an SEO-optimized WooCommerce theme that makes it easier to rank your site higher on Google search engine.
  • At the beginning of this theme, a short video will guide you on how to install and use Flatsome for making your online dream shop. There is no such coding knowledge required to maintain this.
  • Its well-optimized features let you get through in such a way that customers are happy and joyful by its look. Also, its user-friendly navigation system ensures you engage customers with satisfaction.
  • You will get 24/7 excellent support from the UX theme support team along with all required documentation.
  • It contains a frequently updated library for free images, preset design, and temples that you can apply in just one click.
  • The CSS animation effects are smooth, surprising, and efficient. Use it without being concerned about coding.
  • The built-in parallax effect gives your site an excellent, user-friendly overview. It helps to build your customer’s trustworthiness on your website.
  • You can create and replace sliders or banners easily with the drag and drop feature.
  • Once you purchase this item, you will get all updates free of cost.
  • Things we dislike about Flatsome.
  • This theme is more likely a permanent solution. As if you want to change the theme, it takes a lot of time to change it. You have to add content pages, Install or buy the compatible plugins, and a lot of things have to change.
  • You get support for only about six months. After that, if you need any support, you have to pay for it.

Final Words Of Flatsome Theme

Having a Flatsome theme is one of the smartest decisions for your site. If you want to keep your website versatile, upgraded, and stylish, Flatsome allows you to do these without making any barrier. You will not get disappointed with its features and professional-look. It’s an all-in-one theme that comes with an affordable price. So, be smart and take a look at Flatsome!

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