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Gym Edge- Full Review [Theme For Gym, Yoga & Personal Trainer Website]

Are you a personal yoga trainer or a gym owner? Maybe you are thinking about visible your business online to help people and generate more profits. 

To make visible your business online, You need a website with a suitable theme that meets all your expectations. In that case, the Gym Edge theme is the best option to give you a better performance for running your business entirely. 

In this article, I will tell you why you need to think about Gym Edge Theme, and that is why you can understand it is right for you or not.

I have taken information fo this review from one fo my friends who have a Gym center. As a gym trainer( He said to me), I have faced many troubles when I am taking my business in the virtual world. I don’t know where I can find my best WordPress theme for correctly designing my website. 

From browsing on the internet, I found a theme Gym Edge, which is the best selling theme in Themeforest by RadiusTheme. I have purchased this theme, and still, I am using this theme for its excellent responsive design and mobility features.

So before purchasing this theme, you need to have a clear idea about Gym Edge. This article will help you out to make you clear.

Key Features of Gym Edge Theme

To know more about Gym Edge theme, I will tell you some essential unique features that you should know,

Responsive & Mobile Friendly 

Maybe your visitors are using different devices to explore your site. Some of them are using computers and the rest of them using mobiles or tablets. In that case, the Gym Edge theme has an excellent responsive design that makes it flexible for all types of users. Customers quickly access your site by using any device for its mobile-friendly feature.

Mobile Friendly
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Variety of Page

Gym Edge theme has 12 different homepages that you can choose any of your suitable ones. You can find both one page and multiple pages homepage. You can choose any of them as your choice. 

Besides, there are also including some extra pages like three schedule pages, five trainer pages, etc.

SEO friendly

Maybe you are not alone in offering gym training and services. There are a lot of companies you have to compete with. If your theme is not SEO friendly, you can not be stable in the long run of your career path in online. 

Gym Edge provides you excellent SEO optimized design so that you can continuously grow your business.

Modern Theme Feature

You can find four different header styles, premium and free plugin applications like Woocommerce, WPML, etc. For your business purposes, you can choose whatever you want. 

Besides, there are unlimited color combination options and many customizers among 21 addons and 42 layouts.

Admin Support

After purchasing Gym Edge, the RadiusTheme will provide you six months of customer support for free. It will include the availability of the author to answer questions, get assistance, and help with included 3rd party assets. 

Besides, they will offer lifetime support with a quick and faster reply in 15 hours a day.

Theme Pricing 

You can purchase Gym Edge at an affordable price for your WordPress website. It costs only $39 with six months of customer support. There is a lifetime free update option they will provide. 

Gym Edge theme will value your money. Don’t worry. You will get paid more as you want to spend.

Gym Edge Theme

The best premium WordPress theme for Gym & Fitness website.

Tips For Getting Start with Gym Edge Theme

After purchasing your Gym Edge, It is essential to think about how you can set up your theme in your WordPress website properly. 

First, you need to be concerned about your WordPress version. I am recommending you to use the latest version of WordPress for all plugin’s better performance. Read how to choose the best plugin?

Moreover, You need at least WordPress 4.5 version to activate your Gym Edge theme properly. After checking the requirements, you can go to WordPress and upload your theme files into your WordPress address. 

You can upload your theme files in two ways, but I am recommending you use the WordPress Upload method. 

Some of them are requiring to install the theme, and some of them are optional as your need. Then you install all required and optional (as your need) pre-packaged plugins. 

After installing those plugins, you can start to activate those processes.

Now you can import your demo content to boost your theme. You can import it manually or automatically. If your website is new, it is better to use the automatic process. You can automatically import all your demo contents in one click.

Now it is time to design your website with some attractive theme features. You already know Gym Edge has a lot of modern unique theme features so that you can choose as your sweet will. 

Best fitness WordPress Theme
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Four different heading styles in the Gym theme gives you better looks. It has pages for trainers, classes, schedules, blogs, image galleries, etc. You can also adjust your homepage and other pages that you may like. 

You can also create an e-commerce store by using the WooCommerce setting option. Just go to Gym Edge Theme options and navigate what you want to update.

If you ever face problems to fix the system, contract with the support team. They can advise you to go further steps to update your website nicely.

Among all the best gym and fitness themes for WordPress site, the Gym Edge theme is one of the best user-friendly items. If you are planning to engage more customers in your business, the right website with responsive design is essential for you. 

Never consider quality for purchasing any products or services. Gym Edge first created on 17 January 2017 and RadiousTheme are still updating their theme to satisfy all demands. 

Gym Edge is always the right choice if you want to purchase a number one wp premium theme at an affordable price. 

By reading this article, you come to know about some key features that make you clear about this theme. The article also shows you how you can set up your new Gym Edge theme properly.

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