How to Add, Edit, or Delete Category in WordPress?

WordPress allows you to manage your site content in an organized way. By creating a category, you can categorize similar types of content. But sometimes, you may add or edit or delete any particular category.

In this post, I’ll let you know how to add, edit or delete a category in WordPress. 

What is a WordPress Category?

The WordPress category defines a bundle of data or content of similar types. It shows any specific topic or group of the topic that has similarities.

WordPress category allows you to keep your site contents organized. For instance, if you are going to start your blog about traveling, then you can keep your site contents organized in categories like culture, extensive tour, adventure travel, business travel, and many others.

How to Delete/Add Categories in WordPress 2 Different Methods

1. Add a New Category from the Categories Section

  • Login to the WordPress dashboard of your website.
  • Click on the posts, and you will find four options, including categories. 
WordPress post
  • Now click on categories. You will find a page same as the picture showing category name, slug (optional), parent category, and description. Fill these blanks with the necessary information.
WP Categories

Note: If you want to create a subcategory, you need to select the parent category. There is no need to make changes if you are creating a new category only.

  • Now click on “Add New Category,” and you will find a new category on the list.

2. Add a category from the post editor section 

Although you can add a new category from the category section, you can also add a category when editing your post. Adding a new category from the post editor section makes your task easy and less time than adding in the categories section.

  • Login to the WordPress dashboard and click on posts > Add New 
wp add category
  • Look on the panel’s right side showing existing categories and the option of “Add New Category.”
  • Click on “Add New Category” to create a category.

How to Edit or Delete a Category

Deleting or editing any existing category is simple, as the previous steps. To delete or edit a category,

  • Go to the dashboard. 
  • Click on posts> categories. You will get three options on the right side, including Edit, Quick Edit, Delete and View.
WordPress category
  • If you want to delete the category, click on it and confirm by clicking on the pop-up showing “Ok.” If you want to change the category name, click on the Edit option and save changes.

Delete Multiple Categories

  • Select multiple categories that you want to delete from the categories or select all types by checking on the box beside ” Name.”
Delete Multiple Categories
  • Click on “Bulk Actions “ and below you will find a Delete option.
Delete bulk Categories
  • Now click on “delete” and confirm “Ok” to complete the deletion.

Delete Uncategorized Category Or Default Post Category 

You cannot delete an uncategorized category from the categories section, as it is in the default post category. You have to remove the category from default to delete. To delete uncategorized category follow the steps-

  • Click on settings > writings. 
wp setting
  • Now click on the box of default post category, and you will find all your saved categories in the drop-down menu.
Delete Categories
  • Select any other category as the default post category and save changes.
  • Delete the uncategorized category from the categories section, as shown earlier.

Lastly, this is a simple guide for beginners WordPress lovers. I hope this guide shows all the possible ways to add, edit or delete a category in WordPress.

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