How To Add Store Locator In WordPress Site? Step By Step Guide

A store location feature of a website can boost sales and grow organic traffic. For the WordPress site, you can easily create a store locator on a specific page using a store locator plugin. You can embed Google Maps on your WordPress website without much coding knowledge. Also, you can build a directory of your selected store by adding it to the map.

Making a search optimized store locator of a WordPress website is not a big challenge. Let’s go through the step by step guides of adding the Store locator plugin on your WordPress website. With this guide, your store locations will be SEO optimized after adding custom fields and data. So let’s start…

Wp Store Locator Plugin

WP Store Locator

The Wp Store Locator plugin is one of the most popular store locator plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. It is one of the most powerful and lightweight free store location management systems makers.

With the help of this user-friendly plugin, you can easily customize the look and feel of your map. The custom labels of entry fields of this plugin are easily readable and understandable.

Website users can find and filter stores by radius and get directions of their selected store. This plugin is loaded with several exclusive features.

  • You can manage unlimited numbers of stores.
  • You can add store details such as phone, email, address, description, hours, etc.
  • You can add customized map styles.
  • You choose a maker icon from various icons.
  • You can use shortcodes.
  • It is compatible with multilingual plugins.
  • It includes the Geolocation API.
  • It includes GDPR compliance.

With the help of a store locator, your website will rank higher in local SEO. You can also create an online-based location management system.

Adding Store Locator in WordPress

To create and enrich your store database and rank up in SEO, you need to add Store locator in WordPress. You can install and activate this plugin using the WordPress admin dashboard.

After installing and activating the store locator, click on Store Locator and then click on Settings. You will get these menu options on the left side panel of the WordPress admin dashboard.

Store locator setting

Clicking on Settings will redirect you to the main configuration and settings page of the plugin. Fill in the page with proper configuration and settings to create stores and manage them.

Now we are going to mention the setup process of the Store Locator on WordPress.

Setup Process of Store Locator in WordPress

The first step is creating API keys for Google Maps to setup Store locator. It’s a mandatory action that you need to take for using Google Maps. It is an added step but easy to manage.

After creating the relevant API keys, add your financial information properly into Google. Now you can proceed to the next step of setting up Store Locator. The settings page is a form that contains various options that you need to configure.

Let’s go through each setting option of the Store Locator plugin.

Google Maps API

Store locator Maps API

After creating and collecting the API keys, you have to enter all those data in this section.


Store locator search setting

This contains the search settings which you need to configure. Select these options and enter the data to enable your website users to use the search option.


You can select different map styles of your choice. Set up the functionalities of each map according to your need. The number of map locations can be displayed upon your selection. You can also add different map effects such as zoom control, 360-degree views, etc. You can also add a start point location name which helps your visitors to find your store location from their starting point. You can get a live preview after setting up the map.

Store locator map setting

User experience

This area includes the font-end settings of the map that affect the user experience of the Store Locator users. You have to use these settings creatively on the front end of WordPress. Here you can control the store locator map’s height, width, radius, etc. You can also hide the specific country from the search result, the distance of the location, and more.


Choose a store locator markers. It helps users to locate stores or locations by marking it on the map.

Store locator map marker

Store Editor

You can set up the store location, days, schedules, time, and more settings. Default values are pre-entered by the system when new stores are created. You can change these values without affecting the existing store locations. You can set the specific location data and opening hours in a specific store while creating from the new store.

Store editor


In permalink setting, you can enable the store permalinks that match your website.


You can set the label using the text and configure these according to your choice. The level of text will be shown on the specific element/label where you set.


Tools setting includes other necessary options for creating a better user experience of your store locator. You can clear the store locator transient cache when you make any change of setting.

Store editor tool

After setting up all options of this plugin, click on the Save button to finalize the configuration. You can now add new stores, categories, and many more according to your preference. You will get the necessary options under the “Store Locator” tab.

All steps are complete. Now time is to add a local store on your site using the ‘new store’ option and build up local SEO of your WordPress site. You can create unlimited store locations.

Store Locator Add-ons

If you want more premium features of your store locator, you can use its add-ons. It has three addons right now. Unfortunately, those add-ons are not free for use. To check the addons, simply go to the Store Locator and click on the Add-Ons.

Store locator add-ons


Adding a store locator in your WordPress website boosts the SEO and user experience. It’s an easy process that requires no coding or huge knowledge of WordPress. With our mentioned steps, you can easily manage the store location system on your website.

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