How To Bypass Adblock Detection?(Easiest Guide)

Ad blocking is a major pain point for many website owners and marketers. AdBlockers block ads, scripts, and other content that they consider being intrusive or irrelevant. This can make it difficult to earn revenue from a site, but there are ways around this issue.

Read on to learn more about how to bypass Adblock detection and why people use ad blockers in the first place.

What is Adblock Detection?

Adblock detection is a set of technologies, processes, and business practices that help internet service providers identify when their users are accessing content through an ad blocker.

Detecting AdBlockers uses information about a person’s browsing habits and the indicators that they have installed an extension or program to block ads from websites.

how to bypass adblock detection

Why Do People Use Adblockers?

AdBlocker has helped protect users from malware, browser hijackers, and other types of malicious ads. 

It can also reduce bandwidth usage by blocking all the video or audio advertisements that are not in a user’s language.

Some people use AdBlockers to save bandwidth or because they find ads annoying.

Advantages of using an ad blocker: 

  • Reduced bandwidth usage by blocking all video and audio advertisements that are not in a particular language.
  • Provides a more secure browsing experience by blocking malware, phishing, and spyware.
  • Provide less clutter on web pages which can be helpful for any user who is looking to focus their attention on one particular advertisement at once. 

Advantages of not using an ad blocker: 

  • Advertising can help persuade people of a product or service they might not be aware of and provide them with all the information in one place.
  • Ads create a more engaging browsing experience.
  • Ads can be used to promote content for the same reason that articles are promoted. 
  • You might not know about something until you see it advertised when browsing a website which is what advertising is supposed to do.
  • Non-personalized ads provide more value as they are less expensive and won’t target you on irrelevant criteria.
  • Advertisers can put ads in front of people who are interested. This increases the chance for the person viewing it to click on it.
  • Advertisers are able to show their ads to people who they think will want what they offer. They can do this by targeting people with a high income, business owners, or rich people.

How To Bypass Adblock Detection

The work of Adblock detection is to block any ads that show up on a website. Ad blockers use different ways to figure out if there are any ads in the page. The most common way is by checking if any pictures, videos, or words are blocked and can’t be seen.

There are many ways you can bypass adblock detection. Below are a few ways:

(1) Disabling JavaScript

The easiest way to bypass adblock is to disable JavaScript. If you are on a website where most of the content is in JavaScript, then this technique will work best for you. Otherwise, your ads may not show up.

Many people use adblockers because they are worried about their privacy on the internet. If you disable JavaScript, websites can track your browsing habits and identify you with no notification or consent from you. 

In order to avoid this type of tracking and potential data breach, always make sure you have JavaScript enabled when browsing the web.

If you want to disable JavaScript, then you have two options. You could use features built into your browser, or they have created software such as NoScript for Firefox and Safari users who prefer not to make changes on their computer’s operating system level (such as using an extension).

To setting JavaScript for a specific website just simply click on the ‘Site Secure layer’ icon. 

site setting

Then click on the site setting. A new tab will be opened with lots of browser options (I am showing screenshot for Chrome browser)

blcok gavascript in chrome

Finally select ‘Block‘ for disabling JavaScript.

(2) Reading Mode

Reading Mode is an option that many browsers have. This feature will remove the ads and allow you to readjust the text with no distractions or advertisements. If your browser supports reading mode, you can activate it from the browser setting option.

If your browser does not support reading mode, you can use a third-party extension like Just Read for Google Chrome browser and Reader View for Opera.

(3) Accessing Cached Website

Another way to bypass adblock detection is accessing the cached website. This option will still show you ads, but it might be hard. Some websites only allow people with an account to see them. This makes things difficult for people who don’t have an account or want to browse anonymously.

However, to find out the status of a website, use Google. Simply type in what you’re looking for into the search box and from among your results select “cached.” Once done, hit enter to be directed to that site’s cached version.

cached version from google search

A cached version of a webpage is an old version. This includes all the pictures, texts, and videos. You can use the cached version to see what someone saw when they visited a page before. So some things have changed over time but most still look exactly how they did back then.

Bypass Adblock Detection Using Deadblocker Plugin

If you are a WordPress user, you may have come across Adblocker plugins. There is a plugin called Deadblocker that can help bypass adblock detection easily. This allows site owners to show ads on their sites.

It is a free plugin that helps you detect users with ad blocking software and restricts their access to your website until they disable it.

Note: Although this is an outdated plugin, but it is working fine till now. So it will not be harmful to your site.

Install this plugin on your WordPress site and activate it. Then go  Settings » deAdblocker page to configure plugin settings.

deadblocker setting

The plugin allows two methods to show a custom message for Ad block users. 

You can either display a notification bar on the top of your website or show a lightbox popup. 

adblock notice

When a visitor visits your site, they will get a notification to unblock their ad block setting.

For getting more advanced features, you can use AdSanity addon to your website.

Finally, I hope this guide helps you to bypass ad block detection for users or for your website.

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