How to Choose The Best WordPress Theme For Your Website

There are currently over 7,000 free themes in the WordPress directory, plus countless premium themes from various developers. So you should know, how to choose the best WordPress theme for your site before making a buying decision?

You want your theme to complement your site’s content. So, if you run a blog, you must use a theme that improves readability and makes your content easy to digest. If you do not run blog till now, you can check the best free/trail WordPress hosting to start a blog in 2020

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme
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The inside of a theme is an entirely different beast. It contains stylesheets, template files, and to the outsider- weird mumbo-jumbo code. You’ll find that your theme files are powerful tools that help you control your site’s function. It’s not just a visual building, and it is the actual code that makes it tick, residing on top of the WordPress software platform.

 WordPress theme files

  • Stylesheet file- Defines the appearance of your theme.
  • Template file- Outputs your content to your website.
  • Functions.Php file- Allows you to add other new features (such as widget areas)
  • Other records- include images (such as JPEGs) or Java Scripts, for example.

What Things You Should Consider to choose the best WordPress theme

Once you have a handful of templates for choosing, follow these steps to pick out the best model.

The goal you are trying to achieve – the theme you choose should have a design that helps you to reach your goal. For instance, if your goal is to sell your products, you should look for a theme with e-commerce design, it will make your products look great.

If you are going to start a blog, you’ll want to choose a theme that highlights your content since that’s an essential part of your site. So you should choose a theme from the trusted WordPress themes marketplace.

What functions does the blog need- Some of the basic things you might want to consider finding in a WordPress theme. It includes mobile responsiveness, the ability to customize header and footer, a place to add an opt-in email form, featured posts, a clean comment section, uncomplicated design, a single column loading page, etc.

What does it look like- you can install a WordPress theme while using a different framework that allows you to change the visual elements completely. You can use the Genesis Framework, StudioPress, or Astra which are the high rated right now.

Fast Load Times- If your site doesn’t load fast, visitors will leave before they ever truly see your site. Read a guide on how to improve website load time?

The simplest way to test the speed of a theme or site is to visit the live demo. If the theme loads slowly there, you shouldn’t expect it to be any faster on your site. Mainly every theme shop carefully optimizes their demos to load as quickly as possible. Remove any themes from your list that don’t load quickly.

Mobile-Friendly – it’s essential now that your theme looks traffic on both laptops and smartphones. Since 2017, mobile device page views have exceeded desktop page views.

When reviewing themes, pay attention to the demo bar that appears at the top of the page. Most of the time, there will be buttons to quickly change the preview from desktop to tablet and phone screen sizes.

While most themes make an effort to be responsive and look good on mobile, some are more adaptable than others. Most designs often neglected the tablet screen size, so make sure to give that a look.

Quick and Easy to customize- you probably don’t want to spend days or weeks customize your theme. Ideally, you’ll pick a WordPress theme, import the demo data if your site is brand new, and make a handful of quick customizations. 

Generally, free themes tend to have fewer customization options; on the other hand, there are many options in a premium one. Before purchasing a premium one, make sure you can customize it properly if you don’t want to hire a developer and want to do it by yourself.  You can use a WordPress theme builder that will help you to easily customize and to make a professional website as your need.

 Final Thought

Sometimes you can do your blog a big favor by doing something very different because it helps to set you apart from the competition while also perhaps getting you noticed. Using a crappy theme can negatively affect your site and its design, performance, and user-friendliness.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose the perfect WordPress theme for your website.

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