How to Delete all Comments from WordPress With Easy Ways

As you are here, searching for a solution to delete all comments manually, bulk or any comment related issues means you definitely have a site, or maybe you are a moderator of any WordPress site. Lots of people use WordPress for their business so It’s obvious that as a site moderator you have to deal with a bulk amount of comments! But how to manage those comments?

When you manage your WordPress it becomes time-consuming if you delete all the comments manually. But you can easily handle this problem by installing plugins like deleting all comments on WordPress or WP bulk delete which is free.

Also, there are lots of simple solutions for you to delete all comments without any trouble from the WordPress database. you will get a suitable solution for you in this article. Let’s move forward.

Comment Deletion Process from WP Dashboard

If you want to delete a large volume of comments in one click without any difficulty, you can do it simply from your WP Dashboard. Here are the steps-

  • Login to your dashboard and click on comments.
  • Here you will find options like approve, unapproved, mark as spam, move to trash, bulk actions to manage your comments.
wp deshboard
  • Select comments manually or select all the comments in one click above the table.
  • Now take action according to your choice. If you want to delete all comments, click on “move to trash” and your job is done! 
  •  You can delete permanently all the comments from the trash.

Comments Deletion Process by Plugins

There are different plugins out there to manage the comments on your website. Here we are giving you some simple and best solution to solve your issues.

Delete all Comments on WordPress

This plugin is open-source software. Easy to install, work with different WordPress versions,  themes, and plugins. The best thing is you can delete a bulk amount of WordPress comments with just a click!

Installation process

  • Head over to WordPress backend.
  • Go to plugins and then add new.
  • Move to search bar and write ” delete all comments on WordPress
add wp comments delete plugin
  •  Install the plugin and activate it.
  •  Now you can delete all your comments using this plugin.

Steps to delete comments

You can delete all comments on WordPress including approved and pending with one click. To delete the comments –

wordpress tool option
  • Then you will find comment filtering options like all comments, comments in moderation, approved, trashed, and more on the advance settings.
comments count
delete cooments settings
  •  Select any of the options according to your need and click on delete now.

WP Bulk Delete

WP bulk delete plugin allows you to delete not only comments but also pages, comments, taxonomy terms, users, attachments, etc along with powerful filtering options and conditions. You can easily delete useless data without any issues. It gives you the power to delete comments by status, date interval. Pro version of this plugin allows deleting a comment by author, conditions & filters, scheduled delete, comment post. You have to spend $29 per site to upgrade to the pro version.

Installation process

  • Login to your wp dashboard and head over to plugins.
  • Click on add new and search for “WP bulk data
wp bilk delete
  •  Install the plugin and activate it.

Steps to delete comments

As you already know that this plugin gives you a wide range of scope to delete your site data like comment, post, page, attachment, and so on.

To delete comments-

  • Go to delete comments.
  • Choose comment statuses like pending, trash, spam, or approved comments.  you can delete content according to date and schedule them for further deletion process.
wp bulk data deleting process
  • Click on “delete comments ” for actions.


You can simply and easy ways to manage comments from the WordPress dashboard without any trouble. There are some other ways as well to delete data like PHPMyAdmin. But going for this process may bring difficulty for you if you are not knowledgeable about databases and SQL.

Hence WordPress gives you the power to manage your comments free of cost. Go for any of the processes that suit your demand.

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