How to Edit Footer in WordPress? Step by Step Guide

WordPress is the perfect platform for anyone’s blog or website. You are going to know how to edit the footer in WordPress that is easy and fun to work with. However, if you are new to this, you need to catch up with some terms and the SEO basics.

The optimization of your search engine will help you to gather the maximum crowd on your website.

For a beginner’s guideline, first, check your website visibility and make sure to go with SEO-friendly URLs. The next thing that comes into focus is SEO plugins.

Plugins add features to your websites or extend the existing functionality. A plugin is a set of pre-programmed software to help you manage your website.

For example, if you are at your early stages in the world of WordPress, a very important plugin to install is ‘Insert Headers & Footers’. No other options would be as easy as this plugin to edit the footer in WordPress.

What is WordPress Footer?

Are you familiar with adding footnotes or footers while writing an assignment or a paper? If yes, then you already know what it is in WordPress.

WordPress footer
WordPress footer

A footer is what shows up at the end of a page. You probably have seen them too while roaming around any website. They put a display of many useful and crucial links, privacy, copyrights, codes, and scripts used for the website.

This will allow other website developers to use the theme if they wish for it. Many may contain important contact details, offerings to the clients, and business policies also.

Why will You Edit Footer in WordPress?

In WordPress theme development, you will find the footer section in the default mode, which is ‘footer.php’. This will not display specified links but the general ones only.

Besides, a footer remains unchanged in most cases as a lot of users do not realize the importance of it that much. Just an example for you to understand; you will see footers on every page of a website if the owner marks the pages based on HTML5. This means you will get specified footers for each page if you wish.

How to Add or Edit Footer in WordPress

You will not find an option to insert headers or edit footer in WordPress by default. You can edit footer in WordPress code safely by following some simple steps.

Some possible ways are:

  • You can manually change the footer.php files of your theme.
  • You can change the footer content in the theme customizer.
  • You can install plugins for inserting footer.

How to Edit Footer in WordPress Code Manually

Manually changing the footer.php files will enable you to edit footer in WordPress code. However, this method requires technical and coding skills. The steps are simplified here for your easy understanding.

  1. First, log in to the Admin dashboard.
  2. Find ‘Appearance’ in the menu on your left.
  3. Click on the Editor button.
  4. You will find the theme files list on your right side.
  5. Find and click on the Theme Footer (footer.php) file.
  6. The coding lines will come to a display.
  7. Do not make any direct modifications or changes in the footer box.
  8. Create a child theme and apply changes there to the corresponding footer files.
  9. Create a backup of them to avoid problems in case the theme breaks.

If you find creating another theme difficult, then you can just comment on your code in the footer.php files without removing the actual lines.

footer php

How to Edit Footer in WordPress Theme Customizer?

This method is much simpler to follow and achieves your desired result to edit footer in WordPress.

Check out these steps.

  1. Go to the Admin dashboard.
  2. Click on Customize from ‘Appearance’.
  3. Find your activated WordPress Theme.
  4. Find the Selection-Dedicated Footer settings.
  5. Adjust your settings with no coding skills.
    For example, you will find multiple settings and selection choices in the Astra theme.
theme footer of Astra theme

Using Plugins to Edit Footer in WordPress

Changing the theme or code may risk all your current code snippets. We recommend the third option for beginners. Use the “Insert Header and Footer” plugin to easily edit footer in WordPress. Follow these steps:

  1. First, install and activate the plugin.
  2. Go to the Settings and then “Insert Headers and Footers” from the admin panel.
  3. Find the box that says “Scripts in Footer” and add your code there.
  4. Hit the save button to store your footer.
    Your footer code will still be safe even you accidentally deactivate the plugin afterward.
edit footer using plugin

Note- If you use WPastra or any theme of StudioPress, you never need to install any additional footer editor plugin. These themes have an excellent footer editor option that will help you to customize your website footer section according to your needs.

Final Words

Most of the premium theme has a footer editor section. But if you use a free theme, you may not get this customizing part. So we always recommend using a premium WordPress theme for a site, if you are not capable to purchase a premium one.

So you can go with a free theme for starting. Next, you can use a free WordPress footer customization plugin mentioned above.

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