How to Find WordPress Page/Post/Tag/Category ID (Complete Guide)

Assuming that you are searching for a WordPress page ID, or post ID. No worries! It’s effortless to find out.

Page id sometimes requires you to make any changes, including or excluding that particular page. You can find it with or without using a plugin.

Here I’ll guide you to find page id, post id, category id, tags, and comments! So let’s move forward!  

What is a WordPress page ID?

WordPress page id defines a particular number for each page. Every WordPress website’s content has an individual number, including pages, posts, categories, comments, tags, users, and others. These IDs Keep your content on the site in an organized way. 

How to find WordPress page id

When will you need a WordPress Page ID?

Page id is useful if you need to code in your site, or maybe you want to include or exclude any specific pages from the functionality of plugins or widgets. Sometimes you may not want any widgets on some pages, and then you will need the page id to make changes. 

WordPress page id helps you to control your website, organize and make changes according to your choice.

Find WordPress Page ID Without Plugin 

  • Login to your WordPress website dashboard and click on Pages. Then you will find two options as shown in the picture, including ” All pages ” and “Add New.”
How to Find WordPress Page/Post/Tag/Category ID (Complete Guide) 1
  • Click on “All pages,” and you will find all the pages of your website. Now you can choose any of the pages for which you want to know page ID. 
page id
  • After opening the page, look at the URLs of the browser’s address bar. The URL contains post=[ID number]

How to Find WordPress Post ID? 

Finding the post id procedure is the same as page id. You will need to click on posts>All Posts.

 Next, select the post to see the ID. Then you will find the id in the URL like post =[Id number]

How to Find the Category & Tag ID?

 As mentioned earlier, this process is the same as before. The difference is you have to click on tags and categories, and other methods are the same.

Category ID

Find WordPress ID Using Show Name IDs Plugin

Searching for WordPress page id manually seems a lengthy process sometimes. Installing a plugin makes your task easy—various free plugins are available out there.

I’ll show you how you can make it easy using Show Pages IDs plugin.

  • Go to Plugins>Add New and search ”Show name IDs”. 
Show page Id
  • Install the plugin and activate it.
  • After activating the plugin you will find a separate column showing ID number in all pages, posts and categories.
page id by plugin


Finding WordPress page id or post, comments, tag, categories id is straightforward. If you think searching IDs page by page is time-consuming, then go for any free plugins or Show Name Ids to make your task smooth!

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