How To Improve Website Load Time In 60 Minutes?

WordPress is a popular CMS (content management software), which is a large platform. We can create a super-fast website by using this. But most of the time, we slow our site himself because we cannot take precautions before creating our site even after.

That’s why a web page loading time is the most significant barrier to increasing website traffic. Not only the web traffic but also you can lose your potential customers and subscribers even though search engine rank.

So in this quick post, I’m going to share how to optimize WordPress website load time by applying simple tips. These tips help you to increase 20% page speed if you follow.

Why Is Website Load Time Important?

There are numerous reasons to decrease website load time. Lazy page speeds always decrease the web traffic, potential customers and subscribers that you know. 

If you test web page speed by using online page speed checker tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix, or Google page speed test tool, your website should have up to 3% or (80%+ for Google speed test tool) page speed. The pro bloggers recommend this percent.

Google page speed test
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We personally like the Google page speed test tool that is supper for delivering accurate results, but you can use any of them.

But if you don’t think, your slow page speed does not matter for your website. It’s wrong!


Think here.

What happens if your website page speed is slow?

  • 11% Fewer page views
  • 16% Reduction in real customer activities.
  • 7% Slowness conversions (static source: Aberdeen Group)

According to the Amazon report, increased revenue of 1% for every 100 milliseconds improves page speed. (Source: Amazon)

On the other hand, According to the report of Walmart, 2% increase conversion for every 1 second of page speed improvement.

Not only are these statistics perfect for knowing about the importance of website load times, but also there are many real statistics on the internet. 

Even Google has included site speed for ranking algorithms. That’s why if your website takes a lot of time to open, you may lose your visitor, even your website rank.

Let’s fix that.

9 Super Useful Tips For Improving Website Load Time:

(1) Pick a perfect hosting:

Hosting is so essential. So without good hosting, you cannot improve your web page speed anyhow. If you don’t choose a perfect hosting provider, these tips will not be helpful to you.

Every newbie wants to choose shared hosting for the first time. Because they just want to start blogging or create a website.

But they don’t know most of the shared hosting is not perfect for massive traffic. When you gather more traffic to your website, incredibly, a shared hosting site slows down. So don’t be a victim, invest in proper hosting.

Tips: For the first time or beginner level and low traffic volume, Namecheap managed WordPress hosting is the best that we recommend.

We recommend using Siteground hosting for the page speed, uptime, security and other features.

(2) Use a perfect caching plugin:

WordPress plugins are more useful—some plugins under the caching category. The caching plugin must improve your page load time, and there is no doubt. All cache plugins are free to use, and you will get it from the WordPress plugin directory.

Tips: My best-recommended plugin is W3 total cache. This plugin is the best for your WordPress blog. Because all features of this plugin are easy to use. 

But if you have enough budget, you can use WP Rocket which is the best WordPress caching plugin ever that we recommend for you.

(3) Use the best CDN:

CDN (content delivery network), which is a server network that delivers static content cached from website to users based GEO-location. That’s why your website will not take a lot of time to open if you use a CDN service.

Tips: You can use Cloudflare CDN free, this is an excellent CDN service for all over the world. Currently, I’m using the Cloudflare CDN service on my blog at

Free is better but you can use a premium plan for getting more benefits.

(4) Minimize HTTP Requests:

According to Yahoo, 80% page loading time is spent to download a different piece of a page element like image, CSS, HTML, stylesheets, scripts, Flash, etc. So if you use more HTTP components, your web page will take more time to load.

So take the below steps…

  • Check HTTP request of your current page
  • Remove unnecessary images.
  • Reduce the file size Include an image
  • Remove another page which is the part of lazy load
  • Make JavaScript, asynchronous.
  • Combine CSS files together
  • 5.Enable browser caching:

When you first-time visit  a website, the HTTP elements like HTML document, stylesheets, and javascript files are stored on your browser in a cache. 

That’s why the next time you visit, the website loads the page without sending an HTTP request to the server. So it’s a vital element for reducing website page load time.

Tips: You can use many plugins for enabling browser caching. You can also use the W3 total cache plugin, which is the best free plugin for reducing browser cache.

(5) Optimize images (automatically):

The image is the other fact of web page loading. A large file image increases web page load time. If you use large images on your website, you should optimize image file size. If your image file size is over 100 KB, you should reduce size in 50 or lower.

Tips: For reducing image file size you can use many online tools. You can use photoshop software if you know about graphic design. 

Even if you want to reduce file size automatically, you can use the image optimizer plugin. 

we recommend www image optimizer and shortpixel image optimizer plugin.

(6) Minify your resources:

Minifying resources means removing unnecessary codes from your website template. Many WordPress themes have not been used CSS, HTML javascript code properly.

Also, maximum codes are used with colossal link break, extra spaces that are an essential fact for taking web page load time. So to reduce your website page loading time, you have to optimize all minified resources.

 Tips: You should minify your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript resources:

  • To minify HTML, try HTMLMinifier.
  • To minify CSS, try CSSNano.
  • To minify JavaScript, try UglifyJS.
  • If you are a WordPress user, you can use W3 total cache plugin for minifying HTML, CSS Javascript.

(7) Optimize your WordPress database:

When you write an article or draft a post, your site saves the data in your server database. Even if you update your web content, a copy of the old revision is kept in your database. So this type of process will increase your website page load time.

Tips: To reduce the page load time, you have to optimize your database regularly. Here you can use the database optimizer plugin for deleting old post revisions.

(8) Reduce the number of plugins:

Most of the plugins are not created by well coding. So when you use a lot of plugins on your site, probably your site will be slow loading.

Tips: To fast your website page speed, you should avoid using many plugins. When you use a plugin, you should analyze plugin coding, features, support, user rating etc for better understanding.

(9) Avoid bad requests:

Bad requests mean avoiding broken links. Broken links result in 404/410 errors that are wasteful requests.

Tips: To remove broken links from your site, you can use online broken link checker tools or use a WordPress dead link checker plugin that will help you to find out the broken links efficiently.


You have to concentrate on all components of your site to get fast loading speed. Besides, if you follow those nine tips, I’m sure your web page load time must increase. There is no doubt.

Attention: If you know more points about how to increase web page speed, please comment below.

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