How to Install Genesis Theme on WordPress? Beginner’s Guide

How to Install Genesis Theme on WordPress? Beginner's Guide 1

Are you looking for the best guide on how to install Genesis Framework & child theme on WordPress? Let’s know about the step-by-step guide on how to install the Genesis theme on WordPress and lots more. The guide is easy. We never miss any part so perfect for both beginners and professionals.

Before going through the step-by-step guide, you should know what is the Genesis Framework and Child theme of Genesis. What are the main purposes of both, etc?

What Is Genesis Framework?

Genesis Framework is a primary WordPress theme’s framework of StudioPress child themes that represents all child theme’s functions. 

Any child theme of StudioPress will not be installed without the Genesis Framework. Mainly the framework integrates features, security, performance of child themes, and helps to build the best possible website with the latest features and updates. 

So if you want to use a StudioPress theme even before installing a custom child theme, you have to install a Genesis Framework. So it has no alternatives.

What Is StudioPress Child Theme?

Child themes of StudioPress are themes that have been built with many features and categorized with niche and business. All theme’s functions and features are not equal. So you can buy a theme according to your business model. But one thing is that you must install a Genesis framework to enable the child theme function.

Buy StudioPress theme & Genesis framework.

How to Download Genesis Framework and Theme?

Genesis Framework is not free for use. The framework is powered by the popular WordPress theme builder StudioPress. So if you want to use this fast loading, well coded, and search engine friendly theme framework for your WordPress site, you have to buy. Currently, the price of the Genesis Framework is only $59.95 without the child theme.

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Can I Use Only Genesis Framework to Build My WordPress Site?

This is a good question. Nowadays people are mostly using drag and drop page builders like Divi, Elementor, Visual Composer even Block-based plugins. 

The good news is that recently StudioPress released a powerful site builder tool called Genesis Pro.  So with this plugin, you can build a dream website with Genesis framework using Genesis Pro’s Gutenberg blocks. So it is possible to build a WordPress theme using only the Genesis framework with Genesis Pro.

The price of the Genesis Pro is only $360/year. With this purchase of the pro plugin, you will get full access to StudioPress themes. Note that you don’t have to host your site on WPEngine if you buy it separately. 

How to Install the Genesis Framework and Child Theme (Step by Step)

Installing the Genesis Framework and child theme is the same if you install any theme before on your WordPress website. But If you are totally new in this field, read the step-by-step guide. 

In this guide, we will share three ways to install a theme on WordPress.

  1. Using WordPress dashboard directly.
  2. Using FTP Client.
  3. Using the cPanel.

Remember, after completing the whole guide, you can choose any of the methods. But at the end of the post, we will recommend the best one.

However, before going to the step-by-step tutorial, we hope you have bought both the child theme and framework. But if you don’t buy it until now, Go to StudioPress and buy the package of Genesis Framework and Child theme that you like.

Method #1: Using WordPress Dashboard

Firstly download the zip file of Genesis Framework and child theme from the StudioPress official site then go to the WordPress dashboard and click on the appearance>Theme.

Install theme

Then click Add New and click on the upload button. You will get an option to upload your theme’s zip file. So upload it and click on the Install Now.

upload WordPress theme

After successfully uploading the file, now it’s time to activate it. Click on the Active link. Now you are done.

Activate theme

The process is really simple. We recommend firstly install and active the Genesis Framework then using the same way install a Genesis Child theme.

Now your website is ready to live view with Genesis theme’s design. Next step, you have to customize the site design using the Genesis theme’s setting options. But In this guide, we will not explain to you the theme customization.

Method #2: How to Install Genesis Theme Using FTP?

FTP method is a very common and secure method for uploading files to the server. In this case, you have to create an FTP username and password from the cPanel. 

Firstly download the FTP software called FileZilla Client then install it on your computer.

Now open your FileZilla software.

Step#1: How to Connect FileZilla with your server?

Simply open the FileZilla software and enter your hostname, FTP username, FTP password, and enter port 21 then click on the ‘Quickconnect’ button.

Wait for a few seconds to establish a connection with your server.

Step #2: Find Directory Folder

You can find your WordPress theme directory folder from the right part of the FTP software after connecting with the site server.

So navigate to the Public_html > wp-content > themes directory folder. 

upload file via ftp

The next step, find your original downloaded Genesis theme file from the left part of the FTP software and upload the entire unzipped file from your pc to the server.

Now, wait for a few minutes to complete the uploading process.

After successfully uploading, go to the WordPress dashboard Appearance>Theme and click on the Genesis theme, and finally activate.

Method#3: How to install Genesis Theme Via cPanel?

Login to your cPanel using cPanel username and password then navigate the File Manager and go to  Public_html > wp-content > Themes.

Upload via cPanel

Now click on the upload link and a new tab will be open then upload your entire theme zip file.

After successfully uploading back to the previous tab.

In the next step, you have to unzip your theme file. To unzip, select the recently uploaded file and go to the ‘Extract’ located right side menu of the current tab.

Extract file from cpanel

Click on the Extract then Extract File(s) button. After successfully extracting, close the popup window and reload the current tab then you can delete your existing Zip file from the folder.

Now your Genesis theme is ready for the activate. The WordPress theme activation process is the same as discussed above.

After completing all processes of installing and activating, now its time to configure your Genesis child theme using the theme setting.

However, in this tutorial, we tried to explain how to install the Genesis theme on WordPress, even a child theme. We hope you have learned the right way to install the WordPress StudioPress theme and framework.

Also, if you have any questions about installing StudioPress products, please let us know via the comment section. We will try to write the best answer.

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