How to Login WordPress With WhatsApp?

WordPress is the most popular content management system that powers over 37% of websites on the web. We can create any website, even online stores using WordPress with the plugin Woocommerce. Operating WordPress is much easier for its easy-to-use interfaces and huge plugin collection. But you don’t know how to login WordPress with WhatsApp. 

We all know by default WordPress allows you to login with username/email and password. But to add more creative features or custom login form on your login page, you have to use a custom login form plugin for getting a better user experience.

Login WordPress With WhatsApp

But the question is that why you need a custom login form? You should use a customized login form or WhatsApp login to easier the entire login process. Also, this feature is good for professional websites and online stores which are powered by WordPress CMS for getting an excellent user experience.

However, in this step-by-step tutorial, I’m going to share a guide on how to add the Whatsapp login widget in the WordPress default login page.

Simple Guide To Login WordPress With WhatsApp

You can’t add the WhatsApp login feature in WordPress manually if you have no coding knowledge. So the best solution for you is to use a plugin.

Here, I’ll use a plugin named LoginMojo that is an early rising plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. 

However, login to your WordPress site and go to Plugin» Add New then search plugin called ‘LoginMOJO’ in the search bar.

Loginmojo plugin

Then Install and activate it like any other plugins installation and activation process.

Now go to LoginMojo in the WordPress dashboard then Click on its Settings. You will see a dashboard of the LoginMojo plugin.

Now enter LoginMojo gateway information. To activate this plugin, you have to create its API key. 

To create its API (You don’t need to download WhatsApp desktop software instead you can use WhatsApp web to complete LoginMojo signup). 

However, signup LoginMojo with your WhatsApp number then sends a message to them. Your account will be automatically created. After that, you’ll be redirected to the LoginMojo dashboard.

loginmojo token tab

Now click on the ‘API Tokens’ tab and enter your API name(it would be anything) then click on the ‘Create’ button. Copy your API key.

loginmojo api

Next Back to the WordPress LoginMojo dashboard and enter your newly created API key. Then Generate your webhook URL and finally hit the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Gateway information

Now go to your WordPress profile then enter your WhatsApp mobile number otherwise you cannot log in with WhatsApp.

enter number

Next step: Go to its ‘Features’ section then active login with WhatsApp option. You can also integrate this plugin with the Woocommerce plugin to enable WhatsApp login in the Woocommerce login page.

loginmojo features

If you want, you can enable the WhatsApp login for specific countries using the only country and prefix country options. Also, you can use WhatsApp’s login widget on any page using its shortcode [WHATS_LOGIN].

Now all your steps are done.

You can login your WordPress site with WhatsApp login credentials. 

Now go to your WordPress login page. To login with WhatsApp, click on the button ‘Login with WhatsApp’ then open any version, web or desktop of WhatsApp and finally send a message to system login number.

(Note: you must have a WhatsApp account and login them before going to the WordPress login process)

How to Login WordPress With WhatsApp? 1

Final Words

WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social login widget can make the WordPress login process much easier. This type of login method can boost customer signup than default signup or login process.

So, using the LoginMojo WhatsApp plugin, you can increase good user experience of your website. It’s a widely used alternative to SMS / OTP verification which is much more secure.

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