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How to Migrate WordPress to AWS? Step By Step Guide

Are you looking for a solution to host WordPress to AWS?

Well, here you will get an insightful, easy to understand guidance below on How to migrate WordPress to AWS? We know many developers now want to migrate WordPress to AWS for the betterment.

Let’s get a quick and concise idea of (AWS) Amazon EC2 and WordPress.

Developers use Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud to make a constraint watch on their web applications, and it also helps to personalize the cloud’s capacity.

How to migrate WordPress to AWS
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On the other hand, WordPress is a cool CMS software and assists in making attractive blogs and websites.

Steps of how to migrate WordPress to AWS?

Let’s follow the steps of Migration of WordPress to AWS:

Step 1: Migrate Website to AWS

Initiate an account on EC2

Firstly, you have to sign in into an Amazon Web Services account to migrate from Siteground to AWS (Here I have used Siteground for the example purpose but you can use any hosting provider).

Then click on the Service option. You will see this at the top of the site. Then you will find the EC2 link in the compute column. After clicking on several options, you will see selected Instances from them.

How to Migrate WordPress to AWS? Step By Step Guide 1
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Launch Instance and WordPress AWS image

Let’s migrate the WordPress instance. Here you can initiate a new EC2 instance to click on the Launch Instance option. Then you will see various kinds of Amazon Machine pictures. You may go for any type of option available under this option. But we find Amazon Linux AMI is convenient to migrate WordPress to AWS install. Then go to Select option and try eligible t3.micro for your instance. If your device supports more memory, then you may go for a higher instance. You need to check the configure instance details.

launch aws instance
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Aws Marketplace
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  • Selecting Subnet

The next step of how to upload a WordPress website on AWS includes choosing a subnet. Now go to the Add Storage option.

  • Adding Tags

After choosing reliable storage for you, and for your preferred instance, go for the Add tags option. Then press on the Next button, then fix the security group’s structure and name it.

  • Adding Rule and Launch AWS

After setting the security group, go for the Add Rule button. Here you need to integrate two rules for accessing HTTP and HTTPS. Next, go to the Review and Launch button. Here you have to launch your Amazon Web Series EC2 instance.

  • Creating SSH key

Afterward, the site would like to know about the new key pair for WordPress migration, so you have to click on “create a new key pair” option.

Give a name key pair, and click the download key pair button, keep it safe. This key pair will be required again for linking the EC2 instance. Finally, go for a launch option and confirm your new instance, whether it is working.

Download key pair
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  • Checking WordPress authentication

You can check your WordPress authentication by going to the Service button.

aws launch status
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Step 2: How to transfer WordPress site from localhost to another localhost

  1. Shift domain Name

You have successfully done the process of installing WordPress on an AWS EC2. Now you have to move the domain name to AWS.

Do not worry, because the public IP address will be considered your website’s domain name.

associate address
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  1. Generate Hosted Zone and Record

The next step clicks on the Create Hosted Zone option and then go to the Create Record set. Here you have to enter the public IP address or domain name, which you have created already.

Check aws console url
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  1. Give ‘CNAME’ Record

Now you have to select CNAME for your record, give your domain name, and click on the created option. Finally check and confirm your site is approved or not.

Create Record set
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enter record set details
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Step 3: WordPress migration plugin

  1. Download WordPress Migration

Now you can download the All-In-One WP Migration Plugin from your WP website. You can read about top WordPress migration plugins.

Install all in wp migration plugin
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  1. Transmit Website File

Now you have to access the All-in-one WP migration plugin, then activate it, click on the link given in the WordPress sidebar column and choose Export to then File.

upload file
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  1. Import File

Here you have to select Import From and then file from the same location.

import site
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  1. Change Permalink Texture

When your file is imported into Google Cloud, you have to go to settings to change Permalink’s structure and choose one Permalink.

Final Words

Hopefully, this above step by step guide will assist you to understand how to migrate WordPress to AWS? Each step is discussed in a simple way and in a detailed manner. Just go through it before migrating WordPress to AWS.

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