How To Sell courses from your own website

Creating an online course is one of the best ways to make money online. As a content creator, you can work from home. 

There are various ways to create an online course on the internet and publish those on your website. After preparing an online course, you have to choose the website to publish it. You can use the self-hosted LMS solution like WordPress to sell your courses online. You could also use Thinkific, which is a “hosted” solution. 

We will guide you on how to sell your online course on your own website.

Most Important Things To Sell Courses From Your Own Website

There are lots of facts to sell courses online. But below points, you should consider if you want to grow your online course selling business. So let’s start to know the mandatory points.

Sell Courses From Your Own Website

(1) Creating an online course that people demand. 

An online course idea should not be launched instantly. Entrepreneurs invest their efforts to identify what their audience is looking for. Before publishing an article, it must be researched with proper consideration. 

To sell an online course from your own website, you have to pay more attention. LMS solution gives you the flexibility and options to get long term revenue. 

Before publishing on the website, figure out the topic that you want to teach. You have to have a passion for teaching others through your course. Come up with at least ten-course ideas by research. The specific course idea gets more popularity. 

After you get a profitable course idea, don’t forget to validate it. Publishing without verifying will not bring you enough traffic or profit. 

Think about creating a shorter content. Most of the content creators create something broad. Make sure your course addresses a specific problem with a specific solution.

(2) Validation of an idea

You have to set up some objectives with a focused mind. Then think about the client’s benefits and solutions about this online course. 

The best way to get an idea is to ask the people you’re creating your course for. You should also ask them to follow up on questions to get their response. Identify the facts they are having trouble with. Identify the point where they are stuck. 

This is how you will get a clear idea about how you can benefit them with your course materials. Ask about their preferred courses and training material. This information will help you understand the success ratio of your online course. 

(3) Compile the Content

Your focused idea and listed benefits are the guidance to compile your content. 

Any fresh ideas while creating the content should be pointed out for future use. It’s a good idea to pack it all in a single course. 

After finishing one-course content, think about your next content for the students. If the published course gains popularity, then you should plan the next

Finish all the course preparations before launching them on the website. It will help you to run the project smoothly and without any overwork.

(4) Launch a beta release

Launch a beta release on your website before releasing a full version of the course. Setting up a milestone for your course will help you track down the checkpoints. It will help you to improve the quality of your course and get success on your project. 

Online course builders and membership site builders suggest a beta release. It is an easy way of quality control of your course without any pressure.

You may take long hours to create content. Still, there is an easy way to improve the user experience for the students. Course creators usually offer free or discounted membership. These members can give you potential feedback about your course. With that feedback, you can make the necessary changes in our course materials. This is how you can take your course rating from good to excellent five out of five. 

WordPress or Thinkfic are the ideal platforms to launch the beta version of your course. Hosted platforms will launch and run your course smoothly. It’s an easy way to minimize your investment cost and to set it up. 

Remember that you have to start from scratch after launching a beta version. You need to replicate the same version with a different mechanism for the full release. 

(5) Build an attractive and engaging course

Creating a course requires creative thinking and planning. Publishing it online on your website means you are advancing it to technical terms. While working on a website, you have to integrate and troubleshoot with systems. Represent a course topic that is fit for the current market demand. You have to select attractive features to represent them on the web. 

(6) Select secured hosting to get more traffic 

Always use secured hosting platforms as a course author. WordPress will give you a secured hosting solution to support fluctuating traffic growth. WordPress has a better hosting platform to keep your site safe from hackers. 

People signup on a website for online courses with trust. They expect that their information will be safe with your dedication. The generalized edition is an SSL certification for secured gateway usage. You should have a website with SSL certification. There are websites that won’t accept payment without SSL certification. 

Select a reliable hosting provider will give you technical support. They will have a support team ready to help you with any issue. A reliable hosting provider will have SSL certification installed. We recommend Bluehost or A2hosting.

(7) Choose a proper theme for your online course. 

In a self-hosted WordPress site, you will face some challenges in publishing your course. You have to customize and work from scratch on that theme. 

You will get the flexibility and opportunity to create something unique and original. The only challenge is that you have to set up everything by yourself on the website. So, there are lots of work involved to finalize the website. 

You have to be clear about the theme and template that you are looking for. You have to select the menus, content types, and other particular specifications on your theme. There are lots of course design templates out there in WordPress. You should select a layout that will enhance your technical experience. We will recommend the Astra theme or Generatepress.

A hosted solution like WordPress will make your life easier. They have presented all the features for designing purposes. You have to add the contents that you want to represent on your website. WordPress themes such as Beaver Builder has the best templates to host the online course. You won’t be needing any extra work to host your content through this theme. There are many more theme options which you should check out. 

(8) Course plugin for better structure and flexibility

Some users are not interested in getting the full version of any theme. They prefer to use the cheap version of the theme and tools to minimize the cost. 

To sell online courses from your own website, you should have a theme with premium access. Premium themes will give you premium features. You will get a theme without any glitch or technical issues. It will satisfy the subscribers to get a quick response to any content. 

Select the features that you don’t want to compromise while publishing the online course. Different membership options, payment gateways, and drip-release courses are some non-negotiable features. Research a plugin that supports your non-negotiable features for your course representation. Then install the plugin that will deliver your specific requirements. 

WordPress offers so many options for the best hosted solution under your budget. It will serve your client with a smoother experience than another cheap course plugin. 

A robust plugin with all the features is always tempting because you can build online courses, checklist, progress tracking, and many more. 

The only issue is that you have to invest more time on setup before getting any revenue from your courses. Before adding any complicated plugin with all the options, start with a simple tool. Start with a proven, straightforward plugin that will provide you the necessary options. 

Things to Consider On Your Course Selling Site

(1) Selling the course

Start planning about getting revenue after successfully launching the course on your website. The primary goal is to gain profit from your online course. Create a system that will help you to get recurring revenue for your business. 

(2) Perfect sales page

Your sales page will be the storefront of your online course. It must be attractive and convincing enough so that people will get in without any second thought. 

(3) Checkout form

Your course plugin should offer a recurring subscription, payment plans, and discounts. These options will give quick selling access to your courses. 

It also should include an abandoned cart sequence. It indicates the lost sales if someone leaves before completing the transaction. Take additional security measures, such as SCA (Secure Customer Authentication).

(5) Support students 

You need to engage and interact appropriately with your students. It will help you to increase engagement in your course. Perform a 1-1 session with your subscribers and students. Ask frequent questions about the course to get the points where you need to improve. Maintain an attitude of active listening for taking actions for necessary issues.

Another easy way to increase engagement is group chat. You should have a chatting option on your website to get the necessary opinions. All course members can freely interact on a group chat. You can get all the essential info at once through this engagement process. 

(6) Tracking Metrics

Tracking metrics will help you to increase your profit and grow opportunities from an online course. You will get a forecast and evaluate your revenue. Decisions can be taken with informed data to improve the overall health of your company. You can get the statistics on your LMS dashboard.

(7) Increase your Profit through Automation

Automation and integration will increase your customer support. Many automation options to send you emails when someone subscribes. WordPress has these simple features with some advanced marketing automation systems. 

All-in-one solutions like WordPress will make your life easier. The entire system is automated, with one integration.


Do not hesitate to sell your talent on the web. If you have created a course content, then publish it through your website. It is an easy way to gain profit and also help others to learn different topics.

Also, selling online courses on your website allows you to take control of the full process. A hosted platform like WordPress is the ideal website builder. Here you will get the best plugin and setup for selling your online courses.

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