How to Sell Music Online? Ultimate Guide for Beginners and Professionals

Looking to know how to sell music online? Want to know how you can reach a greater online fanbase? Read this article to get answers to these questions.

The age of digital tech has revolutionized our way of life. It has changed our life in so many ways. The music artists are no different.

Technological advancement has allowed upbeat rookies and novices to show off their talents. They can now stream their intellectual property straight to the fan base.

They don’t have to rely on big media and entertainment services, labels, or other established outlets. This means they can now directly sell their creations online to their die-hard fans and make money with music.

In this article, we are going to walk you through how a newbie artist can expect to sell music online.

To-Do’s Before Start Selling

Prior to sharing your music online commercially, you need to make sure you got enough reach and exposure in the market.

It would be best if you created strong followers on your all-media channels before you start selling. You have to run a comprehensive marketing, promotional, and branding campaign to convince the patrons why they should spend their hard-earned dough on your music.

Social media is the best place to start. At first, the operation might be small, but there will be a lot of room for aggressive expansion.

Open and boost your music channel/page on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Upload your tracks, snippets, and short clips there to entice the fan.

You may hire online page moderators to maintain a unique and attractive profile on social media. Your band’s name and logo are excellent promotional tools. So, make sure you have got those things sorted out.

If you cannot create your brand logo or page cover, you can freely make these from the Namecheap maker tool.

Sell Your Music on Popular Music Publishing Sites



Spotify is the top music stream publishing service in the world at this moment. If you are not affiliated with a major label, you may find it difficult to upload your music here.

However, if you are associated with distributor services, you can sell your music on this retailer quite easily. The digital retailers also will commercially list your tracks on a wide range of sites such as iTunes, Amazon, Google play, and others.

Some major options preferred by retailers and artists are CD baby, TuneCore, rumble fish, distrokid, etc.

CD baby


CD baby is the top digital distributor available for newcomers. They don’t charge any annual fees. It has a pretty easy user interface. Customers pay only when they buy a single track or album.

They only take a 9% sales commission per digital sale. As for the physical copies, they charge 4 bucks per piece. You get to earn loyalties.

CD baby is often the most relied on-site for their help on licensing the track or a single song on YouTube music. The site also gives the option to buy straight from their Facebook pages.



Unlike CD baby, Distrokid is an annual subscription-based music distribution service. The company may be new, but they give the other established players a run for their money. The annual fee is one-time.

With a single payment, you can upload and start selling your music. For creative artists, Distrokid comes in pretty handy.

Currently, they offer only four places to stream and download tracks. They are iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.

However, if you are a rookie artist, you are indeed looking to make a name on these retailers as they are the most popular.



TuneCore’s most significant plus point will give you access to the top 74 music stores the moment you sign up.

However, they will charge you annually for your membership and add-ons for your preferred distribution market places.

On the other hand, you get to keep all of your sales revenue.



Rumblefish’s policy is pretty simple. They just split the sales revenue 50/50. You don’t have to pay any fee upfront when you sign up or pay yearly fees. They just keep half of every sale. 

Rumblefish is best known for its association with tv series, movies, games, and other projects where soundtracks need to be licensed.

Therefore, you can hope to give copyrights to big producers for shows and movies via partnering up with them.

Having Your Own Website 

Maintaining your website could be a very convenient and personalized way of selling your music online.

That way, you could maintain a very steady stream of mailing contacts and followers. Get further reach of your targeted audience. They can directly buy from you. More times than not, the buyers find pleasure in buying from the original artist.

Selling from your website means you don’t have to pay any subscription fees or split the revenue.

You can set your price and customize the albums as you see fit. The website will be reachable in most of the countries in the world where services like Spotify and YouTube music are yet to be available.

Once they buy from you, you will also get their mailing address to get in touch with them and make further sales.

There are no privacy concerns as you control and streamline the flow of information and data. Also, the added benefit of user traffic will mean your website is more marketable.

Here is the short guide on how to create a website easily.

Now your site is ready to selling online. To get more sales, you should digitally advertise your site on Facebook, Google ads, Email Marketing, and more online platforms.

Extra Tips

Make sure you provide the consumers with coupons and offers from time to time. Let them enjoy discounts on special occasions. This will raise your profile and make you a fan-favorite.

Furthermore, always keep the option of pre-ordering active and running. Bundle your tracks in exciting packages to make buying convenient for your dearly valued patrons. 

Your tracks should always have physical versions. Most people are indeed shifting to digital format, but there’s room for a small section of fans who prefer the traditional ways.

Last but not least, make sure the radio stations have access to your online tracks. They are one of the biggest spenders on music.

Bottom Line

This was our comprehensive guide on selling your music. By following them, you can simultaneously earn revenue and uplift your music career. Hope you enjoyed the read. Happy streaming.

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