is avada theme good for seo

Is Avada Theme Good for SEO In 2022? Should You Use It?

Avada WordPress theme is one of the best and most popular themes on the market. It has been downloaded more than 7M+ million times, and it has a 5-star rating. This is just one of the many reasons we find it great to use as a WordPress theme.

Besides, the theme is fully responsive and can be used on any device, including tablets and mobile phones.

There is no doubt that the Avada theme is a popular choice for WordPress websites. But does that mean it’s good for SEO? Let’s take a closer look.

Pros & Cons: Is Avada Theme Good for SEO?

Pros of Avada Theme:

  • Avada is one of the highest-reviewed themes on ThemeForest
  • Avada has many built-in options for SEO
  • Optimized code to help Avada theme run faster
  • Has an advanced page template system that includes 85+ pre-made templates for every type of page
  • Feature-rich design, allowing you to tell your brand story quickly
  • Avada provides a highly flexible experience that will not limit how you want to design your website
  • Unlimited color options, 100s of fonts, and more.

Cons of Avada Theme:

  • Not suitable for small businesses with low budgets
  • Many features so these sometimes can be overwhelming
  • It provide customer supports the first 6 months after purchase, so it is not good.
  • The quick start guide is not in-depth and not easy to understand.
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Why Is the Avada Theme Search Engine Friendly?

SEO Content Management Tools:

Avada has all the tools you need to get your site SEO optimized. This means that every time you post a new page or blog post, both the meta title and meta description tags are automatically generated for you by Avada.

No more repetitive tasks; just write a post and let Avada do all the work!

Title & Tagline:

You can manually edit both the page title and meta description of any page or post inside of Avada’s Title & Meta section. Avada also gives you the option to edit or completely remove your page titles and meta descriptions.

With Avada giving you all the control, your titles and descriptions will always be perfect!

Customizable Footer Layouts:

Avada has the option to remove the footer and have a custom footer on every page or post. If you choose to have a custom footer on every page, this gives more SEO control of the footer since it is not possible to have different meta descriptions in the footer for every page.

Logical Coding:

Avada is fully compatible with W3C validation. That means you can rest assured knowing that your site is not only beautiful but also efficient and up to global web standards!

Avada’s code structure makes SEO maintenance easy just because it is coded logically. It becomes second nature once you know where something needs to be added, changed, or removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Avada theme slow?

Avada has recently been under fire by the WordPress community for being “slow” due to loading large amounts of shortcodes on all pages.

Google speed test insights reveal the page loading time on a desktop was an average of 85%; however, the page loading time on mobile was considerably much longer to load at an average of 65% because of the number of shortcodes Avada uses.

So overall, it is not a faster theme because of its size, so that it can cause poor SEO.

How do I make Avada theme faster?

If you are concerned about this, then looking into full page caching or a cache plugin will give a faster response time. Also, removing unnecessary shortcodes codes to speed up the loading time too.

I recommend using a high-rated WordPress performance plugin called Perfmatters or Asset Cleanup. Both will help speed up the site by removing unnecessary files, minifying CSS/javascript, optimizing images, and much more.

Note: Removing shortcodes is not always recommended. Only remove shortcodes if you know how they will affect your page.

Is the Avada theme compatible with the page builder plugin?

Yes, it is compatible with the page builder plugin. However, because of the design of Avada, you may experience some glitches. If you have a problem, don’t hesitate to contact support to help you out.

Should you get the Avada theme?

Although Avada has tons of features for many people, it might not be the best choice if you plan to build a small website. It has many shortcodes, which slows down the site and high storage space and bandwidth usage.

I think the theme is not suitable for blogging purposes, but you can use it for WooCommerce, businesses, or company even agency sites. You can use it for portfolio sites too.

Overall, the theme is best if you plan to build a site with lots of content and the ability to add lots of media elements.

Summary: Is Avada Theme Good for SEO?

So, has the Avada Theme lived up to its reputation? It is by far one of the most popular theme choices for people creating WordPress websites, and there are many reasons for that. It’s stunningly beautiful, flexible, easy to use and maintain, but is it good for SEO?

First, let me say that Avada will not hurt your site from an SEO perspective. However, if you have problems with your website rankings, you need to look at the content and structure of your site. There’s a lot more to it than just having a good-looking website, in my opinion.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, Avada is a powerful and well-built theme, but you need to work with it correctly. Also, it has enough SEO features for most people from the SEO aspect.

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