iThemes Security vs Wordfence: Which One Should You Use?

Looking for the iThemes Security vs Wordfence information which helps you to choose the best one for your website. To get a clear idea of which is the best, read this compersion review first to last.

Wordfence and iThemes security both are the top-rated security plugin. So to keep the WordPress site more secure you should use one.

In this post, we will guide you thoroughly, which security plugin is suitable for your website. Also, we can compare these security plugins in detail from several parameters. Well, let’s get started!

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iThemes Security Vs Wordfence – Compression

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iThemes Security vs Wordfence – Overview

Before going to the main discussion about iThemes Security and WordFence, you should know the brief history of those plugins. Here we have mainly compared their pro features and benefits including price. So let’s start…

What Is iTheme Security?

iThemes Security takes various measures to protect your WordPress site. WordPress sites are usually an easy target by hackers because of plugin vulnerabilities and other unusual activists.

The iTheme Security plugin can tackle over 40+ vulnerabilities and can also fix common holes and build up user certifications. iThemes is easy to use and very beginner-friendly that can operate any newbies.

Besides, it allows synchronizing with multiple websites using iThemes Sync add-on plugin which is also premium. This addon helps you to operate multiples WordPress sites from one dashboard.

Overall iThemes Security is a lightweight, well-coded WordPress security plugin that every website love and still thinks that it completely helps to protect WordPress site from unwanted hacks.

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What Is WordFence?

Wordfence security has gathered over 2 million dynamic users. It is trendy and famous for several reasons.

The plugin is easy to use & effortless to setup; although, there are a few options where it does require some manual configurations, and it gives you a server-side scanner that is powerful. 

Also, It scans your entire installation & the whole process is quite excellent.

Wordfence provides a highly secure web application firewall, which operates at the endpoint, ensuring your server with better protection than other cloud firewalls.

It also comes with a Wordfence central dashboard that you can easily use to configure the whole settings without much knowledge. Even it allows tracking of multiple sites and events.

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iThemes Security Vs Wordfence – Features

iThemes Security Core Features

  • Enforces strong password.
  • Sends out security reports.
  • Google Recaptcha will defend your website.
  • Locks out users having too many failed login attempts or with 404 errors.
  • It has Two-factor authentication for logging in a feature that gives an extra security layer and Short-term Privilege intensification.
  • Track users when they edit content, login, or log out from the site.
  • Notification Center
  • Away Mode
  • File Permissions
  • Database Backups
  • SSL Configuration
  • File Change Detection
  • Network Brute Force Protection
  • System Tweaks
  • Bypass lockouts using a Magic Link.
  • Real-time overview of the security activity
  • User Security Check
  • Trusted Devices (Beta)
  • Settings Import and Export & more.

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WordFence Security Core Features

  • Scans the public configurations very efficiently.
  • A well-customized firewall suite includes country blocking, manual blocking, real-time threat defense, and brute force protection. Real-time monitoring prevents hack attempts, including their source, IP address, time of the day, and time spent.
  • Implements a site-wide firewall to guard you against global threats.
  • Wordfence Live Traffic is a controlling tool that enables you to analyze activity on your site in real-time, including traffic not shown by Google Analytics and other Javascript loggers.
  • The country blocking feature helps you to protect your wp site. It is designed to stop an attack, stop content theft, or end malicious activity that originates from a geographic area in less than 1/300,000th of a second. Blocking countries that are frequently creating unsuccessful logins.
  • It has Two-factor authentication for the login feature that gives an extra security layer.
  • Leaked PW protection: information breaches have become all too frequent lately, arming attackers with millions of usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data. Wordfence now includes protection against these specific threats.

iThemes Security vs Wordfence – Real-Time Threat Resistance Feed

Wordfence Security

Wordfence allows free sign up, but its genuine star feature is the real-time threat resistance feed, considering that it is a subsidiary of an analytics company. 

Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin

Wordfence uses this feed to alert users from being hacks and compromises. It also utilizes an extensive network to keep an eye on the renowned IPs of attackers; it will block them from entering all websites having Wordfence installed.

So WordFence Security is a useful security plugin, because of its significant bant load on your server and has a clunky user interface.

IThemes Security

iThemes Security prevention system can detect changes in core files, hacker’s actions, editing files, and will be notified to you through email.

It enforces secure password usage and blocks users after one or too many login attempts. It is useful to keep malicious bots out of the site from brute force attack.

Ithemes Security features

One on the other side, iThemes have some features which may slow down your site. Overall works better than Wordfence, and you can easily avoid the traffic and jamming problem as iThemes security has various features to choose from so that it will be the best for your site security.

iThemes security vs Wordfence – Security Authentication & Alerts

The similarity is that they both have two-factor authentication, alert modifications, malware scanners, and file-change detectors, but Wordfence repairs it, provides extra service and does a content safety check for you.

Whereas iTheme security has lots of features magic links, Hide Backend, 404 Detection, Database Backups, Trusted Devices (Beta), and more that you will not get in Wordfence.

So if you iThemes pro version then it will completely protect your site from being hacked or any malicious attack.

IThemes Security Vs Wordfence – Pricing

iThemes Security Pricing

Ithemes security license for 1-site about $80 and for ten sites approximately $127 per year.

iThemes Security Pro

Wordfence pricing

Wordfence pricing plan works a little differently than iThemes. 1-site license costs about $99. But, the more licenses you buy, the bigger discount you will get that’s the catchy part here

Wordfence Premium licenses

So as for the pricing, we see that iThemes is more affordable but one thing, the price for 1-site licenses doesn’t differ by a lot.

So you can go and purchase whichever plugin you prefer. But if you are willing to buy more than one license, iThemes security is the more feasible choice.

IThemes Security Vs Wordfence – Pros & Cons

iThemes Security Plugin


  • Super easy to install, just by a few clicks.
  • Less complexity.
  • Suitable for beginners to start with.
  • iThemes Security makes regular backups of your WordPress database, allowing you to get back online quickly in the event of an attack.


  • This plugin is useful for defensive measures only and should not be relied on for full shelter.
  • Does not offer complete protection of your sites, such as partial spam protection and malware cleaning.

Wordfence Security Plugin


  • It has a built-in Firefall.
  • WP security scanner checks and repairs files that have changed by overwriting them with a pristine, original version and quickly delete any files that don’t belong.
  • Provide some unique tools like cell phone sign-in and password auditing.


  • Complex configuration.
  • Those who use the community version are delayed by 30 days.
  • Paid members can get customer support priority, while other customers sadly have to wait to receive their services.

Which One Should You Choice?

In our research of those plugins, iThemes Security WordPress plugin is the best from all aspects of the security levels.

The plugin is able to protect your WordPress site at least 90% better than Wordfence. Although iThemes security cannot auto delete malware whereas Wordfence can do this. So it is a great feature if you buy Wordfence.

Besides, iThemes is a cost-effective plugin than other security plugins. So you can undoubtedly go with iThemes security pro.

IThemes Vs Wordfence Final Verdicts

We believe your WordPress website will get benefits from installing a security plugin. If you are a beginner and about to start, iThemes Security is just perfect for you as it is suitable for smaller business websites, whereas Wordfence is ideal for a more prominent business site with sensitive data.

So we hope you are much clear of iThemes Security vs Wordfence and able to choose the best one for your WordPress site.

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