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LearnDash Review (2022): #1 LMS WordPress Plugin

When you are looking for a learning management system (LMS) plugin to simplify the administration of your courses, you should check out learndash.

Using this plugin, you are able to manage your courses quickly and easily, including creating and managing your course content, grading, and evaluation.

So if you are also interested in this plugin, but wish to know its benefits and disadvantages, then please review my review. Here I will share my thoughts about this wonderful plugin. Let’s begin.

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Overview Of LearnDash


LearnDash is one of the oldest and most popular LMS plugins for WordPress. This plugin has been used by many renowned online institutions and universities since its launch in 2012.

LearnDash has also partnered with Astra, an open-source WordPress theme that can help you create a high-quality educational website.

You can create courses, quizzes, and categories. Keep track of the progress of users and reward them with points, awards and certificates. Due to the convenience and features offered, it is used by both large and small educational institutions and businesses.

Using this professional plugin, you can schedule the courses as you see fit. If you purchase the pro version, you will receive all updates and support for one year.

It gives you the experience you expect from a learning management system and integrates with all the necessary plugins. You can add WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Buddypress, Stripe, Paypal, Mailchimp, and so forth. 

LearnDash Review: Quick Core Features

  • Focus mode
  • Multi Language support
  • Manual grading system
  • Certificate expiration notification
  • SCORM compliance
  • Storyboarding
  • Blended learning
  • Synchronous learning
  • Drag-and-drop course builder
  • Corporate/Business features
  • Learner portal
  • Built-in course authoring

Pros and Cons of LearnDash

LearnDash Pros

  • The User Interface is very simple
  • Gamification for an interactive reward system.
  • Compatible with SCORM
  • Multiple Add-ons increase functionality
  • Support is reliable with trusted users and developers to solve a problem. 

LearnDash Cons

  • Cost is much higher
  • It has a learning curve

Highlighted Features Of LearnDash

Content Creation And Management

LearningDash offers a unique course delivery system in which courses are delivered directly to students on a predetermined date.

As a learning management system, LearnDash can be extended with a wide range of plugins and theme integrations to give it many advantages over Tutor LMS.

LearnDash has a very minimalist user interface. You can operate it from the WordPress dashboard, and the UI is identical to that of the WordPress default. The options do not require much explanation, but each function has its own tutorial.

LearnDash backend interface

On the left sidebar, you will find all the options. On the overview page, you will find all the tutorials for each setting. With the completion of the Bootcamp, you will have full control over the LearnDash LMS plugin.

There is a video tutorial associated with every setting so that you can understand the function as you work. 

LearnDash backend courses option

To make it easy for you to access all the available options, they have been listed at the top.  Additionally, LearnDash offers a classic editor, you may use these.

Advanced Quizzes 

Quizzes are an easy-to-use feature for both developers and end-users. It is one of the best ways to change the idea that studying is boring. In addition, the add-ons enhance the website’s functionality by providing advanced features. 

For creating a quiz within a lesson, you must go to the Learndash menu and click on Quizzes. Then click on add new and give the quiz a title. Next, go to the “Builder” and begin creating questions.

Advanced Quizzes 

Once you have completed the question, you can save it. You can also continue editing. In the quiz option, you will get 8 different types of questions. The drag and drop editor allows you to drag the answers up or down using the tiles icon.

After completing the quiz, you can add it using the shortcode or directly from the Courses option. You may insert the quiz into any section or lesson. The Quizzes option is located in the right-hand sidebar of the Course page in the “Builder” menu.

LearnDash Course Builder

LearnDash is compatible with Gutenberg by default. Using the Gutenberg editor, you can create a course from scratch. There are many creative features available in the Gutenberg editor to start with.

LearnDash Course Builder

Besides, Learndash works with many popular page builders as well.

You can do some amazing things with any page builder, but you will always be lacking something.

To build a course, you will need to select the “Courses” tab on the LearnDash menu. Then click on “Add New” and enter the title of the course. Click on the “Builder” setting and add new lessons and courses.

LearnDash new course setting

There are options for adding “New Section Heading” and “New Lesson“. It also includes a quiz feature. The right-hand sidebar allows you to add an existing quiz. 

In order to add a new lesson, click on “New Lesson,” enter a title, and click “Save“. Afterwards, click “Update” to apply the change. Click “Edit” on the newly created lesson. This will open a lesson page, where you can add content.

You may choose either the WordPress editor or the page builder to add your content. You can add PDF, Video, or Text-based content according to your lesson plan.

Course Management

LearnDash is designed with as much control between you and the courses. You can create courses and assign tutors for them to set up. You can create groups and sub-groups and then give your tutors the ability to manage their own courses for each one. 

A tutor can give out assignments, award points, request approval for comments and submit answers to specific students. 

LearnDash makes it possible to change your curriculum template depending on your particular needs. It also gives you the ability to manage the content you offer to students.

LearnDash course management

The settings tab in the “Courses” menu allows you to decide whether to allow the course to be free or paid. In addition, you can set up a custom link for the course by subscribing to it or enrolling manually. 

Focus Mode

The problem with front-end development on an LMS is that it can appear very amateurish. When trying to learn something from a professional, an amateur platform is the last thing you need.

Learndash focus mode

Amateur means that the site can appear somewhat unsightly. Although I have removed the widgets from the sidebar, the content is on the left side of the page, while the sidebar takes up the entire right side.

It is a very unprofessional way to design an eLearning website. Learndash has added a life-saving feature to prevent this from occurring.

It is called the “Focus Mode.” In order to enable it, you must go to the Settings page, and then click on the General tab.

Learndash focus mode setting

After you have completed the process, the interface of each course and lesson will be automatically altered. You will see something similar to the following.

Learndash focus mode interface

Content is centered, a course/lesson list appears on the left, and a progress bar appears at the top. If you want, you can move the sidebar to the right and increase the content size to full width. It only takes a click to get an excellent, professional-looking eLearning website.

Reusable Content

In the course of creating an educational or tutorial website, you might create some similar courses. Suppose you have already created a course on Facebook ads and Twitter ads on your website.

Now you are planning to take the Complete Digital Marketing course. Are you prepared to offer those courses again? If you provide nothing new, you will likely want to use previous courses. LearnDash allows you to do so.

If you want to create a new course, you can use any of the course content, just like you can use items from the original course. You can find all the items on the right sidebar under the course builder settings.

Automation Rules via Engagement Triggers

The best feature of this plugin is its automatic trigger for sending email notifications to users. Most of the time, students begin a lesson and do not complete it. But if you utilize the engagement trigger appropriately, you may be able to significantly increase the compilation rate.

Learndash engagement triggers

The features I like are “enrolls in a course”, “completes a course”, and “X days before the course expires.” You can provide students with course-related documents when they enroll in a course.

Furthermore, when a student completes a course, sending him another closely related course can encourage him to purchase it. Moreover, you can use the deadline trigger to enhance engagement rates and use it as a call-to-action to increase course sales.

You can put users into different sales funnels using the Zappier tools in order to sell additional courses. It is a useful multi-purpose feature for content marketing.


You can also sell your courses as memberships. Rather than offering access to particular online courses, the LearnDash membership option allows you to create several subscription plans. Each plan has its own set of courses. 

The user will be automatically enrolled in all course content if they purchase access to a membership plan. You can either set the cost of a membership plan or allow it to be purchased and offered repeatedly (for instance, 19 dollars per month).

You can also sell the membership through WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. 

Payment Integration

People often enjoy simpler solutions, which require considerably less time and effort. LearnDash PayPal integration is fast, secure, and straightforward. 

With WooCommerce, you can integrate PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and hundreds of other payment providers. Also, LearnDash is compatible with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). You may utilize the system to work using the solutions that you are familiar with.

In Learndash, PayPal is already integrated, so you will not have to search for it when installing the site. Although you will need to provide some payment and banking information, which should only take a few seconds.

However, you do not need to install any additional plugins or apps for the payment system.

LearnDash Certification

A certificate is extremely important to some individuals. After completing a course, you are likely to desire a certificate that verifies your learning.

It is very simple to create a certificate using LearnDash. All you need to do is select “Certificate” from the LearnDash menu, enter a title, and then add contents. By using the “set featured image” feature, you can add graphics to the certificate to make it visually appealing. This will add a background to the certificate.

In order to preview your certificate, you must first add a quiz and then assign it to the quiz. Next, open the quiz in a new tab and answer the questions correctly. Upon passing, you will be able to download your certificate as a PDF file.

By downloading a pdf file, you can view a certificate in LearnDash in the fastest possible manner. This will enable you to see how your certificate will appear.

Documentation and after-sales support are extremely important when purchasing a product. Documentation and user guides can resolve 80% of the problems; however, you will need some form of instruction for the remaining 20%.

LearnDash Gamification

Gamification is an excellent way to improve the completion rate and engagement rate in a course. As humans, we dislike hard work. But when there is a reward, it motivates us to continue. We enjoy games because each stage provides a reward. 

LearningDash includes features such as course points, leaderboards, badges, certificates, and more. If you wish, you may use additional add-ons to increase the certification element.

LearnDash Documentation and Support

LearnDash plugin documentation

LearnDash provides all documentation and support links directly on the overview page. You can look at them to better understand how to utilize the features. 

The documentation pages include live gifs, videos, screenshots, and text explanations. It has been organised in such a way that you will not feel overwhelmed by it.

Also, LearnDash’s customer support system is highly praised by its users. They respond quickly to your concerns.

LearnDash offers support in these methods:

  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Phone Support.

Additionally, they have a trusted user community who will help you fix any problem if you cannot find any tutorial. You may request assistance from their Facebook community or YouTube channel. In general, support is available via the above channels.

A certification is a method of rewarding your students for their learning via points, rewards, badges, and certificates. This is an interactive way to make learning more fun. 

For many students, studying is an unproductive and boring activity. However, if you make the lessons challenging and provide rewards for completing them, your engagement rate will increase significantly. 

LearnDash Pricing Plans

LearnDash, a premium plugin, does not offer a free trial. You will need a premium license to build your eLearning website. 

LearnDash Pricing plans

The pricing is quite competitive with other available plugins and offers everything you need. The Basic Package starts from $159/year for a single site with all the premium features.

You can buy either a Plus or Pro plan for a multisite license.

  • The Plus plan costs $189 a year, and you can use it on up to 10 sites. 
  • The Pro plan is for 25 sites and costs $329 per year. 


  1. Who Uses LearnDash

    LearnDash is a superb plugin for any solo course designer or educational institution. With the growing popularity of digital learning platforms, anyone may utilize it. However, LearnDash, a first-generation LMS plugin, has a very high reputation. Large institutions use this plugin to teach their courses. If you are asking, then:
    (i) University of Michigan
    (ii) University of Florida 
    (iii) University of Washington
    (iv) Infusionsoft
    (v) Problogger

  2. Is LearnDash Free?

    LearnDash is a premium plugin. There is no free trial or free version of the software. Even so, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which I believe you will not require. In the meantime, you may try using the tool to determine whether it is suitable for you. 

  3. Does LearnDash Have Any Live Training Features?

    Although live training has become a popular feature nowadays, LearnDash does not offer this feature as part of its core functionality. As LearnDash supports Zappier Apps, you will not have to worry too much as you will be able to use any add-on you choose. 

  4. Will Learndash Work With My Theme?

    The plugin is compatible with all modern WordPress themes. It works just fine, unless you have a custom coded theme that has any issues with Learndash.   

Conclusion of LearnDash

LearnDash is an excellent LMS plugin for serious course developers and institutions. As most online gurus offer their courses on Udemy, Linda, Skillshare, etc., you can go the extra mile and build your own online platform.

Even institutes with both local and international students can utilize this plugin to share their knowledge with others. With the plugin, it is much easier to create, manage, and sell courses and manage students. 

Learndash is the perfect choice if you are looking to build an online learning platform using WordPress.

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