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Link Whisper Review (2022): Top Internal Linking WordPress Plugin

When I talk with a beginner blogger or affiliate marketer about link building, they say external links. But, when I ask, what about internal links? Most of them believe it is just too time-consuming and tricky to do.

This is not true as Google focuses on content day by day. So internal link building has become much more critical than ever. As a result, you are most likely to face two problems: Which content should you link to your new content, and what should the anchor text be.

Building links without any relevance, whether internal or external, is not a good strategy. Instead, Google rewards relevant content with relevant links. Now that Natural Language Processing (NLP) is more mature, relevance can no longer be ignored.

Also, what can you do for those who have a lot of existing content on their website but have not built any link or have internal links that are not well optimized? To fix all the content with relevant link insertion and point hundreds of articles toward one article can take days to months.

There is a solution for us. If you are the owner of a WordPress website such as mine, you can utilize the Link Whisper Plugin to maximize your productivity. I will describe my experience with this plugin and how and why it may work for you throughout this article.

Link Whisper

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to identify link prospects within website content. Link Whisper is an automatic or semi-automatic tool that can be configured according to your specifications. Using natural language processing (NLP), the plugin identifies relevant content with relevant anchor text and builds links automatically.

Affiliate marketer Spencer Haws developed the plugin. He created it solely to simplify his job. He has found the tool to be highly effective but is now updating it to become a commercial tool.

Understanding how it works is much easier than expressing it in words. I will show you how to do this in a moment, but first, let me describe it in words.

To identify contextual backlinks, Link Whisper utilizes Artificial Intelligence, or more precisely, Natural Language Processing. For example, when you add a blog to your website, Link Whisper automatically determines what category it belongs to and begins scraping articles relevant to that category.

In addition, it checks each sentence of the article for topical relevance and keyword matching. It then suggests you build links from those posts on the selected keywords, or you can automate all of those in one click.

Do not worry if you are still unsure. I will provide a few examples to clarify.

You cannot download Link Whisper from the WordPress repository, so you must first download the premium zip file and upload it to your WordPress site. Then go to Settings and License to activate the license of your plugin.

link whisper licensing
Link Whisper License Activation Option


Upon activating the license, a button entitled “Run Link Scan” will appear. After clicking that, you will be directed to the “Report” tab, where you will find many additional options. You will see the following reports: Dashboard, Link Report, Domain Report, Click Report, and Error Report.


Link Whisper Review (2022): Top Internal Linking WordPress Plugin 1
Link Whisper Dashboard

You can see almost everything you need to know about your internal links in the dashboard. For example, you will find statistics related to the number of posts, links, and the ratio of links. You can see this in the screenshot above.

link whisper links report
Link Whisper Link Reports

First, you can filter by Page, Post, Category. This section contains the following information: Title, Inbound Internal Links, Outbound Internal Links, and Outbound External Links.

You can add or remove Inbound Internal Links. You cannot add outbound, internal, or outbound external links here, but you can remove them.

Domain Report

Link Whisper Review (2022): Top Internal Linking WordPress Plugin 2
Link Whisper Domain Reports

Here, you can see all the domains, including yours, that are linked to your posts. In addition, you can edit or delete any URLs that you find here.

Click Report

link whisper clicks reports
Link Whisper Click Report

In the Clicks Report, you can see how many clicks your links received when they were on your site. You can even delete this data if you wish to start over. This will provide you with an experience similar to Google Analytics but with a more straightforward user interface.

Error Report

Hopefully, you will not need to return to this page again and again, but if any errors occur in your links, such as broken links or links that are not responding, you will be able to see them here.

link whisper inbound internal link
Link Whisper Link Inserting option on a single post or page

After selecting this option, you will be redirected to the Link Report Tab. You will find suggestions to create internal links for your post by clicking on the “Add” button. Next, click on the arrow key [1 on screenshot] to see all the other anchor text where Link Whisper AI can make internal links. You can choose any of those; also, you can edit the sentence according to your choice of linking words.

After selecting your favorite or desired anchor text, you will need to click on “Add links” to create links without having to visit each post page and edit it. You can make links from multiple posts. Just scroll down and click the anchor text.

link whisper target keywords
Link Whisper Inbound linking option on a single post

You can even filter out everything as post, page, and keyword.

Auto Linking

link whisper auto linking
Link Whisper Auto Linking Option

If you do not wish to edit and insert links manually, you can use this auto-linking option. I described the semi-automatic, almost fully automated method in the previous section.

You must select a keyword and add the link to the post to create internal links. There are several options for linking, filtering with priorities, and avoiding specific categories of links.

Now, if you decide to auto-link from a post that already links, that will not add any additional value. I prefer to select one link per post so that I do not link to the same post repeatedly, which Google finds spammy.

You can select the option “Select before inserting” if you want to check each link before making it, which I often do. After that, you will decide where to put the link. Priority options are beneficial if you target similar but multiple keywords simultaneously.

In this example, I have placed “Affiliate Marketing” as a priority “0” and “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” as priority “2. When Link Whisper finds both keywords in the same article, it will link on the high priority keyword.

Besides similar keywords, you may add different keywords, and the plugin will work according to your preferences. Think of it as an assistant that follows your instructions precisely. Isn’t that great?

Target Keyword

Link Whisper target keywords
Link Whisper Target Keywords Option

Link Whisper uses target keywords to identify the type of keywords it should utilize when building links. To view the “Active Keywords,” you must have either RankMath or Yoast installed. You can also see targeted keywords from Google Search Console if you connect it with Analytics. That is relatively straightforward, and I will show you how to do that in the settings section.

URL Changer

You can use the URL changer as a broken link fixer and a 301 redirect tool. For example, if you have already built internal links but change the URLs into more search engine-friendly versions, your internal links will be broken.

link whisper url changer
Link Whisper URL Changer

Therefore, you must go to each article individually and set the internal links to fix this issue. Further, all of those links must be redirected. Otherwise, Google and your users will not find the article on your old links.

To solve this task more manageably, you can use the URL changer option of the Link Wishper plugin. First, you must enter the old URL and the new one, then click the “change” button. It does not just redirect the old URLs to new ones but also updates all internal links with the new URLs.


I can write a whole article on the settings tab of Link Whisper, but that is not what you are looking for. Thus, I will explain how I use the tool and how you can reap its benefits without feeling overwhelmed.

General Settings

In the general settings, you can instruct Link Whisper to build the links according to your preference without requiring your supervision. You can either open internal or external links in a new tab or disable them altogether. I prefer to open links in a new tab. Doing so helps to decrease the bounce rate on Google and also helps to increase rankings.

Link Whisper General Settings
Link Whisper General Settings

Furthermore, you can instruct it not to consider the number of characters when choosing anchor texts. Also, this tool supports 18 languages, solving many of the problems which arise for blog owners who have non-English blogs.

I do not wish to get my links from words like “but,” “sure,” “and,” and similar expressions. Google prefers to link to relevant content with relevant anchor text. If you do not wish to receive links from specific keywords, you may add those words. The list will be pre-added, so there should be no problem.

Moreover, you can filter even further by searching for links from posts, pages, or even categories. You can also tell the plugin to skip a specific number of sentences to determine the keyword and number of top links from any particular post.

Content Ignoring

Content Ignoring helps avoid certain pages that are not unique to your website. For example, I do not need links to my post on my contact us page. Therefore, the targeted keyword appears on my “Contact us” page, and I will obviously avoid it.

Advanced Settings

You can use this option to set some fantastic filters. For example, you can set specific links where you want all outbound links to appear. If you frequently use external links, such as, you should place those in the Sponsored category. It will help Google understand what is happening if it notices many links.

Advanced Settings
Advanced Settings(Screenshot 1)

Additionally, you can enable the links to open in a new tab, like the General Settings. There is an option to disable the broken link scanner, which is not recommended but beneficial to users.

Now let us get on the Google Search Console authorization and Keywords again. As I said earlier, I will share how you should use it. Link Whisper allows you to add your Google Search Console account, and it will pull all the keyword data from your account.

In addition, you can activate the feature “Only make suggestions based on target keywords,” which will assist you in optimizing your targeted keyword. As long as you are not an expert who can manually optimize the keyword, this may add a little more scope to your campaign.

Link-whisper advanced settings
Advanced Settings(Screenshot 2)

Link Whisper allows you to connect to other websites that you own. You can add those domains as an internal link as well. The last thing you can do is delete all the data in Link Whisper by clicking on it.

You can understand how important it is to build links for any post to achieve a higher ranking in 2022. For example, if you approach different websites to get links from their site using a totally new URL, it is much the same as creating a new page on your website until that new page receives backlinks.

Therefore, if you have 200 posts on your website that are similar to the new content, you can generate 200 backlinks through a single or a few clicks. The new link will also gain more authority from any other page without a link.

Link Whisper is available at three price points with all the features included. Thus, whether you are a beginner or a pro marketer, you can benefit from the service.

Link Whisper Review (2022): Top Internal Linking WordPress Plugin 3
  • $77 is more beginner-friendly and works for new marketers.
  • $117 is for small marketers and comes with 3 licenses.
  • $167 package is preferable for bigger-scale marketers who have up to 10 websites.

And if you want a custom offer, they sell 50 licenses at $347.

Get Link Whisper $15 OFF, Use code: WPBASICPRO

Final Verdict

Now you cannot deny the importance of internal links. I have seen some positive results on my live website here at WP BASIC PRO, and I have seen many others also appreciate the tool. So if you do not have enough time to build internal links on your site, you can use this tool. It is the only internal linking plugin recommended by professional bloggers, including myself.

Also, if you have a large website, updating your database to Google’s new terms, this plugin might benefit you. You will certainly see some differences that might not be a significant change for the outcome, but a change is very much anticipated.

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