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Perfmatters Review: #1 WordPress Performance Plugin

Web page slow loading is a typical daily thoughtful matter for every website owner, especially for WordPress users. Most people use so many plugins or use low-grade web hosting, which is the leading cause of slow webpage loading. You may think the best solution is to use a caching plugin like WP Rocket or Autoptimize or something like that. But this concept is wrong. Because a single caching plugin cannot increase website load time entirely. That is why another best solution to use, along with a caching plugin, is the Perfmatters WordPress plugin. There are lots of benefits of this plugin if you properly configure it.

Perfmatters Review

For example, if your web page load time is 80% of the Google page speed test tool, we sure, after using Perfmatters, it will increase over 90% speed score. Do not be clear, okay, we will explain step by step with a live example in this post.

However, in this review, we will be describing the best thing about the Parameters plugin, including its benefits, pros -cons, why you should use it, and many other things.  

What is perfmatters?

You already know what Perfmatters. The one word is a web page speed optimization WordPress plugin. But probably you do not know who is behind this. Okay, let me explain.

Perfmatters WordPress plugin

Perfmatters is developed by the two persons named Brian Jackson, and Brett Jackson both are highly expert in programming. Brian Jackson has more than 12 years of experience at WordPress. He is a Co-founder of Forgemedia LLC, former CMO at Kinsta, and also the owner of the Woorkup blog

We shared the brief bio of the two people because you always should know who is behind a product which you are going to buy. If the owner or developer of a product has a good reputation, probably the product will be the best. So at this point, the developers of Perfmatters plugin are good enough. 

Test Your Webpage Speed Before Using Perfmatters

We are highly sure this plugin will enhance your existing web loading time dramatically after installing and configuring it. So we will suggest testing your website load time before running Perfmatters on your WordPress site.

There are many online tools to measure web page loading time, along with analyzing other web page related resources. You can use the most popular Google page speed tool and Pingdom.

Website page loading time

The alternative tools are Website speed test, Gtmatrix, and WebPageTest.org. You can use any of them to check the current website loading time.

Why should you use Perfmattes?

We will not force you to use this plugin, but once you install it on your site, you can understand its magic yourself. 

In our research, there are lots of pro bloggers, and website owners are using Perfmatters along with the premium caching plugin. If you do not use a caching plugin right now, we will suggest WP rocket and WP Optimize both are the premium plugin.

In the free plugin version, you can go with WP Fastest Cache and W3 total cache. Also, you can use a CDN to enhance extra security protection and web page loading time of your website. Premium CDN is always better than free CDN. But if you have no enough budget, you can try Cloudflare free plan, which is the best for a small and low traffic site.

Well, now, let me show you the live testing result to you about Perfmatters.

Before installing Perfmattes on our blog at WPBasic Pro, our web page speed was 80% on desktop and 55% in the mobile version. We use the Google page speed test tool for this report.

We are surprised after installing Perfmatters on your blog. It dramatically increased by 80% to 98% on desktop and near 90% of mobile.

WPBasic Pro page speed test

You can check other owner’s website page load time who are currently using Perfmatters plugin. Wpcoupons.io & arizonamri.com.

Note: It is not mandatory, you have to use a premium caching plugin along with this to get the best result. You can use a free one with it.

Website page speed

Features & Setting up of Perfmatters

Perfmatters has lots of features to enhance WordPress performance. You can easily switch on/off of each element from the plugin setting section. To operate this plugin, you never need to know any programming knowledge. The plugin configuration options have been built to think of beginner WordPress users. 

Performance Features

You will get all WordPress performance optimization features in this plugin because the two brothers have built perfmatters as an all in one web performance solution plugin for any WordPress site. You can check the general features that work for increasing web page performance rapidly.

  • Disable Emojis
  • Disable Embeds
  • Remove Query Strings
  • Remove jQuery Migrate
  • Remove RSD Link
  • Remove Shortlink
  • Disable Self Pingbacks
  • Disable REST API
  • Remove REST API Links
  • Disable Dashicons
  • Disable Google Maps
  • Disable Comments
  • Remove Comment URLs
  • Disable Heartbeat
  • Heartbeat Frequency
  • Limit Post Revisions
  • Autosave Interval
Perfmatters option

Note: You can disable the above features from your plugin setting page. These features are useless for WordPress. So do not let it disable by this plugin with just a single click.

Perfmatters Cloud Feature

Cloud feature is always a significant cause of web page slow loading. If you use Google font to your site using a theme setting, probably your website will be delayed for opening. So we will suggest disabling it and always try to use the theme’s system font.

Perfmatters Security Features

WordPress security is another big part that we should always remember & take care of. WordPress is a highly usable CMS, so it is possible to hack at any time. 

You can read our another guides about WordPress security.

However, you can disable some standard security features by the perfmatters plugin that will help you to enhance site security and performance.

  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Change Login URL
  • Hide WP Version
  • Remove wlwmanifest Link
  • Disable RSS Feeds
  • Remove RSS Feed Links
  • Disable Password Strength Meter

Along with Perfmatters, you can use a WordPress security plugin or disable some features primarily. We suggest using a security plugin. iTheme Security and Sucuri are the best for WordPress security. But if you are a beginner, you can go with All in one WordPress security, which is a free plugin for WordPress users.

Perfmatters Lazy Loading Features

Sometimes a website takes time to load because of lazy image loading. If you use lots of images with large files, you can disable the lazy loading feature by this plugin. The advanced browser level image lazy loading and DOM monitoring features will increase your website load time more than other performance plugins.

Lazy Loading option

Another best guide is you can convert a PNG image to JPG if you use lots of PNG images on your WordPress site. Here is a guide on how to convert PNG to JPG in WordPress.

WooCommerce Optimization

Remember that Perfmatters can not work well if your site is not well optimized with other tactics. If you are running an e-commerce or online shop, it is essential to optimize your WooCommerce store. 

Read: The best WordPress Woo-commerce payment getaways

Your high-resolution product image must be compressed; otherwise, it will decrease your site speed. Moreover, you will also need to follow some necessary steps:

  • Use a CDN
  • WordPress memory needs to be increased
  • Use a well-optimized WooCommerce theme
  • Manage your site with http/2
Perfmatters WooCommerce

CDN Integration

Before integrated a CDN, it is essential to know why it is beneficial for your site to generate the best possible outcome. 

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can increase the user experience on your site through faster speed. In that case, users get the best web performance from any region with any device. 

Perfmatters CDN

Features of CDN section

  • Enable CDN Rewrite
  • Included Directories
  • CDN Exclusions

One of the coolest CDN is Cloudflare, and you don’t need to spend any money on it. It is totally free.

Google Analytics Optimization

Google Analytics can reduce the unwanted DNS lookup and evaluate the bounce rate on your website. If you have a plan to get better performance on your website through Perfmattters, you can get an option to enable Google Analytics as it helps to optimize your site.

Pefmatters Google Analytics

Go to the Perfmatters setting and navigate Google Analytics, then you need to enable the local analytics and put your tracking number.

You can enable and disable some features as your need, and you will also come to know any troubles on your website with the help of google analytics optimization.

Features of Google Analytics section

  1. Enable Local Analytics
  2. Disable Display Features
  3. Anonymize IP
  4. Track Logged In Admins
  5. Adjusted Bounce Rate
  6. Use MonsterInsights

Perfmatters Script Manager

Perfsmatters gives you a script manager to enable or disable an item as per your requirements. To allow this script manager on your site, simply click the Perfmatter setting and navigate to extras. Then enable the script manager icon.

perfmatters script manager

You can disable any unnecessary page or post on your site that can increase your webpage speed ( especially for the homepage).

Perfmatters License Verification

Perfmatters team always tries to update their systems and features, and you can update the latest version at any time with your user account. 

In that case, go to the Perfmatters setting and click the license option. Then put your license key and save it. By update the license key on your site, you will get every new update with one click.

Perfmatters License

How Much Does Perfmatters Cost?

Though Perfmatters plugin can incredibly increase your webpage speed, you can get it at a low price. Meanwhile, they are offering three different pricing categories based on your requirements. 

For a single website, they will charge less than $30/year with one-year premium support and updates. 

If you want to use Perfmatters for business purposes or multiple uses, you will get another two options. For three websites, you need to pay $54.95/year, and for unlimited sites, it will cost around $124.95/year. 

perfmatters price

Their support team is so friendly, and you will get unlimited support and updates once you have completed the purchase.

Money-Back Guarantee?

You don’t need to worry about your money. Perfmatters always take care of their customer satisfaction; that is why they offer you a 30-days money-back guarantee. 

If you are not satisfied with their service, they will give you money back within 3-5 business days.

Perfmatters Alternative

Undoubtedly, Perfmatters is one of the best WordPress performance plugins, but there are still many fantastic performance plugins you will find in the marketplace.

Maybe personally you don’t like to purchase Perfmatters plugin, or you are looking for a free plugin that can help you to speed up your website. 

In that case, we recommend to you some best free and premium plugin. You can choose one of them based on your desire requirements.

Query Monitor
Query Monitor
  • Query Monitor– Excellent and free WordPress site development plugin.
  • Lazyload by WP Rocket Simple but effective WordPress performance plugin.
  • Autoptimize- Free and multi-functional plugin.

Final Thoughts of Perfmatters

Your website is an asset, so make sure that your site is well optimized for users. According to some research, it shows that people are not feeling great to use a website which page speed ratio is more than 3 seconds.

To boost your webpage speed, a performance plugin can really help, and we recommend you to choose the best one “Perfmatters” as it will value your money. Note that optimizing the other pieces of stuff is essential to speed up your site; otherwise, Permatters do not work well.

In this article, we are giving you a step-by-step guideline to install the Perfsmatter plugin on your site. Thanks for reading.

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