16 Problems Of Free WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme directory offers a variety of free responsive WordPress themes; however, most of these themes are not created by experienced developers or coding experts.

Initially, beginner bloggers attempt to use a no-cost responsive WordPress theme for their blogs. Unfortunately, they do not know the problems with free WordPress themes. I discovered the following issues based on my analysis of so many free WordPress themes.

As a result of my research, I have found that the majority of beginner bloggers/small business owners choose a theme because of its attractive colors. However, they face problems after installing free themes. It’s because they don’t know about the key points.

Don’t despair because, in this article, I will share 16 common problems with free responsive WordPress themes.

Problems with Free WordPress Themes

16 Common Problems with Free WordPress Themes

(1) Hidden Malware:

Largely hidden malware may be bundled with a free WordPress theme, such as Javascript and iFrame code, that may cause your server to malfunction.

(2) Hazardous Virus:

Most of the free responsive or non-responsive WordPress themes come with a hazardous virus harmful to your data.

(3) Hacked or Copied Templates:

Many developers are unaware of the importance of theme development. This is why they create copy themes taken from unknown sources. The original theme source may take legal action against your website if this occurs.

(4) Functionality:

As I mentioned earlier, most free theme developers possess intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and Son. Therefore, they do not include additional functions in a free theme. Consequently, you cannot expect more options if you use a no-cost one.

(5) Not Widget Enabled:

In terms of theme, the widget is exquisite. You can add features or design your own WordPress theme by using the widget. However, many free responsive WordPress themes are not widget-compatible.

(6) Bad SEO Practices:

You know that SEO (search engine optimization) is so significant. So if you do not use a properly optimized theme on your blog or website, you will not achieve good results on a search engine or website. Here, you may be unable to find free themes that are SEO-friendly in the WordPress theme directory. Therefore, I believe there is a severe problem with the free responsive WordPress theme.

(7) Incomplete Header and Footer:

If your free theme does not contain a proper header and footer code, installing the plugin will not be possible. Furthermore, even if the plugin is installed, it may not work correctly.

(8) Advertisement Place Ready:

Free is always free. We are very clever. Nothing we do is without profit. I have noticed that most free themes do not contain advertising space. Therefore, if you use a free theme, you will probably not utilize advertisement space.

(9) Speed Optimize:

Websites need to be fast to attract subscribers, search engine rank, and engage more users. Unfortunately, most free WordPress themes are not optimized for speed loading. As a result, you may lose potential subscribers and readers.

(10) Author box:

To build a positive relationship with your readers, you should include an author box on your blog. From the author box, readers can learn more about the content author. I think this is a significant accomplishment for the author. Unfortunately, most of the free themes do not have an author box. However, the author’s box is another problem with free WordPress themes.

(11) Footer link:

For testing purposes, I have used a variety of free WordPress themes on my other blogs. Unfortunately, I was unable to change the footer link. When I attempted to remove the footer link, my blog displayed a fatal error. So far, I have observed that many WordPress themes do not allow footer links to be omitted. This could be another issue with a free theme.

(12) Child Theme Not Allowed:

If you obtain a free WordPress theme with all the necessary capabilities, you can use it without any issues. However, if you want to customize a theme like a premium theme, you must install a child theme. Otherwise, your customized theme will be useless. That is another issue.

(13) Theme version:

Another important factor for website security is the theme version. When your theme is not compatible with WordPress’s current version, you may be considered a hacker. Therefore, make sure your theme is compatible with WordPress’s current version.

(14) Stylesheet Missing:

Every website is designed to work with a stylesheet. You can also make the website more colorful by using a stylesheet file. Here is the problem. Most free theme developers leave no space for the modification of stylesheets. Meanwhile, themes are missing a stylesheet, making it difficult to customize them.

(15) Encrypt Link:

Google recently changed its SEO process. It is clear to Google Penguins that encrypting links is harmful to search engine rankings. Even if Google determines that you used many encrypted links on your website, the search engine may exclude your website from its results. So be cautious when using encrypted links.

(16) Theme Support:

I want to conclude my remarks regarding the problem of the free responsive WordPress themes’ support system. However, with free themes, you may not receive support from the developer. That is another major problem with free themes.

What Types of Free Theme Should You Use?

I am not implying that all free themes are bad. Although many high-quality free WordPress themes are available, you must determine which one is the best.

As I am writing this blog post, I have noticed that there are approximately 2100+ themes available on the WordPress theme directory. All themes are not bad for use, and you can use free WordPress themes created by WordPress.org like twenty eleven, twenty-sixteen, twenty fifteen, and so forth because these themes are optimized for proper coding, security, and search engine optimization.

Note- It is recommended that, if you want to use a free theme, you use one that has a premium version. Because premium theme developers maintain their themes all the time for premium members, they update the free and premium versions simultaneously.

I recommend that Astra is the best lightweight, fastest loading, and SEO optimized free WordPress theme. The free version is sufficient for getting started. However, you can purchase the premium version if you have the budget.

Best Free WordPress Themes Store

Top-Rated WordPress Premium Themes Store


I stated at the beginning of the post that a colorful and attractive free WordPress theme is not always developed with perfect coding. So, do not limit yourself to only selecting a colorful design.

Therefore, you should not use a theme that is not approved by WordPress. If you intend to build a blog or website for professional purposes, you should use a premium WordPress theme. You cannot go wrong with a premium theme.

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