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16 Problems Of Free WordPress Theme

There are many free responsive WordPress themes available on the WordPress theme directory, but most of the free themes are not created by proper coding or expert developers. 

Initially, new bloggers attempt to use a free responsive WordPress theme in his/her blog. But they don’t know the problem of free WordPress themes. I have analyzed so many free WordPress themes to discover bellow problems. 

In my research, I have seen that most of the beginner bloggers/small business owners choose a theme for pretty looking and attractive colors. But they face huge problems with free themes after installing. Because they don’t know about the crucial points. 

However, don’t be hopeless about the inexact issues, because in this article I’m going to share 16 common problems of free responsive WordPress themes.

16 Common Problems of Free WordPress Theme

There are so many issues in the free WordPress theme that’s improbably described in a blog post, but a few issues of the free theme I will describe now. So let’s start

(1) Hidden Malware: Huge hidden malware may have a free WordPress theme, including unnecessary Javascript, iFrame codes which may break your server.

(2) Hazardous Virus: Most of the free responsive or unresponsive WordPress themes may have a hazardous virus that may be harmful to your data file.

(3) Hacked or Copy Templates: There are many developers who don’t know better about theme development. The reason why they create copy themes which are collected from the unknown source. The result; the original theme source may be taken legal action against your website.

(4) Functionality: I have mentioned that most of the free themes developers are intermediate knowledge about HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and son. So they do not include more functions in a free theme. So if you use a free one, you don’t expect more options.

(5) Not Widget Enabled: Widget is very exquisite in a theme. You can design your WordPress theme by using the widget. But many free responsive WordPress themes are not widget ready.

(6) Bad SEO Practices: You know that SEO (search engine optimization) is so significant that if you don’t use a proper SEO optimize theme in your blog or website, you will not get a good result from a search engine or traffic. Here you may not have good SEO enabled free themes in the WordPress theme directory. So I think it’s a big problem with the free responsive WordPress theme.

(7) Incomplete Header and Footer: If your free theme is not made with a proper header and footer code, you will not be able to install the plugin. Even though the plugin is installed, it couldn’t work properly.

(8) Advertisement Place Ready: Free is always free. Because we are very clever. We do not want to do something without profit. However, I have seen, maximum free themes do not include advertisement places. So if you use a free theme, probably you may not get the advantage of advertisement places.

(9) Speed Optimize: Website speed is very important to collect subscribers and more users engage. The maximum free WordPress themes are not optimized speed loading. Consequently, you may lose your potential subscriber or readers.

(10) Author box: If you want to build a good relationship with your readers, you should use an author box in your blog. Because readers can easily know about the content author from the author box. So I think it’s a great achievement for the content author. But most of the themes are not capable of an author box. However, the author’s box is another problem of free WordPress themes.

(11) Footer link: I have used many free WordPress themes on my other blogs for the testing purpose. I couldn’t change the footer link. When I attempted to remove the footer link, my blog was a fatal error. So I have seen, many WordPress themes are not allowed to omit footer links. I think it’s another problem with a free theme.

(12) Child Theme Not Allowed: Once if you get an all nice capability WordPress free theme, you can use that’s not a problem. But if you want to customize a theme like a premium theme, you have to install a child theme. Otherwise, your customization will be vain. So it’s another issue.

(13) Theme version: Theme version is another vital fact for website security. If your theme is not capable of WordPress’s current version, you may be acknowledged for hacking. So make sure about theme version capability.

(14) Stylesheet Missing: Every website is designed for the stylesheet code. Even you can make the website more colorful by using a stylesheet file. But here is the problem. Many free themes developers do not keep any space to modify stylesheets. Whereas, themes have a missing stylesheet which is bad for the customizing process.

(15) Encrypt Link: Recently, Google has changed the SEO process. Google penguins can easily understand any encrypt link which is harmful to SEO ranking. Even if Google determines you have used many encrypt links, Google can kick out your website from their search engine. So be careful about encrypted links.

(16) Theme Support: This is my last point about the problem of free responsive WordPress themes. The last point is theme support. Do you know, what is theme support? Theme support means when you get any theme related support from your theme’s developer.  It’s called theme support. But free themes you may not get support from the theme’s developer. I think it’s another big and biggest problem with free themes.

What Types of Free Theme Should You Use?

I am not saying all free themes are bad. There are many high-quality free WordPress themes but you have to justify which is the best. 

While writing this blog post, I have seen approximately 2100+ themes are available on the WordPress theme directory. But all themes are not bad for using, you can certainly use free WordPress themes created by like twenty eleven, twenty-sixteen, twenty fifteen and so on because these themes are absolutely perfect for proper coding, security & SEO optimized.

My best recommendation if you want to use a free theme, you can use one which has a premium version. Because premium theme developers take care of their theme all the time for premium members. That’s why they update the premium version along with the free version.

The best lightweight, fastest loading, and SEO optimized free WordPress theme is Asta that I recommend. The free version is enough for starting. But if you have enough budget, you can buy its premium version. 

Best Free WordPress Themes Store

Top-Rated WordPress Premium Themes Store

Starting this post, I said that a colorful and attractive free WordPress theme means not a perfect coding theme.

So do not use a theme that is not authorized by WordPress. If you make an effort to create a blog or website for professional purposes, you should use a WordPress premium one. There is no doubt in a premium theme.


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