Promote Your Products/Services on WPBasicpro

Nowadays paid promotion on niche-specific websites is being popular for getting actual targeted traffic to a service or product. For this reason, we have launched a paid promotional service on our website here at WP Basic Pro.

So if you want to promote your WordPress theme, plugin, tool, and WordPress-related service to thousands of users worldwide, you can order our paid service.

We provide several plans to promote your dream WordPress products that help you get huge targeted traffic on products and even increase brand awareness quickly.

How does it work?

We work mainly following the below steps:

  1. Choose the right promotional plan from the below.
  2.  We will review your product.
  3. Our in-house WordPress expert writer will write an honest review of your product.
  4. We will share the final written review with you before publishing.
  5. If you are happy with it, then we will publish a review on our website as a paid review.

Plans of Our Paid Promotional Service

Our paid promotion consistently drives traffic to your WordPress product/service. Choose a plan from the options below.

Plan 1) Directory Placement

We will add your WordPress theme or plugin in our directory with a minimum of 300 words + a relevant image.

Plan 2) Review Article + Newsletter Promotion

We will review your product and write an unbiased review article (Minimum 2000 words), and publish it on our blog as a paid review. We will share this review post with our social media channels and weekly email newsletter.

Plan 3) Full Package: Review, Newsletter, and Directory Placement

We will write a paid review (minimum 2000 words) of your product and publish them on our website. Plus, we will add your product to our directory list with 300 words (features only) for a lifetime. Also, this promotion includes sharing review posts on our social media channel and weekly newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:1) What type of products do you review?

Ans: Well, you know our website is related to all about WordPress. So we review all product-related to WordPress like WordPress themes, plugins, tools, and hosting.

Q:2) Do I share a product license key for writing a review?

Ans: Yes, for the product review, you have to provide a license key of your product or have to share demo login details for taking screenshots and writing the best quality review article for your promotion review. 

Q:3) I have already written a review article. So do I need to share a product license key?

Ans: No, if you have already written a copyright-free article, then no need to share a license key or login credential to us. You just have to send an article to us with real screenshots. We will do everything for you like editing, formatting, and publishing. 

Q:4) Will I have to provide a featured image for the review post?

Ans: No, you never need to provide us a featured image because we have an expert graphic designer who will design a professional featured image for your paid review post.

Q:5) What does the review include?

Ans: Our in-house WordPress experts will review your product and write an article that includes the product’s features, pros, cons, opinions, recommendations, screenshots, and more relevant resources.

Q:6) Will I be shown the review before it’s published?

Ans: Yes. we will share the written review article with you. If you are totally satisfied with the review, then we will publish it on our website.

Q:7) What if I dislike the review?

Ans: If it does not satisfy you, you can send it back to us for revision. We will revise according to your guidelines, then publish it on our blog. Remember, we will not publish the review on our website until you are happy.

Q:8) Will I get a refund?

Ans: Since we charge for the review process (and not publishing the article), so you will not get a refund.

Terms & Conditions

  • Your product remains on our website for a lifetime. 
  • We may use Google AdSense ads and other relevant product affiliate links on the review post.
  • We reserve the right to remove content related to your product, with no refund or notice if your product violates WordPress community guidelines and links come from phishing, malware-infected & spam resources.
  • We will point your product link to our site as a do-follow text link.