Pros And Cons Of Blogging: Know Before Starting

Suppose you have an opportunity to shop from two online shops.  One shop frequently updates tips and tricks related to their business, showcase every possibility of their business online, and others just showcase their products and services, so which one will you prefer to shop?

Yes, you are right. first one!  Because they are building a trustworthy relationship with their audiences or customers. People who visit their shop get to know that they are experts in this field and customers can rely on their product. This is how blogging works.

Initially starting a blog may seem challenging and time-consuming. Indeed it is a very worthy career. Considering it as a business and investing in it the way you would do for a real business.

Eventually, you will be able to make your living from this. Before that, you have to know what are the pros and cons of blogging and how you should move forward.

Pros And Cons Of Blogging

Common Myths About Blogging 

  There are some common myths about blogging, let me clear these myths first- 

  • People do not read online stuff: Indeed, people nowadays are very impatient over the Internet but that doesn’t mean no one reads online. If people find your content through organic search,  they will go through your content.
  • Requires lots of money: This is the biggest myth about blogging. To get started with blogging all you need is domain and hosting. Now making a website doesn’t require any coding knowledge. You can start with the popular CMS platform WordPress. There are lots of resources to start a blog with free themes and plugins. But If you have more budget you can buy a premium theme or plugins according to your business demand.
  • Blogging is easy: Some people think that blogging is all about writing content and posting it but they hardly know about the effort required for it. 

Pros of Blogging

Why should you start blogging? Well, there are many reasons you should start a blogging career but here we are explaining some of the reasons that you should consider.

  • The start-up cost is relatively low: Even though other businesses need a significant amount of money and risk, you can start your business as a blogger with a low budget. You need to spend around $10 per year for domain registration & around $3 per month for hosting from NameCheap. You can buy a domain and host from another web hosting company that you prepare. Other expenses are logo, premium themes & plugins, etc. But you can do it for free as well because there are lots of free resources out there to start. So you can assume that it is affordable to start blogging!  
  • Widespread audiences: Blogging can help you to reach a wide range of audiences. Maybe you are writing a blog from one corner of the world whereas this article will reach out to each corner of the world far from one click only! This is incredible that you are conveying your message to that person whom you don’t even know. 
  • Versatile revenue stream:  Even though it takes time to make enough money, it has a versatile revenue stream. As Google likes quality content, you have to put on lots of efforts to generate revenue. You can earn money from blogging in different ways.
  • Sell your products and services: Create awareness among customers about your products and services through your site. Here blogging can be a great way to make people realize that your product is the one on which they can rely on.
  • Featuring sponsor product: If you can bring huge traffic to your site, you might get an offer to feature their products on your site.
  • Advertisement revenue: Depending on traffic on your site, you will be able to apply for google AdSense.If you get the approval, as a publisher of advertisements, you get paid. You can also promote other advertisers’ products like and can join big affiliate publish networks like ShareASale, CJ, Clickbank, etc.
make money from blogging

Affiliate Marketing

You can add special links to your content also called an affiliate link. if audiences click on the link and take action, you will get a Commission. 

  • ROI higher: As you already got to know that getting started with blogging requires an affordable amount of money. But the outcome of this investment comes with lots of revenue streams. How much return you will get depends on the niche you have selected and the quality of your content. For example, if you write content on a specific product or services which will exist in the long run, then you will get traffic invariably whereas if you focus on linking affiliates, you may not be able to go long run.
  • Flexible work schedule: You are your boss! sounds nice?  Yes, it is! You can work whenever and wherever you want and you won’t have to meet up any deadline. 
  • Opportunity to connect with the audience: How does it feel when people around the world will read your writings, give feedback, and maybe follow you online?  Yes, it feels good. When you fulfill your audience’s demand with your writings, you are making a connection with them.
  • Be an expert: You are writing on a particular subject continuously means you are becoming pro to that specific niche. Writing enhances your expertise.
  • Showcase work: Blogging gives you the power to showcase your learnings and expertise to a large audience.
  • Promote your business: It is the era of technology. People prefer to search before taking action. So It’s important to have your online presence and blogging about your products which will help you to grow your business. 

Cons of Blogging 

Despite so many positivities in starting a blog, some issues may pull you behind likewise,

  • Time-consuming: Writing content is easy but writing quality content requires a significant amount of time and effort. You have to keep in mind lots of things like informative plagiarism free content, on and off-page SEO, and many more! Maintaining all these are time-consuming.
  • Difficult to stay focused and motivated: Blogging is flexible work but at the same time, you have to keep yourself focused and motivated. As it requires lots of time and effort, sometimes you may feel to give up.
  • Requires time to earn money: It is foolish to dream about making money just after starting a blog. Without traffic, your site is good for nothing. To bring a large quantity of traffic to your site, you have to keep enough resources, publish content regularly. After that you may find the approval of Google AdSense, will be able to feature sponsor products, and start to get Commission from affiliate links.
  • Technical issues: As a site owner, you have to face different technical issues like malware, spam, plugin confliction, expiration of SSL certificates, and various other kinds. If you are not knowledgeable about these issues you may feel disheartened. 
  • Socially distanced: Even though you are clear about blogging and ready to take it as your career, many people won’t try to understand that. Moreover, as blogging requires enough time, sometimes you have to stick to work rather than participate in any program. 

Pros And Cons Of Blogging: Final Verdict

Although there are some cons to blogging, the positive side is remarkable! Whatever you do in life, you have to face some sort of uncertainty and risk to approach ahead. Taking challenges may bring a positive outcome. Nothing comes up in life easily. To become a successful blogger, you have to have patience, stick to fulfilling your goals, and keep yourself motivated. Finally, you will be successful. So if you are thinking of blogging online, it will not be a good idea to waste your time. So start right away!

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