Shared Hosting Vs Managed WordPress Hosting

When planning to create your website, choosing a domain name and the right server hosting is the first step to start your journey.

Sometimes, purchase a perfect server hosting for your website can be your headache because there are many types of hosting you can find in the marketplace. You will need to select the best one for your site among all of them.

In this article, we are discussing the difference between shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting service to choose the right option for building your WordPress website.

Shared Hosting Vs Managed WordPress Hosting

What is web hosting?

Let’s talk about what a web hosting is and how it works.

Web hosting is a place where you can store all of your data to design your website. You can compare this with your computer.

A computer has a CPU, RAM, Hard-Disk, and so on. Like the computer, when you purchase a server hosting, they will provide you an online location with CPU, RAM, Hard-Disk, etc.

There are various features of web hosting depending on different types of hostings and providers. You will find multiple types of hosting, like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and managed WordPress hosting.

Though different hostings have various features, all of those service hosting’s working processes are comparatively the same.

The CPU of the hosting controls the page speed of a server. Using the Hard-Disk, you can keep all of your essential data safe. Not thus you will get different types of plugins and features.

Generally, you will manage your website through the hosting service. So it is essential to choose the right one to generate the highest outcome from your website. 

What is Shared Hosting?

When a server is maintaining a large number of client’s account, it is called shared hosting. By using this shared hosting service, your website will be connecting with many other sites through a single server.

Let me clear about it.

Suppose you want to rent an apartment from a building. In that case, you will need to maintain other people who live in your building and follow the rules and restrictions to lead a decent life. If anyone breaks a rule, everybody will suffer.

In the shared hosting, you will face this kind of situation. Many websites are connected by one server so that you will be affected if the other sites are creating any trouble.

Moreover, it may slow down your website if the other site has a high traffic engagement. Thus, It is less expensive than the other hosting service. You can purchase a shared hosting package at the starting price of $2.75.

Top High Rated Shared Hosting

There are many shared hosting but getting quality support and the feature is the main thing. We recommend the below top 5 hosting is the best as shared hosting right now.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Manage WordPress Hosting is an outstanding hosting service for WordPress sites with attractive features and high performances.

With this hosting, you don’t need to worry about the security of your data because the customized support panel will keep all your data safe.

Moreover, in need of updating any plugins or features, it will be automatically done by the premium customer support panel. They also care about your website loading speed so that you can blindly count on your website’s uptime speed.

Imagine, you are planning a start a business, and you contact an agency that can provide you quality support to take care of your business in social media.

They will manage all of your business schedules and other works like email sending, creating social media content, event management, etc. So you don’t need to worry about those things, and you can run your business correctly.

The managed WordPress hosting is similar to this, but it is more expensive as it gives you quality management support. You will need to spend $15/m or $20/m or higher to purchase this hosting as your desire requirements. 

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Our best recommend managed WordPress hosting providers are WP Engine, Bluehost, and A2hosting. But if you have a low budget & need average good managed WordPress hosting, you can go with EasyWP Turbo plan by Namecheap.

Check Latest offers of Namecheap hosting.

Some Key Difference Between the Shared Hosting and the Managed Hosting

Though every hosting is working in the same way, we can differentiate their working with their features, services, and so on.

Now we will share with you some fundamentals differences between the shared and managed WordPress hosting to help you choose the right one. 


For a small business or a personal website, when the regular traffic is not more than 2000 visitors a day, in that case, the shared hosting service is performing well. But it isn’t easy to maintain more traffic, and the website may slow down due to increasing traffic.

Besides, the managed WordPress hosting has an excellent performance rate, no matter how much traffic will be engaged in your website.

The excellent loading speed is essential for growing your business and ranking in the search engine. I highly recommend you to use managed WordPress hosting if you have a plan to get more traffic and enrich your business.

Security & Support

In the shared hosting service, you will get the support by using the cPanel. Sometimes, it can not provide you enough support at your time frame.

There is a lack of security options for many users in a single server so that your site can be affected by vulnerable attacks.

On the other hand, you will get premium support from the WordPress expert by using the managed WordPress hosting.

They protect all your data and always have a backup option to restore your file if somehow deleted. They take care of your website & data security, so you don’t need to worry.

Site Management

It isn’t easy to manage your site while you are using shared hosting. There are some complications to set up, design, and run your website with shared hosting. It takes more time, and you will need to learn various things to maintain the site.

With the managed WordPress hosting, it is just one click set up process, and it takes only 30 seconds.

The customized panel is worried about installing and updating your many plugins and features on your website.

Note that many plugins may not be working when you choose to use a managed WordPress hosting.

Final Thought

Comparing with these two types of web hosting managed WordPress hosting is more expensive than a shared hosting service.

If you are a newbie and start your website recently, shared hosting may be your right choice. But when you need to maintain a lot of traffic that generates a big profit, it is high time to convert your hosting into managed WordPress hosting.

By reading this article, you can take the decision which hosting will be perfect for your website right now. We hope this article will be helpful for you.


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